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Thursday, July 27, 2017

English -- Matthew's Message: July 27, 2017

Message from Matthew


July 27,  2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of you have expressed much the same as this reader: “With so much craziness and corruption in governments all over the world, it is difficult to see how we can transform our planet and its people into the New Age we envision.” We can relate to that feeling because many of us have lived in those circumstances in one civilization or another, and we also have lived in those kinds of civilizations after they had transformed their worlds into magnificence beyond your imagining. Someday it will be so on Earth.

For millennia brutality, bigotry, deception, betrayal, avarice, warring, impoverishment and ignorance blanketed the planet. Then, about 80 years ago, came light in such measure that it yanked back the cover and exposed all the ugliness. That is when the seeds of a profound learning process were sown in your world, and what you have been seeing is the clash between the “education” and the “students” who are resistant to the enlightening new courses.     

Only a comparatively few students are fighting to keep the old courses because those have let them control the world, and their resistance to the new will be their downfall. The majority of resistors are immersed in prejudice—pre-judging the unknown simply because it is different from the known—which is passed down from one generation to the next. With more education, more enlightenment, they will conquer bigotry by mastering the course of respectful loving spirit. In time, all peoples will be united in conscious and spiritual awareness, and lightworkers are leading the way.

“I have read repeatedly & from trusted sources, that there are multiple, negative ET factions waiting to capture us outside Planet Earth, where they have the technology to remove & permanently steal our souls.” There are negative, or dark, extraterrestrial civilizations, but not anywhere near Earth, and of far greater significance is this: Souls are the love-light energy of Creator, the most powerful force in the cosmos, and regardless how advanced technology may be, never will it have the capability to remove or steal a soul. Perhaps the sources of that information were giving their interpretation of the series of events in the continuum that led to Creator’s decree. Even if that is not the case, knowing what was decreed and why will help you understand the state of your world today, and I asked my mother to copy that part of a book.   

[This chapter in Revelations for a New Era was transmitted October 17, 1995, when messengers in Nirvana were being reinforced by the energy of 100 or more souls to prevent dark entities from corrupting the messages. Matthew called the souls who were supporting him, Group Mind.]

    Mother, we greet you this morning with MOMENTOUS news! Creator has decreed that no longer may the peak of the dark forces use its free will to hold captive the free will of any other soul! We wish you could know the rejoicing of all spiritually evolved beings throughout this universe when this news was related by Creator’s messengers! 

     We shall explain why this decree is a glorious victory of unprecedented scope for the light forces. By Creator’s rule, the free will choices of every light being always have been and always shall be honored. However, the peak of darkness has ignored this rule and used its free will to capture the free will of every soul who developed “evil” tendencies. That kept strengthening the energy of the dark forces and making its combined free will power far greater than the free will of each individual light being. And that is why for eons the darkness was able to create negativity throughout this universe and the free will of individual light beings was unable to stop it. 

    In accordance with Creator’s decree, God has withdrawn that abuse of free will from the dark forces in this universe and released all of its captive souls. Now that the free will of ALL souls can be honored, the former lopsided battle between the light and the dark is over!

    The most profound effect on Earth is this: The cleansing to rid your planet of the mass of accumulated negativity can be far less in scope and intensity than would have been necessary prior to the decree. When the cleansing activity began about half a century ago, intense negativity still was building and the very existence of your planet was in dire jeopardy. The light that was needed to save Earth’s body also was needed to restructure her human residents’ cellular make-up, a DNA “upgrading” that is essential for both spiritual clarity and physical survival in the higher densities where Earth is heading. 

    The restructuring could have been completed within a twinkling of your eye, but it still is in process because the battle between light and dark not only prevented that swiftness, but the darkness kept adding to negativity’s tremendous pressures that keep at low level the consciousness of Earth's peoples. Throughout the past five decades, the light being beamed from powerful off-planet sources has been relieving the negativity. Without that immensity of incoming light, the dark forces could have been successful in their intention to capture all souls on Earth, but thanks to the light forces, now that isn’t even a possibility. 

    However, even though the darkness no longer has the power of the combined free will of its captive souls, its influence during their long confinement cannot be abruptly shaken. By their thoughts, feelings and actions—along with the same from all other individuals who have dark tendencies—they still are generating negativity. That will gradually fade until Earth’s population will be only souls living within the light.   

     Until Earth has rid herself of all negativity, its release through geophysical upheavals will continue. Many unseen helpers will lessen the damage and death toll—in addition to the powerful light being beamed by highly evolved civilizations, their advanced technology will level out the effects of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and violent storms. Among these civilizations, Mother, are those whose representatives sent you their cogent messages for Earth's people. 

      Matthew, your news about Creator's decree and what it means to Earth is beyond my ability to express! But will the presentations by the other civilizations have the same value now? 

     Absolutely, Mother! For decades those souls have been helping to save Earth’s very life and breath! It is virtually unknown on the planet that only the intervention of your benevolent space family kept Earth in stable orbit throughout her long struggle to recover from death throes. Although the cleansing won’t need to be as cataclysmic as formerly thought, people of Earth need to know the steadfast willingness of those civilizations to keep assisting in whatever measure is needed! Furthermore, their inestimable help is as vital now as before, because the darkness views Earth’s souls as a prize to be won or lost, and in its fervor to win, it is increasing its tactical armaments of fear, chaos, lies, confusion and violence.   

     So absolutely yes, Mother, those messages have the same critical importance now as before Creator's decree! Knowing that you are members of our universal family and knowing about the assistance that many have been giving Earth is paramount in raising the mass consciousness so you do not fall prey to the wiliness of the dark ones! Spiritually evolved souls throughout this universe devoutly wish that this ongoing assistance become known with gratitude and that you will joyously welcome your brothers and sisters in the spirit of loving and open cooperation. Mother, the messages you received will help pave the way.   

      Yes, I see that now, dear. Besides the reduction in drastic cleansing, what is in store for us?

     At individual level, the duality within each soul—the personal karmic choices to achieve the balance necessary for soul evolvement and reintegration with God—will be successfully resolved. Long hidden truths will come forth, such as each of you is an inseparable part of God and all other souls, and telepathic communication is your birthright. These and many other truths will come in increments during the next several years as the power of the light keeps intensifying and reaches hearts and minds. Not all souls will be receptive and that is all right—they will have other lifetime opportunities to embrace the light.  

     Many changes will come about in governments at all levels as the corrupt and tyrannical leaders are replaced by persons with wisdom and spiritual integrity. This process also will take several years because there will be strong opposition from the current leaders and those who follow in their dark footsteps, but eventually the light will prevail in such intensity that the power of the dark ones simply will cease to exist. 

     Your monetary systems will change. Not need, but greedis the basis of commerce and the entire economy of Earth—with that core of darkness, those systems cannot survive as the light keeps increasing. When honor is returned to all means of goods and services exchange, what serves the good of all will be the new standards.   

     The many sources of mind control, which are pervasive in your world by design of the dark masters, will be reduced, then eliminated as people “see the light.” Those who have just been released from the hold of darkness lost the ability to use conscience during their captivity; that ability is being returned and fortified by the infusion of light to assist them in using their newly returned free will in positive ways.

     In summary, all measures designed to keep people in ignorance, deception, fear and misery will end when the last of the darkness is transmuted into light. A transformation of this magnitude cannot happen overnight, and we urge everyone on Earth to rejoice in the awareness that all along your exhilarating journey into the Golden Age, lighted souls throughout the universe will be your loving and helpful travel companions.   

Thank you, Mother. In your timing it has been only about 22 years since that pronouncement; however, in the now of the continuum, Creator’s decree applies to your past, present and future. A large number of souls on Earth are in their first or second physical lifetime since their free will was returned, and ages-long captivity by the darkness has left them susceptible to the low vibrations of violence, deceit, greed and bigotry. But by no means have all former captives succumbed to that. Most of them want a peaceful world where people live together cooperatively and prosperously; and some are participating in peace rallies and movements that result in legislation for fair and equal treatment of all citizens or protection of the environment and animal life.   

To you these laws were long overdue and they don’t apply to everyone everywhere, and violence and destructiveness haven’t ceased. Indeed, civil and human rights for every person worldwide, respectful treatment of animals, preservation of Earth herself, and peace and honorable leaders in all nations are yet to be manifested. But to us the speed of progress in a civilization that only eight decades ago was in deep third density is astounding—it is unique in this universe! And this changing of societal attitudes could not have happened without the light—the same energy as LOVE—beamed to the planet by countless universal family members and radiated by lightworkers.  

Light beings throughout this universe honor you volunteers for steadfastness in your mission to help the peoples co-create Earth’s Golden Age.


Suzanne Ward

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[If you received this message as a forward or are reading it on and would like to receive future messages directly, please send an email to That will add your address to the group moderator’s distribution list.]

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