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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JANUARY 19, 2006

With the divine love of the universe, and reminding you of the host of light beings at your side, this is Matthew in loving farewell...

Indictments served Bush, others; other lawsuits adding to energy momentum; more defectors from dark agenda joining light workers; purpose of media's focus; DO NOT FEAR; use discernment in channeled information; chemtrails; bodies healed in higher densities; AIDS; obesity in spiritual context; John Lennon and MLK; happenings in sleep state, dreams

S: Hi, dear!

1. MATTHEW: Loving greetings, Mother, and my thanks for delaying your planned work to receive my message. As I told you, I shall start because there are significant developments as a result of the intense collective energy being directed back to the serious world concerns, which, after holidays’ hiatus, once again are getting focused attention. Some happenings are well known, such as women being elected presidents of their nations, and corporate and political figures’ testimony that firms up convictions of others, but I’m speaking primarily of happenings behind the scenes and some that are noted in Internet reports, but not in your mainstream news sources.

2. Indictments against President Bush and some of his cabinet and other principals in his administration were served. This is a most significant step in what has been a long process of researching and organizing irrefutable evidence to justify this legal means of removing these people from their positions. They will make every effort to avoid prosecution, so please do not expect immediate results, but be encouraged by knowing that the energy momentum during the preparation period was given a gigantic leap forward by the documents’ delivery.

3. Have you wondered why, in the face of world opinion growing ever more vocal against the war in Iraq and internal turmoil in that country expanding in large part because of US occupation, this administration isn’t withdrawing its military force there? Bush needs this volatile situation to continue so he can justify what he claims are his rights as a “wartime president,” and many of those upheavals in Iraq are instigated by the Illuminati-controlled CIA members to support his contention.

4. But, just like his time left in office, that situation also will see its end much sooner than appears possible in this moment. Other lawsuits have been and are being filed to show this administration’s complicity in the terrorist event “9/11”; waging war without facts to support the declared need for it; the illegalities of holding prisoners without charge or legal defense and unauthorized surveillance of citizens; sanctioned torture; deliberate lack of rescue efforts for survivors of hurricanes; and legislated erosion of constitutional rights. What less than five years ago were only questions in the minds of people who saw that official explanations did not ring true, has grown into a mountain of documented evidence and testimony that will unseat President Bush and many others who are guilty of deceit and betrayal. The amassed energy racing toward this justice is unstoppable.

5. I have mentioned in previous messages that some people in influential positions who formerly were participants in the dark agenda have left and eagerly joined with the light-worker force on the planet. Their numbers are growing daily and extend from governments through leaders in religions, banking institutions, the medical establishment, legal and justice systems, international corporations, military and intelligence-gathering forces, educational and cultural fields, and foundations formed to hide massive fortunes. Again, you will not see many of these “defections” to the light being reported publicly, but the effects are having worldwide impact. This is being reflected not only within those major bodies of interests, but also the greater light is reaching people who formerly were totally unaware consciously and spiritually of Earth’s transition from the era of lies and ignorance to the era of love and enlightenment.

6. Nevertheless, sufficient Illuminati power remains in your major media so that the “news” is focused on topics that generate fearful emotions, including the saber-rattling against Iran and North Korea. Earth has declared that she will not abide a third world war and its devastation to her souls in any life form, so please do not aid the dark ones by fueling their desperate need for your fearful feelings—they flourish and expand their potency through the energy of fear, and by their choosing, cannot abide the energy of light. Their only hope of keeping the vestiges of their former empire of captured souls, so to speak, is through fear. Earth’s course is set—yours is not. Earth is moving at an accelerated tempo into the plane of vibrations she has chosen, but each of you must choose your course; if you are filled with fear, you will block the light from lifting you spiritually and also changing you at cellular level so that you can travel physically with Earth.

7. These media outlets bombard you with the worst in humankind: senseless violence, brutality and killings, rapes and robberies wherever they occur; and to death tolls in transportation crashes, wherever they happen—the kind of information that distresses compassionate souls and also stirs the fearful thought: “This could happen to me or someone I love.” Each time a person succumbs to avian flu, it is widely reported to keep alive your concerns that the relentless warnings of a potential endemic may be right, and what now that the vaccines have been found worthless? Reports of legislation in any country that reduces civil and human rights is not for edification so that you can rally to oppose it, but to make you fear that you or your loved ones may be caught in their long tentacles. Please be aware of how purposefully these kinds of “news” events are selected and do not let your emotions be pulled into the fear that is intended!

8. I am mentioning these examples of fear-mongering for another reason as well, to assure you that the more diligently you replace fear with light, the more swiftly all of those kinds of situations will end. Yes, sometimes I feel like a “broken record” in so often emphasizing this universal truth, but I do so because we see that our reassurance and encouragement is welcomed by you who believe our words and even more so, by the new soul-searchers who are looking for reasons to validate their hopes that someday violence and hatred will be replaced by peace and cooperation—they need to know how they can stop contributing to the problem and become part of the solution.

9. Now then, Mother, I’d like to continue with another matter of great importance, the many questions you have received about a channeled message stating that a widespread power failure will announce the arrival of a fleet of ET ships and Salt Lake City has been designated as one landing site. This is supposed to happen in a few days.

10. Hatonn and I have agreed that because this is his area of activity and not mine, he will reply to questions of this nature, and he did so when you read the first report sent to you. In paraphrasing his response, I say that there will be no landings until there is assured safety both for the space family visitors and all people in the area, and that time has not come. Nothing that could evoke fear, such as a massive power failure, will herald the public arrival of any ETs. “First Contact” is a misnomer because small ships regularly land and take off from areas in the Himalayans and South America, not to mention the many ETs who are living among you. However innocently intended by the people who pass this message around, the effect of this information is a rise in excited anticipation, which will be followed by the much lower energy vibration of disappointment, disillusionment, confusion, and possibly to many, the discrediting of all channeled information. It is vital that you learn discernment in evaluating all information from all sources, including channeled!

11. I acknowledge that I have embellished Hatonn’s words to you, and the last two statements are my considerable elaboration on his comment that was simply, now he had still more disinformation to deal with. For readers who may not know, another area of this powerful soul’s responsibility is communication between Earth and all other places in the universe during this unprecedented time on your planet.

S: Definitely you two have different speaking styles! Do you want to continue choosing topics on my list?

12. MATTHEW: If I may, yes, I’d next like to address what is to you, a surprising number of questions about chemtrails. You are inured to these because they fill the local area skies whenever weather permits, and you often hear of the same from people in many other states and countries. But we know that the majority of the world’s population does not distinguish these from contrails, the lines of condensation naturally formed by airplanes in the higher elevations. Chemtrails are solutions with toxic ingredients, including biological agents and minute particles of metals and chemicals that are dangerous to your bodies, and they are intended by the dark ones with authority to order these flights and their deadly payloads, to cause illness and death.

13. I see that one questioning reader asked why the people behind the chemtrails would do this unless they had antidotes to the toxins. The peak of darkness on the planet is exactly in that “space” because they lack the capacity to love selves or others, and their hunger for achieving their goals contains an arrogance that they are indomitable and their target masses are expendable. They do not order the aerial contaminants released over areas where they, their families or other primary Illuminati parties reside or are visiting, and if ones who are serving them happen to fall victim to the toxins, they are replaced. They also have products, which they do not wish to be known publicly, that protect against or ameliorate the harmful effects of the toxins.

14. On a much lighter note, the most dangerous effects of the chemtrails are being greatly reduced by the technology of the extraterrestrial civilizations that are helping you and Earth in numerous ways. Without their continuous neutralization or alleviation assistance in this regard, most bodies would be irreparably damaged and die. As it is, though, you who have strong immune systems may become sick, but you will survive. Those whose immune systems have been severely weakened by illness, nutritional deficiencies, or long-time stress, very likely cannot.

15. Please do not ask for my recommendations of the products I mentioned—endorsement of any is not within my province. Information about them is available on the Internet, and in your comparisons, I urge you to ask your godself for guidance in choosing the best for you. And there many simple things you can do to enhance your immune systems, such as replacing your regular salt with sea salt; cutting down on sugary foods and cutting out foods with artificial sweeteners; drinking a lot of the purest water available; and instead of buying chemical drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies, discussing with pharmacists at health food stores the best natural remedies and nutritional supplements for your personal needs. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to care for your body with the same conscientiousness that you care for yourself in mind and spirit.

And now, Mother, please take over with your choice of questions.

S: OK, but first, I think people would like to know how they can detect chemtrails from contrails, so will you please tell them.

16. MATTHEW: I’ll be happy to do this. A contrail is the white “heated” sky path created by a departing airliner when it reaches colder air in the higher elevations, and the condensed vapor spreads uniformly like a veil until it is so thin that it disappears in whatever configuration the high winds have shifted it. A chemtrail, which is created by the emission of the solution from specially designed outlets in the planes used for this purpose, does look much the same, but it appears at a lower altitude and is denser in appearance, with the dissolving effect almost "clumpily" uneven but within a more confined line; and despite its heavier than air composition, it is evident somewhat longer than a contrail even though its toxic particles are falling to Earth. Also, instead of climbing as airliners normally do until reaching cruising altitude, at times the pilots of planes that release chemtrail solutions fly one way, then backtrack to make Xs or other sky lines that no legitimate flight would travel. The residue from the ejected solution, which is evident as tiny particles sticking to dry surfaces, has been analyzed and information is available on the Internet.

S: Thank you. This question pertains to the bodies of light-receptive individuals when Earth reaches fourth density—what happens to those that are diseased or paralyzed or missing limbs?

17. MATTHEW: Excellent question! It is not within your pragmatic view of third density “solids” to recognize your bodies as energy vibrating at different frequencies, yet that is what they and everything else in universal existence are. The frequencies in lighter planes will enable the cells of bodies currently afflicted with the noted conditions to be reorganized, regenerated or rejuvenated so that fullness of form and health is restored in individuals whose soul contracts call for this. If the contracts call for physical death prior to Earth reaching the higher planes, it is by those souls’ choice. Within these two categories of possibilities I can add traumatized psyches caused by whatever experiencing the individuals endured. In most cases, the healings or growth of new limbs will not be instantaneous, but rather a self-initiated process aided by therapists trained in the techniques used by advanced civilizations.

S: Thank you. Another reader would like you to comment on AIDS and the future of people with this disease; also, has a cure been developed but withheld from public use and knowledge?

18. MATTHEW: In addition to stating that the people who have AIDS fall into the two categories I just mentioned, I can say that this laboratory-designed disease is the most successful of the dark forces’ methods within the past half century to reduce the world’s population. Of course the virus did not come from monkeys on a different continent from the one where the first AIDS patients were diagnosed not long after being infected with the virus. There was no provision for extraterrestrial intervention, which could have neutralized the AIDS virus as was recently done with the SARS virus and also the avian flu virus, to prevent its intended mutation into a contagion situation for humankind. Many souls, aware of AIDS’ devastating course, chose to experience it as a concentrated karmic lesson that would complete their third density learning and permit evolution to fourth.

19. Always a cure is developed along with these manmade diseases. The peak of darkness considers the scientists expendable, but the scientists do not see themselves that way, nor anyone they care about, so the means to stop the viral damage is known to them. Furthermore, HIV diagnoses do not mean AIDS follows, but the prescribed treatment is fairly certain to bring on AIDS, just as the drugs for treating the symptoms of AIDS are fairly certain to cause physical death. I say “fairly certain” because some individuals who have opted to depart from the established medical regimen have returned to sound health through alternative means. When this occurs, it is a matter of the pre-birth agreement, with those individuals listening carefully and heeding the messages of their souls to take that alternate therapeutic route and recover.

20. Yes, AIDS has affected millions who did not “sign up” for this experiencing, and like the many thousands who perish in manmade floods or earthquakes prior to completing their agreement provisions, they are given full karmic credit so that they can evolve to their next higher station for spiritual growth. Still another factor in this disease’s prevalence is the light generated by the outpouring of compassion, financial contributions to research and direct aid, the medical teams who care for AIDS patients, and the caretakers of the children who are orphaned, many with the disease themselves. Your world still is affected by polarity, with darkness and light in opposition, but the dark influence in all areas is rapidly diminishing as the light continuously increases in its intensity.

S: Please explain how "full karmic credit" is given.

21. MATTHEW: Very good point, Mother! It is like a sunburst emerging from behind a cloud and beaming through a window in the mind. It is a bestowing of knowledge of universal truths to the extent that the person's consciousness is able to grasp. In these instances of divine grace, the discoveries of universal truth come swiftly instead of over however many lifetimes the soul might have required to "get it."

S: I see. Thank you. The next question intrigues me: What is the spiritual meaning of the incredible weight increase/obesity in the developed world?

22. MATTHEW: First I say, that has come from a deep thinker, because there is more to this than variations in diet and body chemistry, and it is indeed the spiritual aspect. The current obesity in countries of plenty vs. emaciation in countries where the masses live at bare subsistence level is another example of third density polarity that will disappear in the higher energy planes. Unlike many circumstances or conditions that appear to derive from situations totally beyond one’s control, obesity seems to you to be a matter of choice. And at soul level it is—it balances a lifetime or perhaps many lifetimes of deprivation that usually were ended by starvation or diseases due to malnourishment.

S: That’s certainly a different perspective. But Matthew, since there are so many hardships for obese people that thin people don’t have, I don't understand why they would choose a large-sized body instead of just eating well to make up for those other lifetimes.

23. MATTHEW: That’s because you aren’t thinking as deeply here as you might, Mother. All of the inconveniences and discomforts and maladies and yes, social scorn, are other lessons chosen in this time of concentrated karmic opportunities to achieve the balance in third density experiencing so these souls can move into the next stage of their spiritual evolution.

S: I guess absolutely everything, no matter how mundane it seems, counts on a spiritual level.

24. MATTHEW: Everything mundane, meaning of the world, is exactly what you’re there to experience for the purpose of gaining wisdom and spiritual growth—or not, according to your free will choices.

S: Moving on, what was the higher purpose of John Lennon’s sudden passing for his karma and his family’s and also for the world?

25. MATTHEW: Now and then a soul is recognized for the spiritual value he or she has given to the world, and John Lennon is one such. His lyrics and music reflected his light, which viewed from higher stations was a brilliant sun whose rays streamed around the globe, touching people who hadn’t ever heard of him—that is how powerfully his energy of peace and love impacted Earth. No, I’m not equating him with the master messengers whose teachings became the basis—the intentionally distorted basis—for religions; I am saying that when that rare intensity of love energy, which can come only from a very highly evolved soul, is incarnate, the effects are that impacting and memorable.

26. Since the question about Martin Luther King’s influence on humanity is similar, let me continue by including him in the tiny circle of people whose mission was to advocate peace and love with such profoundness that the world could only move forward in the light-leap their lives imparted to all of Earth.

27. As for the karma, both of these men chose their missions that are of nearly inestimable benefit to Earth, and they fulfilled them to the very letter of their soul contracts. In the pre-birth agreements, their families agreed to their missions that called for the sudden departures of their beloved members. The day is coming when drama and trauma won’t be needed for all on Earth to understand that desire for peace and love of life in all of its forms are birthed with the immortal soul.

S: I wish you had said “coming soon.”

28. MATTHEW: Mother, when I do, you want me to give a specific time instead, so let me say that in “future Earth,” the day has arrived.

S: OK, dear. The next question is: What happens when we’re sleeping; where do we go and what do we do; who are we able to visit; and anything else of interest to us all?

29. MATTHEW: Ah! A comprehensive explanation can range far beyond what most of you would imagine, but it is necessary for understanding my answers to those questions, and it does fit under the “anything else of interest to us all.” So first I shall paraphrase slightly something that very likely you have heard: You are not a physical being with a soul; you are a soul having a chosen physical experience. And not only one physical experience, but a multitude of them simultaneously in both physical and discarnate, or spirit, realms; and depending upon your soul’s evolutionary status, those other lifetimes can be in any number of places and civilizations in the universe.

30. But let us confine this to the “you” person who is the only one you consciously know. You chose your body via your choice of parents for genetic inheritance as well as environmental influences, so your form, features and coloring, along with health; intelligence; social and financial status; and education that developed talents and skills for your jobs are by your selection.

31. Now I shall explain the difference between the aspects of a soul and aspects of the “personage”—the “you” who is distinctive in personality, interests, interactions, attitudes, habits, manners, and so forth—all of the acquired behavior and results of free will choices. The soul is where character lies, and depending upon the amount of light in the soul, it imparts to its personage a sense of honor and trustworthiness; boundless capacity for loving; intuition; instinct; aspiration; radiant goodness, or godliness; conscience; inspiration; and absolute knowingness that it is a part of God. Working in tandem, your soul and your consciousness are the “you” of your self-image and others’ perceptions of you. Those may be widely divergent views, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there is no separation between “conscious you” and your soul and all of your soul’s other experiencing selves. Possibly through past life regression sessions or even conscious knowledge, some of you are familiar with other personages of your soul.

32. Because you can perceive life only as past, present and future, we speak of your multiple lives in those linear terms, but in the continuum, ALL of your soul’s chosen experiencing is happening in a series of events that reflect other eras of your recorded history and eons before the first records that you know of. The déjà vu sensations, the inexplicable phobias, the sense of “belonging somewhere else,” the ingrained characteristics that are such challenges for you to control—these are links to other personages of your soul and theirs to you through cellular memory that all of you share. And the linkage doesn’t stop with the multiple personages; it connects you with all other souls because all are God parts. This inseparable collective can be called innate knowingness, mass consciousness, universal consciousness or the Totality, the Oneness of All.

33. Now then, with that background, I can speak of the soul’s myriad choices when the body is in sleep state. The soul can remain with the body if there is any risk that, due to very frail condition, the body could not survive on its own life force if that were not reinforced by the soul’s energy. It also could choose to remain in the body when there is a risk that a determined base soul could enter and attempt to dominate the personality—remember, the personality that is considered “you,” is part of the body, not part of the soul—or even prevent the original soul from re-entering.

34. It is possible for two souls, or even soul fragments, to inhabit the same body. In such cases, when the second soul or soul fragment enters, usually there is an abrupt change in behavior; or, if the “double occupancy” happens when a body is very young, this would be seen as the child’s “abnormal” behavior. Either case can cause medical labels to be attached, but erroneously, because these situations are not the same as a mental illness that a soul may choose to experience. The term “possession” is much more accurate because invader entities are of low vibration and possession of any body for incarnate experiencing is exactly their aim; never are these occurrences a part of soul contracts.

35. The invasion is tied into fear, which is a magnified energy force and a wide open door for tenacious low entities to enter and remain until a more powerful energy force evicts them. At the request of the original soul, powerful lighted souls assist in the eviction process, always with the intent to transmute the invader’s “dark” energy into the light and thereby return it to its initial light status—the state of ALL souls’ origination. You may remember that in prior messages I have stated that the battle between the light forces and the dark forces is for SOULS. The dark intent is to capture them; the light intent is to enlighten and liberate them.

36. Yes, Mother, I see that space limitations are upon me, and I shall wrap up quickly as the other points can be stated briefly, yet with clarity.

37. Far more numerous and, for light beings infinitely more joyous, are a soul’s journeys into any other plane of energy to which its evolutionary status entitles it. The soul can visit loved ones, including its other personages, in Nirvana or in other worlds where experiencing is in physical or spirit. In those worlds a soul can attend or teach classes in every imaginable area of universal truths, or receive tutorial instruction to aid in its evolvement. Experienced warriors can join in the light vs. dark battles raging in force fields in space. And, oftentimes what you think are dreams actually are your memories of these kinds of occasions or the eviction of invader souls, which have been translated by third density minds into scenarios that may be confusing but can be accepted more readily than the reality.

38. Now I hurriedly close by saying that your soul chose to be the “you” that you consciously know because, with full knowledge of this momentous time in the universe, it knew that your uniqueness is needed to assist Earth in her ascension. With the divine love of the universe, and reminding you of the host of light beings at your side, this is Matthew in loving farewell.

Suzanne Ward
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