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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DECEMBER 11, 2005

So we know that far better it would be for you to give thanks for what you have than to be preoccupied with losing it or lamenting what has been lost. What you think about, you create...

Brilliant light of hope and gratitude; reforms momentum continues; participation in Earth’s ascendance a tribute to our soul evolution; “String Theory”; technological devices; “Little Greys”; easing into the continuum; sex, sexuality, relationships; animals’ evolution, emotional range

S: Matthew dear, I’m here with pages of questions from people in many countries. So, how would you like to start?

1. MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, I start by thanking you for your diligence to this in your busy time preparing for your trip and by lovingly greeting all souls who are reading.

2. Now I say, that even as much sorrow and despair is the lot of many on Earth, this holy-day season is emanating light more brilliant than in any years of your recorded history. This is from energy heights of hopefulness and thankfulness not previously seen, a reflection of your greater spiritual awareness “side of the coin,” and I can hardly tell you how joyfully we welcome this! The other side of the coin is conscious awareness—the growing acceptance of the truth that is being revealed—and this too is significant in its ever-widening scope.

3. We heartily applaud your steadfastness in the light even as patience is being sorely tested. In linear time, progress seems at a standstill on vital fronts where reforms are so deeply desired and desperately needed, and without the perspective from these higher stations, you cannot see the momentum toward Earth’s magnificent “future.” This makes all the more noteworthy the light of your grander hope and gratitude in these days, and you shall see its unimaginably rich rewards!

4. Mother, I know that many questions on your list, even from people in lands far from the United States, pertain to that country’s government, so I shall continue without your need to type any of those. We had felt that changes within the current administration could be known to you prior to the end of your calendar year, and it appears now that such may not be the case even though the legal process to achieve this is steadily progressing. To explain, the energy each of you puts forth is registered in your individual field of potential, and collectively, your fields constitute Earth’s. It is from these collective fields that action is generated in the direction of combined energy focus. For a time your fields were rife with energy pertaining to those leadership changes, and although the nature of your feelings about them is the same, the intensity is not.

5. During the past several weeks your thoughts and activities were and still are focused elsewhere, so it is not a decrease in the collective interest, but an increase of momentum in other areas of Earth’s field of potential. Please do not feel that this is giving short shrift to the reforms you want—quite the contrary! The change in focus—travel to family reunions, gatherings with friends, choosing gifts for others, sharing with those in need, the cheer of holiday decorations, greetings to dear ones distant in miles—all of this is generating the unprecedented brilliance of light I mentioned. When you enter the new year and once again direct energy toward manifesting the reforms you desire, you will see corresponding action.

6. It will clearly reflect the growing numbers of formerly dark ones within and beyond that administration who have embraced the light, but not as clearly the overwhelming fear of those who have not. The latter don’t know that the energy racing toward the end of their power can be neither reversed nor remain static, but they fear they are on their way out because they do know that their power base is dissolving. None on Earth can see, as we do, the intensity of light and technological assistance of our benevolent space family on, above and within Earth that is vanquishing the influence of the off-planet darkness that has been controlling its Earth puppets, who in turn have been controlling all of you, in part through manipulations by the US government.

7. However, it may interest you to know that CIA-associated monitors are giving keen attention to the multitude of Internet sites and postings of our transmitted messages in this regard. Of course they are attempting to counteract the plethora of spiritual information with their disinformation, but this is meriting them nothing in the hearts and minds of all who know the truth from the lies, and daily more of you are opening not only to discernment as to which is which, but also to your own telepathic connections.

8. About this natural development in the higher planes of energy Earth has reached, we caution again about the need for utmost care in the sources who contact you. It is with sadness that we see some who once actively worked within the light have fallen away due to lack of diligence in this respect. Throughout universal history the battle between the light and the dark forces has been for souls, because it is through capturing souls that all other dark attainment and power come. So, while this situation is no different in this moment from any other point of “time,” it is critical for you to know because you are there to participate in this unique era on Earth. It is the dark ones’ goal, however of dimming hope, to hold onto their power by misinforming those whose telepathic ability—and this is the innate capacity of every soul—is emerging. Dark tentacles are looking for tiny entrances through self-doubt as well as the huge entries of fear, and once into the psyche, they can be tenacious. But even the dark entities are bound by cosmic laws, and we urge you to learn how to connect with only light sources. Guidance has been given in many messages from high stations, and I cite one that is of special recommendation, so if you will please, Mother, insert that here. [“Bridging the Gap” on]. Thank you.

9. Since I was “in on” your organizing the questions, I do know that many others also are pertinent to the activities of the Bush administration. However, I am choosing not to address those beyond repeating my assurances in previous messages: In all instances of deception, fraud and terrorism, the truth about the perpetrators will come out and both legal and spiritual justice will prevail; unjust laws and policies will be rescinded; all repressive aspects of any governance will be replaced by light-filled measures.

10. I say to you who don’t live in the United States, the very same applies to your nations’ governments. In this regard, I wish to amend a statement in my last message wherein I said that leaders of all countries with economic status are Illuminati. I should have more correctly stated that they are Illuminati or they share those primary traits of greed and lust for power. I continued by saying that some Illuminati have responded to the light and will initiate reforms or be replaced. This will become evident in one country after another as the spirit of freedom and fairness pervades all peoples. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that it is the momentum of the light you are generating wherever you live that is steering your world out of fear and oppression into the era of peace, understanding and harmony.

11. Mother, I know that individuals still are asking for counsel as to stock markets, real estate, gold and other investment areas. I can only say again that I am not an investment adviser, but I do want to address the global economic issue. Because the grossly unequal distribution of all resources, which includes the money that is your commercial exchange for goods and services, must cease, serious reforms are required. The current situation cannot remain static in any event, but certainly not since it has long been the cause of such vast suffering on your planet. I want to go further than assuring once again that the knowledge and wisdom of ones now in place and those who will be taking leadership roles will provide adjustment relief to the extent possible in remedying the profound global economic imbalance.

12. We empathize with your interest in keeping—or finding—jobs and having enough to pay bills so that you don’t lose your homes or cars and can afford food and health needs, education and utilities. Remember, many souls in Nirvana, and those who have evolved beyond, have experienced the very same. So we know that far better it would be for you to give thanks for what you have than to be preoccupied with losing it or lamenting what has been lost. What you think about, you create, so we urge you to not only stay out of fear about lack of money, but to lift your thoughts to abundance for ALL, not only selves or even country. Very little of the wondrous world on your horizon will be rooted in your systems to date—this is WHY you are creating your new world!

13. Let me tell you why you can weather the transition from today’s unsustainable economy that consigns billions to bare subsistence living—it is the same reason that you will triumph in every area of the world you are creating. The completion of the karmic experiencing that Earth needed for balance, which included mass impoverishment, is propelling her movement into the higher planes of energy vibration. Countless souls who know and love her as the sentient being she is are assisting in her ascension out of third density because the karmic time of the darkness that has so long thrived there is over.

14. Most of these helpers are unknown to you except as we speak of them and in some cases, their own messages sent forth, yet some of the strongest, most experienced light warriors in the universe are right there among you, working behind the scenes to guide the necessary changes so that as many as possible of Earth’s residents will accompany her into the higher planes. This is how beloved and significant universally your current homeland is—and how beloved and important YOU are!

15. You wanted to be a part of this glorious ascendance by participating on the planet, and it is a testament to your evolutionary status that your desire was granted. Most of you have no conscious memories of having been victorious in making benevolent changes in other important eras, not only on Earth but in other places too. In time you will know, but in this moment, we urge you to allow your spirit that “enrolled” you in this lifetime to shine with the intensity it IS, and you will successfully meet the challenges of change. Words are weighty in thought forms, so think not of “problems” or “hardships,” but of circumstances that you have encountered before and emerged triumphant. And please do not think that your part is less important than any other—EVERY part has a meaningful purpose! You are where you are because at soul level, you know you can do this again. And you know that you aren’t alone—light beings throughout this universe are with you.

16. Now, Mother, shall we proceed with other questions?

S: First I want to thank you for that encouragement. Sweetheart, you’re right that we don’t remember past victories, and we need reassurance that “you out there” are with us. I know a few people who do remember, but I hear from many hundreds who don’t. OK, the questions are: Does the “String Theory” that may unite gravitation, electromagnetism and weak and strong universal forces actually achieve this? Is this a step closer to seeing spirituality and science as one? Is using fractals to perceive reality related to the String Theory, or is one more “truthful” than the other?

17. MATTHEW: Mother dear, one would have to know that you have no knowledge of physics, not to mention astrophysics, to appreciate your struggle to correctly summarize the writer’s material and pose those questions. As a foreword, I tell you that although at these higher stations we are familiar with universal laws, just as on Earth, we have souls with specialized expertise. I am not one of those with extensive knowledge in this field, but I can speak to this extent: The “String Theory” is the closest yet your science has come to interpreting universal forces, and yes, fractals are related, so both have break-through truth that will lead to understanding that science and spirituality are One. The enlightened individuals who have come up with these insights were selected by greatly advanced scientific minds beyond Earth who “filtered” this information that the scientists regard as their ideas and pose as new hypotheses.

S: Thank you, but what a tattletale you are, Mash! Here are more scientific questions. Someone is asking if a “free energy” device developed long ago that taps into “zero-point energy” will be reconstructed?” Another writer proposed putting plans to construct “free energy” equipment on the Internet to combat corporate attempts to suppress it.

18. MATTHEW: I can’t speak about an unidentified device, but yes, “free energy” devices based on past developments are coming, as are more advanced technologies that will be introduced by your ET family during the transitional phase into the Golden Era. Some technological inspirations were filtered prematurely. The intent, of course, was to advance Earth scientists’ awareness of the workings of the universe, but the tight grasp of the darkness was not given its full due. Scientists in diverse fields have been killed, confined to asylums, imprisoned or otherwise discredited, and their developments or discoveries have been used for harmful purposes, hidden, and/or ridiculed.

19. In addition, a civilization that you commonly know as the “Little Greys” shared their technological knowledge that by soul level agreement was in exchange for human DNA samples, which include the emotions that that civilization lost in its intellectual struggle to keep from dying out. Their intent was to integrate human emotions into their progeny, but without emotional ingredients in their makeup, they had insufficient frame of reference for evaluating the character of those whom they approached, and to a considerable degree, they were betrayed. While it is true that some “abductions” happened, most of the Greys adhered to the contracts’ provision that the humans had to consciously remember their agreements. A few humans did not, and in some cases the “abductors” knowingly carried out the experiments anyway and were harsh indeed. At the same time giving a deaf ear publicly, some within government encouraged the revealing of the frightening and painful abductions. They performed some themselves to lend more credibility and thus more fear to the existence of the Greys, who now live underground, captive of Earth’s third density atmosphere.

20. Considering what I wrote about the treatment of scientists whose knowledge the dark ones find threatening—and this is still happening—the intuition of your knowledgeable scientists to keep a low profile about their abilities and equipment for the moment is sound.

S: Well, some products are on the market now. Can you comment on them?

21. MATTHEW: In comparison with what is in your “future,” not only technologically, but your discovering your innate capabilities for manifestation, these are elementary. However, some are of high standard and can be excellent tools if both the user and the “patient” believe in their efficacy, while others are designed with built-in ineffectiveness to discredit the valid instruments, so both deceptive ploys and greed are at work here.

S: Thank you, and this wraps up the science category: “What will happen the exact moment linear time collapses?” and “Will we find ourselves instantly into circular time or will there be a kind of blackout?”

22. MATTHEW: Linear time has been collapsing unnoticeably for several decades; however, with much more recent infusion of higher energies, the sense of time passing more quickly than previously is undeniable, and you are adjusting to this. The cellular programming that makes it impossible for you to conceive of everything past, current and future as NOW, is being changed within light-receptive people not only for physical survival in the higher frequencies, but also the greatly heightened spiritual clarity and consciousness that will enable you to continue adjusting to “circular time”—the continuum where both “time” and distance are unlike your concepts—as you move into fourth and fifth densities. So this is an “easing into” process without an abrupt “arrival.”

S: Now for a real change in topic, a number of people are interested in your comments about sex now and what it will be later. These are from the same person: “Is there some addictive quality to sex that we need to be aware of? Isn’t sex and sexuality meant to be joyful, rejuvenating and a way to connect with God”?

23. MATTHEW: I am glad for these questions because this is a vitally important area for soul evolution. All of you are sexual by nature, whether heterosexual or homosexual, as an essential aspect of your souls and the choice of orientation in each incarnate lifetime to achieve balance. Your sexual aspect is generated by sexual energy, with androgyny being the ideal balance of male and female energies.

24. Sexual “practice” is totally different. In your population, this ranges from the sublime joy of sexual union in a loving relationship—orgasms are as close as you can come physically to feeling the Oneness of All—to unspeakable perversion of the sexual energy itself. The perversions are not “sex,” they are efforts to show one’s control over another through causing emotional and physical pain through rape or molestation of children and adults, torture, satanic ritual abuse, and death through satanic sacrifices and some murders. Behind all of these is the work of the dark forces, and obsessions with sex also are the unrecognized influence of those forces.

25. Along a vast scale between those two extremes of a loving sexual relationship and the perversions of sexual energy are the controversies about the rights of your homosexual population; birth control and abortion; sex education in schools; pornography in films and printed material; proliferation of sexually-based advertising; sexual promiscuity; sexual prohibition in some religions; young unwed mothers; mate-swapping; sex toys and drugs to improve performance; and even fashions meant to flaunt or promote interest in sex.

26. So to say that you as a civilization are “addicted” to sex and that most don’t understand either sexuality or sexual energy is an understatement. As you travel with Earth into the higher vibrations, the increased spiritual clarity will transmute the energy of the current preoccupations with sex as I noted into the sensual pleasure of sexual relationships within love bonds.

S: That covered some of the others’ questions, but not these from one writer. He has several, and I think they’re important.

27. MATTHEW: Mother, excuse me, please. I am aware of these questions, and they are important. They are from a deeply searching consciousness, and I want to do justice to my replies not only for this young man, but for all souls who are pondering much the same as he. Earth is a schoolhouse for experiencing the range of human emotions, and learning how to treat each other in relationships of every kind—families, co-workers, friendships, teams, colleagues in organizations—is why you are there. I’ll say more of this, but now, please type the first question.

S: What are the most important aspects of a romantic relationship for someone whose spiritual priority is being a light worker?

28. MATTHEW: Loving even more deeply when the full bloom of romance fades, shared values and beliefs, honesty, trust and trustworthiness, mutual respect, kindness, and clear communication are aspects of the most fulfilling relationships. When these are the components of a relationship, the two people are, in tandem and in harmony, generating light and thus automatically are “light workers.”

S: Does pursuing physical pleasure interfere with or prevent accomplishing a soul contract’s purpose?

29. MATTHEW: Not unless the contract specifies abstinence, and since sexuality is inherent in your makeup, this would be a most unusual contract. Physical pleasure is an integral part of a relationship unless illness or incapacitation precludes it, and when this is the case, the aspects in my reply to the first question can sustain a strong relationship.

S: Can a light worker have a successful relationship with someone who is not awake spiritually or ignores their soul contract?

30. MATTHEW: Regarding “awake spiritually,” since the universal law of “like attracts like” applies across the board, it is more likely that a light worker would be attracted to a kindred spirit when a lasting relationship is at issue. Few of you know your own soul contracts, much less another’s, so someone “ignoring” theirs would not be known even to the person. Often we have urged you not to judge others according to how you perceive their behavior. You needn’t condone the behavior, but please do not judge the person, who may be fulfilling his or her contract to a “T.”

S: How do you know when you’ve met a fellow light worker or simply someone with whom you can have a happy, lasting relationship?

31. MATTHEW: Feeling immediately comfortable with a “stranger” is the “like attracts like” law in action, so again it is kindred spirits connecting, but this applies to all associations and doesn’t imply a “happy, lasting [romantic] relationship.” Those are “works in progress,” so to speak—and please refer to my previous answers.

S: Do soul contracts provide for fulfilling, soul mate type relationships?

32. MATTHEW: They may, they may not. It depends on what the soul needs to fill gaps in experiencing or to balance previous lifetimes. It is essential that you feel whole within yourselves and not look for “completion” in another; do not look for a mate to fill a void that can be filled only within self. I think that “soul mate” has been misunderstood by those who believe only one soul in the universe is the intended mate for only one other. All souls have spent many, many lifetimes together in various roles, and it doesn’t seem reasonable that out of countless souls—to me, countless—only two know each other so well that only with each other can they have the ideal fulfilling partnership.

33. These questions about sex, sexuality, relationships, mates are poignant and important at this stage of your evolution, but as you rise with Earth into the higher vibrations, these and many other areas of uncertainty where you are searching for satisfying answers, will become knowingness.

34. We have told you that along with Earth’s changes that will restore her health and beauty, you, as microcosms of Earth, will experience inner urgings to change aspects of your lives that no longer feel meaningful, comfortable or uplifting. Some of you already have responded to your intuition to change jobs, residence locations or relationships. When those situations no longer “fit,” most likely your chosen karmic lessons that required them have been completed, and your soul is motivating you to move on to experience other aspects of your pre-birth agreement.

35. It is logical to ask: What of the children’s feelings when their parents separate to follow their inner voices? Do not underestimate the spiritual awareness of children. Not only do they have the emotional flexibility to adjust to a new arrangement when parents behave civilly, but they, too, need to experience what they chose. When family pre-birth agreements are made, the factors that will provide soul growth of parents and children may include experiencing the disharmony within the family that leads to separation and the learning situations for all that follow.

S: You know these next questions really touch me! “What are our responsibilities toward the evolution of our pets? Can they interact with us in spiritual exercises such as meditation or energy therapy?”

36. MATTHEW: Oh yes, my dear mother, and I knew you would include this even though we are nearing the end of this message with many questions still on your list.

37. Let me first say, at one time all animals lived peaceably on Earth. Because the energy of the force field we commonly refer to as the dark forces cannot abide areas of brilliant light, which Earth was then, they managed to instill ferocity in some animals, which led to a change in their diet as well as temperament, and the predator/prey chain was established. A parallel to the nature of humans, who also were influenced by those forces, is it not? And into the human capacity for brutality to each other fell the same regarding the treatment of animals. This no longer can be tolerated, so your responsibilities extend throughout the animal kingdom, not only loving attentiveness to all the care needed by pets. Although some improvements in the treatment of animals have been made, such as rescue shelters and large preserves and efforts to stop whale slaughter, much more awareness is needed, and it is coming.

38. As consciousness-raising continues, people will learn that the souls of animals, not only human souls, evolve, and they deserve the same care and respect as humans. Some animals—usually those who are pets—are aspects of human souls who chose to experience in an animal body, and even when this isn’t the case, they have emotional and characteristic ranges similar to humans’, lacking only acquired traits such as tact, deception and wiliness. The higher orders of animals need to give and receive love as much as humans—in many cases, they do so more readily and loyally—and even those in the lower orders form bonds with people who tend to their needs.

39. Indeed, including your pets in meditations and energy therapy is uplifting to them in their awareness of your recognizing their true selves. When we tell you that every soul is a part of God and all souls are One, this includes animals!

40. With the holy-day season near at hand, it may seem appropriate to mention the religions that observe these occasions, especially since some questions pertain to those. But they celebrate the differences that divide us, and I choose to end my message with what unites us: the limitless and eternal love of God—by whatever name you call the highest power of our universe—for every soul in this universe. As a part of God, you too have an infinite capacity for love—let it flow boundlessly in these days and henceforth for all time.

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NOVEMBER 17, 2005

The battle between the light and the dark forces is not for bodies, it is for SOULS...

No bird flu, nuclear detonations in space, or land/sea mass changes; light-dark battle is for souls; the Illuminati; soul messages; Bush administration crumbling; barter; star gates; organ transplants; religion vs. spirituality; being spiritually prepared; "11s"; life in the Golden Era

S: Matthew dear, hello! Finally all the questions are ready.

1. MATTHEW: Greetings to you, dear soul! Yes, and I see that many are about topics addressed in a number of previous messages. I don’t mind repeating, because these same concerns are in the minds of millions, and my comments will be clear without your typing the pertinent questions.

2. There will be NO bird flu endemic! Yes, it is true that a virus was laboratory-created to be announced as a mutation of the avian flu, which afflicts only the fowl population and has caused the death of some humans with severely impaired immune systems who worked with food fowl. It also is true that an Illuminati intention is to spread this virus by means of chemtrails and vaccines, along with putting programmed microchips in flu inoculations that would be made mandatory as a “preventive measure.” This sinister scheme to reduce the world’s population as well as track those who are inoculated will never get off the ground—ET technology has neutralized the virus supply and deprogrammed the microchips. Nevertheless, other harmful ingredients are in vaccines of any sort, and it is wise to forego all types of vaccinations.

3. There will be NO nuclear detonations in space and NO terrorist acts on the scale of “9/11”!

4. NO geophysical disasters will cause entire coastlines to break away and sink beneath the seas or cause massive changes in land and sea masses! Geophysical events will continue, however not in the severity predicted in numerous reports circulating on the Internet.

5. Actually, if only massive fear results from the greatly publicized possible bird flu endemic, the Illuminati will be satisfied, just as they are with fearful reactions to information about “peak oil,” which is a fallacy; devastating results of global warming; cataclysmic natural disasters; and the economic downturn globally.

6. The battle between the light and the dark forces is not for bodies, it is for SOULS. This battle is raging universally, and on Earth, the power of the dark is ebbing from all areas where formerly control was complete. FEAR is their most powerful tool because the energy of fear blocks light from entering the hearts and minds of humankind on your planet. The dark forces off-planet, which are using their Illuminati puppets to carry out their bidding, know the universal laws regarding thought forms and their manifestations, and the more fear-filled thought forms that are created on Earth, the greater chance the dark forces have to capture the souls residing there. This is why the oft-repeated messages from high light beings urge: DO NOT GO INTO FEAR!

7. Now, Mother, I believe that covers all facets of those groups of questions. I know from your thoughts, not only your paper list, that another group of questions is from people in several countries who are asking the same thing: Are their leaders Illuminati and what role do their countries have in the ascension process? Whether Australia or Scotland, Italy or Germany, England or Singapore, and all other countries with economic status, yes, your leaders are Illuminati.

8. The Illuminati are at the peak of governments and legal systems; royalty; religions; mainstream media; banking; education, health care and entertainment industries; and international corporations—in short, every organization and agency that influences life on Earth. This is why you have been so easily controlled, why deception and corruption have so long prevailed with little resistance, why Earth no longer can tolerate the negativity amassed by the abuse of free will, and why your space family has been given permission to help you break this chain of lies, greed and tyranny. As the light has been increasing on your planet, it is reaching some of the Illuminati, and while this is not evident yet, the stirrings of the heart are happening and transformation in leaders will come or they will leave their positions by one means or another. Unjust laws in all lands, especially those described as “Draconian,” will be overturned by the will of the people, if not by the leaders themselves.

9. In this battle of the light to wrench Earth free from the last clutches of the darkness, there are no national boundaries, just as there are no cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, religious or economic boundaries. This is an undivided world of individual souls radiating their light wherever they are, with each as important as all others. You are where you are for good reason. You came to participate in this unique time on Earth and you chose your genetic and environmental elements because they’re needed for your primary mission, which also is your soul’s selection.

10. Your mission doesn’t come printed on your birth certificate, so how do you know what it is? To all of you who are asking this, I say: Your mission prepares you with intelligence, talents, skills and various strength levels, and gives you guidance as intuition, inspiration, aspirations, perceptions and instinct—your soul’s messages to your consciousness. When you are heeding your inner voice, the nudgings of your godself, you are in a “space” of serenity and acceptance. Some speak of this pervasive peaceful sensation as “surrender”—“Give up and give God”—and it is that, but too often it is misinterpreted and thought of as relinquishing control of your life. No! It is GAINING control of your life! By surrendering all of your fears and anxieties, your doubts and regrets and guilt to a higher power for resolution, you consciously flow in harmony with God as the god or goddess you are, living the purposeful experience you chose.

11. I’ll continue, if I may, and address another group of questions whose bottom lines are: Where is Earth in her ascendancy? and Will Bush’s administration end this year?

12. Recently Earth was the beneficiary of a massive influx of energy that gave many of you quite a jolt and her quite a leap forward. The alignment of many celestial bodies that influence Earth became optimum for pushing her past an energy “slow-down” space—a gravitational bump in the astral highway, you could say—that otherwise would have temporarily disrupted her steady pace toward fourth density. Thanks to this influx, her pace has accelerated. The jolting you felt has the same effect, so pay attention to your soul’s messages and flow with this higher energy plane.

13. With even mainstream media frequently reporting that US President Bush is fast losing favor with his former supporters throughout that country, with influential members of his own party and leaders and citizens in other countries, the world-watchers are seeing his administration crumbling. If he is still in office by year’s end, it will be because other Illuminati holding reigns well out of the public view will be keeping the US economy afloat for their personal reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with loyalty to George W. Bush. Quite the contrary—he has outlived his usefulness to them and is as expendable as if, in their fortune-calculating eyes, he were an itinerate farmer.

14. Yes, Mother, I know: What will happen after he’s out of office? He is little more than “the mouth” for the real powers in the government, and the truth about this—about them—will come out through more indictments. At this point, given the free will of all involved, it isn’t clear whether resignations or resistance will accompany the denials of any wrongdoing, and ultimately it won’t matter because the days of all the dark ones in this administration are growing short. The transitional team, some of whom are in high positions and are being heard, is becoming more publicly active, and the change from this administration into the next will be as organized as possible.

15. To you who are gravely concerned about the continuing erosion of civil rights—indeed, HUMAN rights!—fear not! All laws and policies that are unjust in any way to individuals or to Earth herself, will be legally declared null and void because they were made by administrations elected unconstitutionally, not only fraudulently. Every activity that is detestable, such as the sanctioned torture of prisoners who have no judicial recourse, will abruptly cease, and Supreme Court Justices whose decisions have been or would be influenced by darkness will be removed.

16. I remind you, the Illuminati are a global force, not national, and their aim is to control your whole world. The ever intensifying power of the light is preventing this step by step. Because the United States is perceived as the mightiest nation on Earth, its government has to be the first to fall, and falling it is. By the people’s demands and light-filled leaders emerging, other nations will follow suit. To ones in every nation, please see the glimmers of light and feel thankful for these harbingers of full light ahead.

17. Now, Mother, it’s your turn to ask the questions.

S: Well, OK, but you’re really on a roll—you’ve answered most of those on this long list. I think the money questions fit here too. Understandably, many people are very concerned about money, especially since pension plan funding may be lost—a lot already is. I’m still getting requests for your advice on investments, and one writer asked if gold or silver will be necessary for daily transactions if paper currencies collapse, or will everyone just share his or her gifts freely.

18. MATTHEW: I do understand this natural concern, of course, and believe me, the dark forces are counting on none of you using your powers of manifestation to create the abundance you can if you believe you can. You who are doing this, please spread the word that can help to alleviate financial fears. But to deal with the reality of the global psyche, which still is aligned with need rather than abundance, yes, there will be hardships for many due to economic manipulation, and in the short term, these can be lessened by exactly what the writer mentioned—the sharing of gifts, or resources, freely. This can be outright giving or bartering—an exchange of skills, tools, materials, talents, labor, food, water, fuel, whatever some have that others need—or sharing residences, child care, care for the ill, gardening and food preparation. Above all, have faith in your ability to successfully meet the challenges and be steadfast in your light; you knew when you chose this lifetime that this would be part of it, and you “signed up” for the strength and wisdom to make it through!

19. As for investments, I can only repeat that I am not a financial adviser; however, I can say that gold and silver will become the basis for the global economy that will be implemented in increments so that allocation of the world’s resources will become equitable.

S: Thank you. A few questions are holdovers because we ran out of space in the last two messages. Someone asked if the real reason for the Iraq invasion is because it has two of Earth’s six star gates through which dark alien forces will invade the planet.

20. MATTHEW: Since the dark forces off-planet know better and were orchestrating the war through their influence over ones on the planet, I can’t imagine that the invasion would have been based on such erroneous information. First, the portals known as star gates are for light forces to enter. These areas—and there are many more than six—are especially powerful energy spots in the light grid surrounding Earth, and no darkness could even approach them because of their brilliance. At one time such areas were over Iraq, but as energy currents in any locale change due to increased negativity or positivity, the star gates change accordingly. The light grid is constant in its intensity but has motion flexibility so that spacecraft may safely enter a desired location in either visible form or light waves. The grid is not like a spider web in uniform thickness or large spaces, but it is in connectiveness and tenacity, and with its flexible aspect, it can be as close as 10 feet above the surface, or even less in extraordinary circumstances, and extend hundreds of miles into space. It is the operators of the grid who have prevented nuclear detonations in space near Earth since Creator made that exception to the law of free will.

S: That’s surprising, that the grid can be that close to us! The next question is, Are organ and tissue donations for transplantation disruptive to the soul during the dying process?

21. MATTHEW: The answer is “no,” but this begs further comment. By definition the “dying process” is prior to death, and no “donor” organs or tissues are ethically removed from living patients. The very concept of organ transplantation and the skilled procedures were filtered from the higher densities to receptive surgeons who were inspired to save lives by this means. In the far rarer cases of “live” donations, the willingness of the donor and the thankfulness of the receiver generate light to sustain both bodies’ life force unless physical death at that time is a provision of their soul contracts. Even in the most unconscionable situations, where organs are removed from an unwilling person for the purpose of being sold, the death of the body is immediate and the soul transitions.

S: But wouldn’t the soul be traumatized in that case?

22. MATTHEW: Yes, but no more so than in the billions of deaths throughout the ages from other types of inhumane brutality and gross neglect. The psyches of those souls are gently treated in Nirvana, where customized treatment nurtures them, but the impact is carried forth through cellular memory in many embodiments until that patterning ends via completion of a chosen karmic lesson or is erased through emotional strength and spiritual clarity.

S: I see. I think this is a good place for this question: “Regarding the great transformation of Earth, what does it mean to be prepared spiritually? To the believer in Christ, it means to have accepted Him as Lord and Savior.”

23. MATTHEW: And that is one of the greatest of all the beliefs that will be shattered when the truth about the millennia of deception perpetrated through religions becomes known. The “second coming” and the “raptures” and “salvation” are part of the great lie. Religious beliefs are not the same as spirituality, and in most instances, they haven’t even a nodding acquaintance. One of the greatest challenges ahead is resolving the conflict between the people who do know the truth and those who will resist it to keep their belief foundations intact regardless of their religion.

24. As for Christianity, the man known as Jesus in the Bible would be the first to tell you how wrong the teaching is, that “accepting him as Lord and Savior” is the way to “salvation,” and he’d also tell you that believing that is not the same as “believing in Christ.” Christ is not a name—it means “being one with God.” The Christed energy, or Christed light, is the highest power in the universe and it is eternally available to all as the “savior” that can keep you from falling into darkness and committing acts considered “ungodly.”

25. The soul that originated in the Christed realm, which is Creator’s first creation, and incarnated in one lifetime as Jesus also has lived as many other spiritual leaders on Earth and far beyond. The energy of the Christed realm is pure love, and it is this energy that Jesus, all of his soul’s other embodiments, and all other souls of that highest station impart that is “the second coming.” It is not a return of the man who lived in Galilee 2000 years ago. He knew that he was no different from all other souls, that all are parts of God, that all have the same potential to perform the “miracles” ascribed to him, and that all have multiple lifetimes for remembering their godselves and their inseparability from every other soul in this universe.

26. If Jesus’ true message had been preserved in the Bible instead of being distorted or parts of it eliminated, you would know this in his own words. I feel apologetic for not having done justice here to his full message.

27. What is being “spiritually prepared”? It is knowing that eternally you are an inseparable part of God and all other souls in the universe; that your godself chose this lifetime, like all of your other lifetimes, so you can experience the fullness of God. It is hearing, trusting and heeding your soul’s messages to your consciousness, those messages I mentioned earlier. It is understanding why we urge you not to judge others—you don’t know their soul contracts—and urge you to send love to all, especially those in darkness, where there is a void of love, of light. It is knowing that wherever you are, you will be safe if your soul contract calls for safety, and knowing that if your soul has completed its mission, you will move forward in spiritual growth.

28. What about the “good” people who are caring and helpful, generous and fair, and they don’t know what “spiritual preparedness” is? At soul level, everyone does know. The influx of higher vibrations is illuminating all who are soul searching and is touching the minds that are opening. My mother is particularly drawn to two lines at the end of the senders’ emails: “One heart at a time, we are changing our world,” and “Together we are healing our world.” Yes!

S: I knew you’d like those too, Mash. Several people have written about the astonishing times the number 11 is appearing on clocks, bills, sales receipts, letters—anywhere numbers are used—and they would like to know the significance of what “appears to be an epidemic of 11s,” as one wrote. Even I’m noticing a lot of them, and when I looked at the clock this morning, the time was 11:11.

29. MATTHEW: In numerology the number 11 has great significance, and without explaining this metaphysical science, I’ll say simply that it heralds the approaching the New World, the Golden Era, the return of Earth to her Eden self. The prevalence of 11s is GOOD news!

S: So it seems! There are a few questions about that new Eden. One is from someone who’s wondering if we’ll still need food when Earth has finished her ascension, or will it be like it is in Nirvana, where etheric bodies don’t need solid food?

30. MATTHEW: Physical bodies need physical nourishment, so definitely you’ll still want to eat. It is the diets that will change in accordance with respect for animals’ lives along with your crystalline-based cells finding raw food and whole grains more appealing than supermarkets’ current offerings.

S: Some are questioning—very logically, I think—what can change for people in large cities, where crowded conditions and lack of privacy and quiet lead to dysfunctional families, violence, crime and despair. What about the millions who live in cities like New York, Buenos Aires or Tokyo?

31. MATTHEW: A number of factors apply. One effect of the new energy plane I mentioned will be increased motivation for people to leave crowded cities and relocate in rural areas, like a new wave of pioneers as the currently uninhabitable places start flourishing and beckon the venturesome. Demolishing many buildings and restoration of many others and the addition of parks; vegetable and flower gardens; neighborhood libraries with music too; animals you now consider wild—not in cages, though!— and entertainment and recreational centers will make city life much more fulfilling for the spirit. New transportation modes and a much fairer distribution of wealth will enable city dwellers to frequent the countryside, where a booming business will be “bed-and-breakfast” inns to accommodate the growing desire for those oases of respite from routine activity, and go to distant places as well. Populations will decrease from all natural means of attrition and the birth rate will drop. But the major difference will be the amount of light in the souls who make this journey with Earth—the prevailing spirit will be harmonious, cooperative, helpful, kind and delightfully good-natured.

S: That certainly would cheer me up if I still lived in a city. I can hardly wait to hear what you’ll say about this next topic. A young man who feels his friends are marrying because of social and religious pressures, which could be manipulated or even created by dark forces to some extent, wants to know where the institution of marriage is heading with the coming changes. Also, what about divorce?

32. MATTHEW: It’s always wonderful to see you smiling, Mother! Yes, your personal view will be shared by all in years to come. Those who have read my description of life in Nirvana, your spirit world, know that there, love bonds alone unite couples, not a legal requirement levied by federal or religious decrees or due to peer or parental pressure. Parting is the same, and always it is amicable, as interests and activities take different directions in accordance with the souls’ growth.

33. The move away from Earth couples’ lifelong ties began some time ago with a growing divorce rate, and to a lesser degree but steadily increasing, with partners choosing to forego legalities and parting when one or both felt a need to move on. The latter is not an easy row to hoe because of unfair restrictions in benefits given married couples and public ostracizing, especially of homosexual partners. This will change as prejudice and judgmental attitudes give way to realizing that the purpose of each lifetime is to fill gaps in experiencing so the soul can evolve, and that every soul experiences all types of relationships and sexual orientations.

34. Earth differs in a paramount respect from Nirvana, where no children are born to couples, so no custody conflicts arise; and since money is nonexistent as everyone’s needs are easily met, neither is financial support an issue. These situations that currently plague many Earth families will be resolved in the higher vibrations where love is purer and stronger, negative traits will have been outgrown, and an entirely different economy will be in force. And a primary concern now, the children of broken families, no longer will present any sadness or worries. The differences in living arrangements will be accepted with equanimity and grace in the realization that living within the soul contract that is designed for spiritual growth is of utmost importance to all. All is One.

35. Mother, I know it is time to wrap this up because of space limitations in the emails, and “All is One” is a fine thought to leave as I say goodbye for now. I add only “All my love” to all.

S: Thank you for your message, sweetheart.

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NOVEMBER 1, 2005

It is your light in conjunction with that of beings throughout the universe that has brought Earth to this point where the truth coming forth will lead to peace throughout your world...

Libby indictment; no “bird flu, martial law or new warfronts; warmonger is the Illuminati; truth of “9/11” will come out; “purest” truth is within each soul; Fitzgerald protected; “peak oil” a dark contrivance; changes during planet’s transitional phase; linear time collapsing; beloved animals ascend with Earth

S: I’m here, dear! I know you’re ready to start.

1. MATTHEW: Good morning, dear soul! Thank you, yes, I am, because we are aware of the thoughts foremost in many minds and they are the same as the majority of questions you most recently received. So first I comment on the indictment against “Scooter” Libby. To those who are disappointed that only he was indicted, I say: Have patience—it will be rewarded. Patrick Fitzgerald meticulously prepared this case within legal boundaries to preclude any possible disruption in the process due to a technicality. Of course, any defense of allegations based only on a legal technicality could not close the breach of public trust that the disclosed facts have created, but there is a need here for balance, for justice to be served, and it will be. Will other indictments follow? Indeed! This one is the wedge, and it’s a huge one, in exposing the web of deceit in the Bush administration. A promising adjunct to the legal process underway is the extensive news coverage; this case has greatly decreased media control over what can be withheld from the public. Will the legal measures result in convictions? Yes, they will.

2. Now, Mother, I’d like you to type the first question on your list. My reply goes beyond those I have just given, which really could be logically expected.

S: OK. “Will this legal process be finished quickly and the ‘domino effects’ Matthew talked about get underway?”

3. MATTHEW: On the heels of disillusionment with their government because of its feeble response to the recent hurricanes’ devastation, the people of the United States are seeing evidence that their leaders have committed serious criminal offenses and lied to cover their tracks. This double revelation has been terribly stressful, thus the unfolding of the vast betrayal must be done not only within the laws, but prudently and compassionately so as to reach, but not traumatize the national psyche. I do not mean that this protective measure is consciously obvious to any involved, but it is in consonance with the rising of spiritual clarity and is an unrecognized factor in the proceedings.

4. Yes, the Bush administration can be expected to counter the internal turmoil with steps to divert the country’s and the world’s attention to other areas. They will not be successful in starting an endemic of avian, or “bird” flu. They will not be successful in imposing martial law throughout the country. They will not be successful in further attempts at widespread terrorist acts as justification for accusing, invading and occupying other nations. They will not be successful in opening new warfronts in any event.

5. It bears repeating what I have stated before: The US government appears to be the warmonger, but those within the government who have spearheaded all of the tumult are members of the Illuminati; theirs is not a national, but a global “citizenry,” and their intentions are to weaken all countries through death toll, property destruction, debt and/or control of all natural resources. Within the Illuminati are the owners of the corporations that manufacture weaponry, planes and tanks as well as the corporations with no-bid contracts to rebuild destroyed infrastructure and to provide fuel for the machines of war, so there is this collaborative vested interest in perpetuating the Bush administration's proclaimed need to "support the troops" and "solidify democracy and freedom” in Iraq.

6. Let me speak about the situation in Iraq for a moment. In a previous message I mentioned that in the first stages of war's cessation, combat weapons would cease working and troops would lay them down. This is occurring. It is the result of the increasing light reaching hearts and minds throughout the military ranks and the application of our space family's technology. Physical death and debilitating injuries happening now within any troops is in accordance with their original or amended soul contracts, and while grief for the families is just as real and intense, this development heralds the beginning of the ending of armed conflict on Earth.

7. Mother, because many you hear from are new to my messages, plus we can see a great number of early-on soul-searchers, I feel it is important to repeat something else I have stated. The souls whom you could call tyrannical or evil in their brutality, greed and corruption agreed to act in these ways to provide karmic balancing to many millions of other souls, which extends to Earth’s own balancing. At a certain point, long since reached, their agreements called for these “dark ones” to join their light brother/sisterhood; but instead, they reneged and knowingly and willfully continued their control on the planet. Waiting for them to honor their agreements to join the light slowed Earth’s ascension pace until she requested intervention of extraterrestrial light forces—this is vastly different from the survival assistance she called out for six or so decades past. Through both advanced technology and intensified light beaming, our extended soul family has steadily diminished the powers of the darkness at the same time they have “inspired” you to generate your own light. It is your light in conjunction with that of beings throughout the universe that has brought Earth to this point where the truth coming forth will lead to peace throughout your world.

8. Now I believe we can move on with your list, Mother.

S: A reader has several questions about 9/11: What is the extent of Bush’s foreknowledge and/or complicity; when and from what source will information about this come out; will Bush be impeached or imprisoned; will other Bush family members be implicated and/or punished; will Cheney go down with Bush? Another reader asked if government changes will happen this year, and she also wants you to give the approximate timeframe for evacuation from the planet because of major Earth changes.

9. MATTHEW: Oh my! on that last question—I’ll get to it later. The terrorist act commonly called “9/11” was devised and executed to justify invading Iraq, and both were planned in concept even before Bush’s first presidential term, but he was in agreement. Because of who is named in indictments to come, there can be little doubt of his complicity; he, Cheney and all named and many unnamed will fall as the administration publicly crumbles. Information about the Bush family’s long history of collaborating with so-called “enemies of the state” will come out, and all will be accorded due justice. These people are among the dark ones who reneged on their soul contracts, and universally speaking, it is neither judgment nor punishment that they will receive, but rather the inescapable, natural consequences of the energy they have been putting forth by their free will choices. And yes, changes in the US government will come by the end of this year.

10. Now then, no one will need to be “evacuated” due to the changes that are Earth’s means of cleansing herself of accumulated negativity! I have addressed this topic in previous messages and the same is in the books. I think it is appropriate to suggest to you who are new to my messages and value their information, to please read previous ones on the site set up for them. (“Matthew’s Messages” at This will enlighten about important areas with which you may not be familiar, and it will avoid the necessarily brief references in repetition. While these may be helpful reminders to long-time readers, brevity does not well serve the needs of questioning newcomers, yet it is not feasible to frequently repeat material verbatim. Also, without intention, I have been guilty of incompletely relating all aspects of an issue; in a later message—often prompted by my mother’s or a reader’s questioning—I add to that coverage. Then there are situations that I often address because they are unfolding, and your familiarity with preceding happenings permits a clearer understanding of their progression. I am emphasizing this because the energies pouring in are moving things faster and faster, and your comprehending what is happening and why is crucial in these moments.

11. I say also that it will be most helpful for you to read the four books called the Matthew Books, although that series designation is misleading in that the books contain messages from many high sources including God and representatives of a dozen or so advanced civilizations. Their presentations along with my own and others’ are the foundation of which my circulating messages are an extension. The books put everything that has been and is happening on Earth in the universal context. You are “citizens” of this universe who chose this lifetime on Earth to assist in her transition from third to higher densities—understanding this is paramount to knowing who you are, your purpose for incarnating now, and why situations are evolving as they are.

12. Please do not interpret this as my saying that the messages and the books are the best, much less the only sources of information that is vital for you to know! Many high light beings are sending similar information through their respected messengers, and all of us have told you that the “purest” truth is within you. The communication between your soul and your consciousness is direct, without the potential of distortion or misinterpretation caused by the layers of energy between the source at a high station and the messenger on Earth. Listening to and heeding the “voice” of your soul is part of spiritual growth, just as is learning to be discerning about all information by paying attention to your intuition. Intuition, along with instinct, inclination, inspiration and aspiration are ways in which your soul communicates “knowingness” to your consciousness.

13. Now then, Mother, let’s move on.

S: Fine, dear! Here are several related questions about Patrick Fitzgerald—I think they are clear without the rest of the emails’ contents. Is he receiving protection from the light, and if so, is he aware of it; does he have ET bodyguards; is he an old soul who “walked-in”; is he one of the ETs working for us on Earth; is what he’s doing according to his soul contract; will he live to complete his legal work; if he is assassinated, will the indictments go forward without interruption?

14. MATTHEW: Mr. Fitzgerald is one of the most protected individuals on Earth, and his soul contract called for everything that has prepared him to superbly carry out his primary—and critical!—mission of this lifetime. To answer further would be an invasion of this highly evolved soul’s privacy.

S: I see. Please comment on “peak oil.”

15. MATTHEW: This is a contrived story to create more wealth for the greedy and more fear in those already despairing. The “peak oil” term has been given to an effort that has achieved its dark intent well; a recent announcement of one oil company’s quarterly profits at a record $10 billion blatantly shows the greed aspect. There is no oil shortage, but the claim that there is has put many in fear of the future. There is fear right now in the people living in cold climates who cannot afford to heat their homes; in the people who rely on personal transportation to commute to their jobs and had no monetary margin for the prevailing high gasoline prices; in the small companies and trucking services that cannot afford to stay in business with the higher energy costs. And there is fear in the people who want to preserve the environment about the proposed desecration of pristine areas to drill for oil, just as there is about the vast pollution that has been caused by oil. Because fear puts a barrier between the soul and light, fear is one of the most powerful and most successful tools of the dark forces that are pulling the strings of their Earth-bound puppets.

16. The “silver lining,” so to speak, is that peoples who are divided in philosophies and beliefs are united in concern about this global situation. Even with the Illuminati’s suppression of “free energy” technologies, car manufacturers are beginning to produce “hybrid” vehicles; and scientists and engineers in other areas are gearing up to reduce the need for oil. True, you can say that this is only good business sense, but it is important nevertheless because oil is Earth’s blood and its extraction must stop. Moreover, the desire to end reliance on oil is yours—whatever steps are taken to restore your planet to full health and beauty must originate from your desires and efforts, your thought forms, and not your ET family’s. It is because you want a better world that they are willing to help you create it.

S: Thank you, dear. “Once Earth has ascended into the next dimension along with all of us, what will our lives be like and will we need to continue to work and go to school, etc.? Since there will be no more disease or illnesses, I’m assuming we won’t need hospitals, medical personnel, and industries that support those needs, like insurance and pharmaceutical companies. What types of jobs or other activities will we be doing?”

17. MATTHEW: In some respects, what you will encounter in the higher vibrations can be compared with my description of life in Nirvana. Much of what currently is needed to support Earth’s population is not a part of life in your spirit realm, but that wondrous change is instantaneous for the souls who transition, and you are beginning the few years of your transition from those current requirements to life without them. Mother, I mentioned some of the changes in a message quite some time back, and I ask that you locate and copy the section I’ve put in your mind. It is a general idea of the major areas where life will greatly differ, and that is all that I can provide because the choices of where and how to “fit in” are up to each of you. However, please be assured that with the leap in your spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth, you will find your right place—your soul knows what it is!

(Excerpt of August 22, 2004 message)

MATTHEW: I do understand, Mother. There will be many changes. A world of peace, love and harmony demands more changes than only the absence of war and other dire circumstances that cause fear, grief and suffering. Yes, many, many people will die before the Golden Age arrives. As sorrowful as these deaths may appear to you, what these souls endure beyond their pre-birth agreements gives them leaps forward in soul growth, and the vital importance of any incarnation notwithstanding, this one is but a fleeting moment of their eternal life. They will greet their return to Nirvana knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime, it will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world and the abiding love among its inhabitants.

About the cetaceans, yes, their spiritual mission is to embody in huge bulk and inhabit the seas to absorb and anchor the light being beamed to the planet from distant civilizations. That purpose soon will have been fulfilled and these souls, which species-wide are the highest evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they make transition. Those who are leaving physically continue to grace your planet with their love energy.

As Earth continues her ascension into the higher vibrations, eating habits will change as people learn to respect and honor all animal life, so the reduction in food sources from the seas will not be a concern. The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition, and as plants become diet staples, those that are harmfully genetically engineered will lose their health risk elements.

The allocation of food and other basic life essentials available in the richer countries will be shared on an equitable basis with the poorer countries until a global production order is achieved. Carnivorous animals will exit their food chain and turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance as they evolve into peaceable companions once again, and animal reproduction will be naturally slowed so they will not overpopulate the planet. The balance of nature no longer will require pestilence, so no disease causing or transmitting factors will be present, and the use of toxic chemicals and prescription drugs will cease.

Current and imminent technologies will be used for improving all conditions of life, but here, too, there will be changes from what you are accustomed to, primarily in transportation, power sources and construction materials. Medical treatments will drastically change until there no longer is any need for that because bodies, which will have a greatly longer lifetime, will become free of all forms of dis-ease. Educational systems and resource materials will change to reflect the truth of universal and planetary history, and religions also will change in accordance with the truth that will be revealed.

Those are some of the most significant changes, and all will have trickle-down effects that ultimately will permeate and uplift every facet of life on Earth. You can see that changes in employment will be considerable, but your greater spiritual clarity and greater usage of brain capacity in the higher frequencies will enable the transition into fields supporting cooperation and harmony to come joyously.


18. Thank you, Mother. I see that this is one of those topics where a reader’s question evokes my adding specific information for a fuller description. Recreational pursuits will be changing in accordance with those overall changes mentioned above. Sports that harm or kill any life form will end; the disproportionate sums now paid to professional sports figures will end, too, and none of you will object as the emphasis evolves from the “kill ‘em” competitive nature to achieving one’s own athletic potential solo and within a group spirit as well. The intentional decreased funding and appreciation for the arts will turn around so that these vital expressions from the soul will be given their proper importance and honor; the forms of expression themselves will return to beauty that is recognized by all. Education of the very young and re-education of all others—the latter better said, remembering—will be a large and exciting part of life; you who will be leading the way in this endeavor chose teaching roles, so you can rest assured that you will know how to proceed. Perhaps the most profound change in your lives will be the relationships between you and the members of your space family both in productive, progressive planetary restoration and in mutually respectful friendships.

S: Matthew, give me a minute, please. OK, thank you. You said that we are “beginning the few years of transition.” I don’t want to assume anything, so do you mean that the indictment of Libby is the first step and everything from now on—say for the next five or six years—will be an advancement toward the Golden Era?

19. MATTHEW: Mother dear, you aren’t wrong, but it is more involved than your question reveals, and that is due to my incomplete explanation. The transition from third density into the higher frequencies began when Earth cried out for help 60 - 70 years ago in your linear counting. It is the absolute, undeniable dramatic evidence of the unprecedented speed and scope of changes to which I was referring in “the few years of transition.” The indictment of Mr. Libby is the first public step in the crumbling of the Bush administration, and the replacement of many current members of the US government by the transitional body ready to step in will be the first of the major “dominoes” whose falling effects will reverberate around the world.

20. Not everything between this moment and a totally balanced, harmonious world will be completely smooth sailing. It would be most unfair to you and dreadfully remiss on my part if less than explicit statements could lead you to think that it will be. The dark ones have not yet conceded their influential positions, and they will continue all efforts to maintain what by now is only a tenuous toehold on their former worldwide control. Furthermore, other seeds that the off-planet dark forces have planted have taken root, and even when light-filled beings are in leadership roles, for a while some others will act with destructive intent as Earth continues her journey toward fourth density. The third density psyche is resistant to change, especially when shock accompanies the need for change, and shocking it will be to those whose belief foundations will be shattered, even if in increments; so many will not welcome the revelations, and your alertness, prudence, compassion and patience will serve you and them. And yes, more planetary cleansing is needed.

21. However, in every moment Earth is rising in her own vibrational level, not only into a space of higher vibrations—you could say that she becomes where she is. So there is NO reason to feel discouraged because those things long ago set in motion must play out the energy invested in them. It surely does not mean that light workers have not maintained their own momentum; it simply is why the next few years is a transitional period instead of a sweeping change in the blink of an eye. Please don’t think that this could not happen like lightning—in far more advanced civilizations, such swiftness is possible because they KNOW they have that power. The vast majority of Earth’s peoples can’t even imagine that such exists.

22. Mother, I must improve on my terminology. Rather than “the next few years,” let me say “the last phase of Earth’s ascension into fourth density.” Any reference to a number of years puts a process into your linear timeframe and your expectations are based on that. We understand that you still need clocks and calendars, but also you need to start thinking in terms of a series of accomplishments without attaching hours or months or years to them. Your “time” is collapsing, and the higher Earth ascends, the less applicable your devised time measurements will be—you will sense this as days and months passing more and more rapidly. It isn’t “time” that marks or measures achievements, it is the energy put forth, the energy “surrounding” them. Your ideas of distance and space also are uniquely yours; separation is by energy frequencies. Eventually you will remember this, but in this moment, you have no conscious idea “how far” and “how fast” you have advanced in recreating the Earth of your cellular memory!

S: Mash dear, for many it’s been a long wait to live in that world! Here’s a question that to some extent, you’ve answered, but I find it so endearing that I’m going to type it all. “I wanted to ask Matthew about what will happen to our pets when the earth successfully transcends to a higher vibration. Will they all go with us? Will their need to eat meat (beef, chicken, for example) change?”

23. MATTHEW: I’m pleased to see you smiling, Mother—you do tend to take our conversations in these messages so seriously! Of all life forms on Earth, the animals with whom you have bonded embody the most admirable of what you call “human traits”—their ranges of comprehension and emotions far exceed what is usually attributed to them. Yes, these loving and loved souls will accompany you into the higher densities if their normal life spans permit; otherwise, they will transition to Nirvana, where reunions with you eventually will take place. They, like you, will easily and happily adjust to non-meat diets.

24. With this, dear soul, we have nearly reached the space limitations so as not to exceed “email capacity.” But I cannot say Goodbye without urging you to steadfastly continue sending forth love-light to all of Earth. Evidence of what you have accomplished by so doing is at the very beginning of this message—the first indictment, and perhaps the first concrete proof you have recognized of your power to manifest the magnificent world of peace you desire and envision.

25. In my leave-taking, I speak on behalf of the host of souls at this high station: What masterful and dearly beloved light workers you are! With the love of the universe, we embrace and accompany you.

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OCTOBER 17, 2005

... In simplest terms, love is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe.Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity...

Don’t fear lab-made bird flu virus; mainstream media reporting anti-administration news; climate changes leading to Earth’s restoration; Asian earthquake: volunteer souls aid planetary cleansing activity; re-educating adults about “new world”; changes ahead in children’s education; suggestions guidance for parents of children with autism or ADHD; the economy; therapy for healing psyches; love in action

S: Matthew dear, hello!

1. MATTHEW: My greetings to you, dear soul! First I say, you have been away on a heartwarming family visit, otherwise we would have put out a message sooner to allay any fears about the avian, or bird, flu, and now I get to this topic straightaway. PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO FEAR ABOUT THIS!

2. This situation is like SARS, the much publicized virus last year, but with a new twist insofar as the talk of imposing martial law in the United States if patients there are diagnosed with the disease. Just as was SARS, this strain of flu came out of a laboratory by dark intent, and like SARS, this virus also has been neutralized by extraterrestrial technology. If you recall, worldwide media attention to SARS as a potential pandemic flared suddenly, before the outbreak of the disease in humans and the extensive protective measures in Asian countries and the flurry to make vaccine available. Then all of that just as quickly fizzled when cases did not materialize in large numbers. So it is with bird flu with scary reports such as, “Scientists fear the virus can mutate to affect humans and kill millions worldwide.”

3. Creating a world in panic is one aim of the Illuminati, who are behind this new flu virus’s initiation. Due to the superior technology of ET forces, those with a dark agenda have failed in their major terrorist attempts since “9/11,” so they are trying this biological fear tactic again. Yes, they do know that very likely for the same reason that SARS did not develop as they desired, neither will bird flu; however, by the additional threat of martial law with mandatory quarantines and inoculations, they are counting on sufficient fear-filled thought forms to allow the advertised disease symptoms to develop. Without light except the spark that is their souls’ life force, the dark ones regard others as expendable, and their aim is to achieve a double victory: a frightened populace demanding vaccinations, which have harmful ingredients, and justification for a police state starting in the US and extending globally. You have the power to deal them a double defeat by NOT feeling any fear whatsoever!

S: Matthew, excuse me, please, but it’s not generally known that fear of the flu and the proposed government measures could manifest sickness and martial law with its ramifications. Since only a comparative handful of people DO know this, isn’t it possible that either or both of those situations might happen?

4. MATTHEW: Mother, we don’t see that. We are aware that this new flu is the peak concern of many who have heard the media’s dire warnings and who do not know that neither the disease nor martial law can come to fruition if they choose otherwise. Enough of you DO understand the universal law of manifestation and know that focusing on health in mind, body and spirit for all of Earth’s peoples will create this instead of the goals of the dark minds. A comparative handful of people knew that thought forms about SARS not being a real threat would prevent its materializing as such, and that thought forms to diminish hurricane Rita’s force would reduce that storm’s velocity, yet both of those results came from the collective energy put out with those intentions. The same is true in this case of bird flu, and we are immensely heartened by the numbers of you who feel no fear at all about it.

5. I want to mention something else of vital importance that you are helping to manifest, by sending light to those who wish to cause massive death toll and devastation on their way to world domination. Those dark ones, who consider themselves above all others, have forgotten that All is Oneness within Creator Source, and it is with good reason that they are ever more fearful of losing their remaining control—daily they are seeing “defectors.” The light you are generating added to that being beamed from off-planet and within Earth is motivating the “defectors” to join the light forces. All messengers from high stations tell you that the energy of love is the most powerful in the universe and urge you to send forth that energy to enLIGHTen the dark souls who are living in fear. Because fear causes rash decisions and reckless actions, it is for the best interests of every soul that you feel love for all of Earth.

S: Thank you, sweetheart. That only partially answers questions from people who want to know, in short, “Where are we in the light vs. the dark?” Can you please elaborate on this?

6. MATTHEW: Happily! But for anyone who is observing the new tone of mainstream media, this isn’t really “news” as some milestones are being reported. I don’t mean that suddenly newspaper or television or radio reports have become believable—witness their emphasis on “bird flu pandemic”—but with the public’s growing awareness of what really is transpiring, for any credibility whatsoever, the media controllers must allow some truth along with what they hope you will believe of their continuing but thinning masquerade.

7. Also, I don’t mean to imply that changing circumstances are primarily in the United States. It’s that that country’s government is on world center stage and consequently, important developments within the administration have global interest. US influence in other nations’ affairs—basically self-serving and usually detrimental to the populace of those nations—means that whatever occurs in the US has a global domino effect; yet changes underway in that country are not isolated occurrences. The light intensity that is opening hearts and minds is global in scope, and perceptible changes for the better are happening around the world from grassroots movements to the heads of governments.

8. Now then, the lack of official response in hurricane Katrina’s aftermath was an abrupt, albeit sad, eye-opener for many who formerly were resistant to hearing, much less feeling anything critical about their government. Internet reports and “word-of-mouth” informing have fueled the demand for truthful accounts, and even without any honest replies, polls are showing the drop in presidential approval ratings. That in itself is revealing because polls are designed not to provide actual opinions, but to convince you what to think; yet for credibility, just as with the news media, they have to reflect somewhat the real tenor of the public and that is, support for the Bush administration is consistently waning.

9. While greatly under-publicized nationally, the recent massive peace rally in Washington, DC, had powerful reverberations throughout that country and globally too, as people everywhere could see that surely change must be afoot in what is considered the most powerful country in your world. More voices within the country are being raised in protest of the administration’s recent and past decisions, and leaders of other nations are speaking out firmly against current and long-time US foreign policies and actions. Formerly unknown legal proceedings are coming to light as well, and while the indictment process is slow and full disclosure is yet to come, both public and official murmurs about the resignation or impeachment of Bush and other administration principals are becoming louder. A powerful figure in government, Tom DeLay, has been indicted and some of his party colleagues are supporting this action. War veterans are speaking out strongly for peace and members of Congress proposed establishing a Department of Peace. States are rebelling against federal action that would supersede their electorate’s legal choices and lawsuits over presidential election fraud are going through proper channels.

10. Acknowledging the winds of change goes well beyond the government. Increasing pressure is on the Catholic church to acknowledge and compensate the many victims of priests’ sexual abuse during decades past. Corrupt corporate officials are being convicted. Economists and other reasoning minds are sounding strong alerts about such as the unsustainable costs of continuing the war and rebuilding Iraq and New Orleans; untenable US national debt; tax breaks for the wealthiest; ramifications of the rising price of oil and natural gas; growing numbers of personal and business bankruptcies; inaccessibility of health care; the dangers of advanced weaponry production.

11. Thus the growing demand for truth, justness and fairness is being reported at least to some extent. You could consider this as part of the mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing Earth needs, much like the cleansing of her planetary body through geophysical occurrences and climate adjustments. What is not yet apparent to the masses is where all of the changes are leading. You DO know! No, not with all the events or names or times, but with our assurance that the momentum of the light is unstoppable and within a few transitional years, Earth’s restoration to her original paradise self will be accomplished.

S: Your encouragement always is a good lift—thank you! Channeled information on the Internet claims that a very destructive earthquake positively will happen in southern California next summer—the writer is frightened because she lives in that area. Could you please comment on this?

12. MATTHEW: Yes, of course, Mother. Unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation and disinformation abounds on the Internet and people aren’t discerning between those and what is factual. Even well intended predictions, and much less stated certainties, of geophysical events are rife with foolhardiness. Not only are these kinds of events not cast in stone, but fretful preoccupation with them results only in fear, not the generation of light to prevent or reduce their impact such as occurred with Rita, for example. If your soul contract’s longevity clause has expired and your chosen experiencing is completed, your physical lifetime will end regardless of where you are. If your contract calls for more years on Earth to fulfill your missions, you will be safe wherever you are. Being prepared spiritually is the key to facing life without fear!

S: Actually, several people wrote about earthquakes, global warming or environmental changes. I know you’ve often spoken about this, but can you please give us sort of an updated forecast—not a prediction, dear, just what’s logical to expect.

13. MATTHEW: It’s nice to see you smiling, Mother! But there’s really very little to add to what I’ve said a number of times, that until Earth releases the millennia of accumulated negativity, there will be quakes, volcanic eruptions and storms, and when her geophysical cleansing has transmuted the kinetic build-up into the neutral energy pool, those occurrences will have done their job and will cease. As for climate changes, these too are necessary for Earth to fully regain robust health. Just as it is not healthful for her to have her seas, air and soil polluted or her forests hewn and her internal elements removed, it isn’t healthful to have large barren, arid areas or polar ice or scorching temperatures; therefore, much of what is worrisome to many is simply Earth’s pathway toward flourishing temperate zones planetary-wide. You will be amazed at how quickly this will happen once you’re in the higher vibratory planes!

S: And we’re still on target to be there by 2012, right?

14. MATTHEW: Well, yes, but Mother, it’s as I’ve told you before, please don’t put so much emphasis on that year. You can only perceive that six-to-seven year interval in your calendar timeframe, and linear time is collapsing by the second as Earth’s orbital path is steadily moving her toward fourth density, where your “time” enters the universal continuum. You can’t conceive of this because consciously you have no frame of reference for it, but 2012 will be upon you sooner than you can imagine because your “time” is passing faster and faster.

S: OK dear, but I’m not the only one who wants to know that! Here’s just one other: “Are the changes Matthew talks about going to happen in our lifetime—will it be several thousand years before Earth returns to its Eden or will it be like 5 years?” Anyway, here are some specific quake questions in emails: Was the earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan Earth’s own doing or was it manmade? Did ET’s technology fail to “level out the forces of Nature” in [that area] or didn’t they make any attempt to do that? How much national and/or personal karma was involved in the thousands of casualties in the quake that devastated parts of [that area]?

15. MATTHEW: There was no manmade technology involved and ET intervention would not have been appropriate. The earthquake was Mother Earth’s response to the millions of petitions for amended pre-birth agreements so the souls in the affected regions could participate in that successful effort to release a monumental amount of negativity. This selfless act on the part of those who died and those who survived is on behalf of Earth herself, thus gratitude of all peoples would be the most suitable emotion; however, few consciously know this, and commiserating with the survivors’ overwhelming grief and desperation is your natural heartfelt reaction. If you will please remember my recent message that included the magnified feelings of souls in these higher energies, you know that we share the emotional spectrum of those who volunteered to leave their physical lifetime and those who mourn them.

16. As in previous catastrophes where the death toll and destruction is heartrending, here again the outpouring of help and compassion has immeasurably increased the light—foreknowledge of this from similar recent events was a factor in the souls’ request for amended contracts. Later on the grieving families will understand that their beloved members died to give Earth a giant leap forward in her ascension and that they willingly agreed to endure both the sorrow and the hardships the quake has caused.

S: Thank you, dear. The next two questions are related. The first is: Can Matthew give us somewhat of a “roadmap” for how to effectively go about helping and teaching others about our new world?

17. MATTHEW: That is a good question. The revelations about the deceit that long has controlled life on Earth won’t come in one fell swoop. Nevertheless, collectively, the impact of the truth about everything—from Illuminati control in governments and religions to multiple lifetimes throughout the universe to the presence of our space family on, above and within Earth—will be astronomical. The disclosures have started, so the necessary enlightening is not years off, it is now.

18. I think the wisest guidance is to see the changes that herald the coming of the “new world” from the perspective of the vast numbers for whom this means seeing their foundation of beliefs—maybe even their very life purpose—crumbling. In this delicate re-educational process, relating your own awareness could be interpreted as berating their ignorance, and sensitivity to their emotional state is what is called for. Feel compassion, listen to their cries of confusion, anger, disillusionment and yes, very likely fear about Whatever’s coming next?! Hear them out, then let them know that their feelings are understandable and so are their doubts about the validity of the new, shocking information—the deceivers have been masterful for eons. But mainly, provide a gentle safe haven for their questioning and rely on your intuition for the best responses—you’ll see that they will be right there when you need them.

S: Thank you, Mash—I think that will be very helpful to a lot of us.

19. MATTHEW: I hope so, Mother—it’s an important part of the job you light workers signed up for. You said there are two questions.

S: Yes. Someone wants to know, “How will education for our young people change in accordance with the changes in government and economy?” I think this is another area where preparation is necessary.

20. MATTHEW: Indeed it is, but this will be far easier than adult re-education, and it will extend well beyond those two areas into all branches of science, religion, history, and a return to the arts that are so essential for the soul yet have been squeezed out of curricula as funding for education itself has been squeezed. Very young children haven’t been indoctrinated with false teachings, so for them it’s only a matter of learning truth instead of falsehoods. Teenagers may be more resistant at first simply because rebellion in those ages is still the nature, but they will welcome knowing that they really do have a future to plan for instead of Earth’s dire fate that some claim is inescapable. Many souls who have come in during the past decade or two are far advanced in spiritual clarity from the older population, and recognition of their birthright is all they need. The logistical matter of textbook replacement—the writing or editing, printing and distribution—will be done expeditiously, and teachers are being prepared to lecture in conjunction with computerized lessons that also are in preparation stages.

S: OK! Some parents have asked for your suggestions about how they can best help their children with autism or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Probably you know that these conditions affect thousands and thousands of children and the ones diagnosed as ADHD are being treated with prescription drugs.

21. MATTHEW: Oh, we do know, Mother, and it’s a lamentable situation, those conditions that largely are caused by vaccines or other pharmaceutical toxins touted as “health care” and are exacerbated by unavoidable environmental pollution as well as the conflict between mankind’s abusive electrical energy direction and the beneficial energies coming in. Although it will be uplifting for parents to know that all manner of dis-ease befalling anyone will be eliminated in the higher density where Earth is going, that does not provide the “now” help they’re requesting.

22. I’m not comfortable giving across-the-board suggestions because each child is unique; however, some general guidelines are sensible for all. No more inoculations of any kind! Have a body chemistry analysis performed by a specialist—I would choose an “alternative” health care provider—who can determine any imbalances and advise corrective measures. Because body chemistry is complex, I think it’s wise to consult a professional about even natural supplemental nutrients and obtain the recommended ones in the best quality available. Consider especially gold, a little known but valuable brain enhancer, and again, choose the finest quality in capsule or powder form.

23. A healthful and balanced diet is essential for optimum well being. Eliminate sodas, foods with artificial sweeteners or other chemical additives, and processed white flour products; reduce consumption of meat, dairy products, and refined sugar and increase raw vegetables, fruit and whole grains. If a child is taking prescribed medication and a new nutrition regimen results in improved attitude and behavior, parents of young children could discuss with the practitioner decreased dosage or elimination of the drug; older children can gauge their body’s reactions and advise accordingly. Physical exercise and artistic expression in accordance with the child’s age, interests and abilities are significant. My last suggestion but certainly not least in importance is demonstrative loving— hugs, smiles, hand-holding, listening, good humor, patience, reasonable and consistent discipline, participation in the child’s activities, encouragement and compliments on progress, clear communication.

24. Mother, the only other thing I can think of that may be helpful is my explanation of authentic autism, which is quite different from the condition that is given that diagnosis but actually is caused by the toxic ingredients in inoculations given to infants.

S: I’ll look for that and copy it.

25. People are born with this condition, but it is not due to genetic heritage or birth injury. Autism is a self-contained condition the soul chose to experience as a counterbalance to hyperactivity in another lifetime. I don't mean hyperactivity in the sense of an extraordinarily active yet essentially stable individual in mind and body, but rather a glandular malfunction that no amount of admonition or coaxing will relieve.

26. It is purely a matter of the soul's will that can enable it to overcome autism's natural resistance to emerge from its cocoon. Environmental influences may either accelerate or stifle the autistic child's capacity to learn and become functional within what you would consider a normalcy range. Still, a positive environment in itself is only a buffer between the brain mechanism and the behavior, which would be far worse in apathetic conditions where neither love nor assistance was offered.

27. Always at soul level there is awareness that this is a lesson chosen, and there is no shame or hardship placed by the soul on its experiencing personage, but rather only love and patience. These are the same qualities the person himself needs from his family for the most positive response to his life's challenges.

S: Done. Now, please comment on President Bush’s choices for the Supreme Court.

28. MATTHEW: Oh my! I’m going to decline commenting and instead repeat what I’ve said before: When the Bush administration falls—and it will!—all harmful laws and unqualified people in influential positions also will be out.

S: OK, dear! The next group of questions is about the economy. Key issues are manipulated stock markets, unemployment, heavy debt, bankruptcies, taxes, impoverished nations, what investments are safe—can you please speak briefly about those? One writer asked, “Can we survive this mess?”

29. MATTHEW: You definitely will survive “this mess”! Changes affecting banking policies, reduction or elimination of debt for individuals and nations, fair taxation and wages, social program and job training funding, and stabilized stock markets are being handled behind closed doors, so to say, and relief for financial hardships will come as soon as possible after those changes are implemented. Rectifying the global job market is a more complicated undertaking than changing laws and policies, but this too will benefit from new leadership and harmonious interaction replacing exploitation.

30. Investment advice is out of my “jurisdiction”; however, common sense says to spend prudently and be wary of get-rich-today opportunities. Mother, your thoughts about the length of this message are popping in. I believe the next question must be our last.

S: So do I. What is the quickest and surest form of psychological therapy we can give our clients; what is most important in healing psyches?

31. MATTHEW: Love, the energy of love! That is not a simplistic reply, it is the simple truth. It may be difficult to convince people that learning to love themselves, moving past any guilty feelings, and forgiving themselves and others of perceived wrongs is the “quickest and surest” treatment for psychic trauma, but therapists and clients must try because therein lies the cure.

32. It is not an overstatement to say that the cure for all current dis-ease afflicting Earth, whether of individual, national or global scope, is love. This most powerful energy in the universe is your soul’s original, natural state, yet for many, the concept of loving self and all others is at least elusive if not completely unknown. Putting love into recognizable, tangible forms, if you will, can demystify this ultimate state of well being. Mother, please add my response to the request for a definition of love that is in one of the books.

33. With that addition, I believe that today we have addressed some of the most pressing issues of soul-searchers everywhere, and so I say to you, dear soul, “Thank you,” and to everyone, “All my love.”


34. In simplest terms, love is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving their love for you. Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity.

35. In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring. If love can be said to have “ingredients,” then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.

36. Knowing that you and God and every other of God's creations are inseparable is love. Knowing that Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life forms is love. Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge them but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love.

37. Listening to one's godself is love. Living the kind of life that engenders loving self is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others is love. Sharing your resources with full heart is love. Doing good deeds without attaching expectations is love.

38. Feeling peace of heart and mind is love. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is love, and a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of love.

39. In any or all of these instances and many others that you may encounter that instinctively you know are love in action, you are manifesting your love for and of God.

40. Mother, I don’t think I’ve told you anything at all surprising. But perhaps it is good to have some references as a guiding light in these times when darkness may seem to be overshadowing the magnificent abundance of love that is in your world.

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This cover-up, using media disinformation and hoaxes, has kept humanity from open contact with highly-advanced benevolent galactic citizens, capable of interstellar travel faster than the speed of light. In doing so, world leaders have deprived this planet of advanced propulsion and energy technologies that could have completely transformed human civilization by now, to a level of global well-being, connectedness, and environmental health few have yet even dreamed of.

Our planet can only head into deeper crisis under the control of a military-industrial complex and fossil fuel corporations that pull the strings of government to delay alternatives that would see their power crumble, along with a cabal of vested interests.

The open acknowledgement of advanced extra-terrestrial peoples by Earth's governments is the step needed to begin the next chapter for humanity and our planet. Clarity is vital if humanity is to successfully connect with ETs approaching with goodwill, currently not differentiated in media representation from negative entities or possible human agencies using reverse-engineered craft for unknown purposes. Lack of transparency creates confusion and the potential for destructive actions.

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