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Saturday, August 18, 2018


Message from Matthew


August 18,  2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Most of your questions and comments are about the private meeting between the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, so let us begin with this. The meeting had to be private, with only their translators in attendance, because the nature of the most vital information they discussed required secrecy. It is what members of extraterrestrial special forces in intelligence agencies have told us: Russia has myriad computer files and recorded calls that are evidence of Illuminati crimes against humanity.
This evidence gathering was crucial as Putin, one of the most powerful and knowledgeable persons in your world is leading the group working behind the scenes to arrest and prosecute the guilty individuals. In addition to the two presidents, other influential persons in governments and economic, judicial, corporate, military, religious and media sectors are involved in this undertaking of massive scope; and until all dominoes are in place, the most significant aspect of Putin’s and Trump’s conversation at the Helsinki meeting cannot be publicly disclosed.  
The peak of the Illuminati felt that something was afoot, though. Originally their accusations against Putin and Russia for the troublemaking caused by Illuminati minions was vengeance for his repeated refusal to join forces with them. Now, maligning him and his country was a matter of urgency. “Russian meddling in the United States 2016 election” and “creating divisiveness among the voters via social media” has been escalated to “Russia will try to manipulate elections in all democratic countries,” “Putin has waged cyberspace warfare,” and “Russia could shut down power grids and create chaos.”  
The aim of this stepped-up anti-Russia propaganda is to convince the populace that nothing coming out of that country can be trusted, nothing Putin says can be believed so that when the aforementioned evidence does come forth, it will be discounted. That reaction is likely and so are the Illuminati’s vehement denials, but ultimately the truth and justice will prevail. If you have heard or read about the eventuality of arrests and charges, be discerning—some of that information is accurate, some is not, and wherever the Illuminati control the media, the accurate is reported as “conspiracy theory.”    
Ever-rising vibrations are undergirding the collaborative effort to end their long reign of deception and world control through their malevolent international empire. However, when that empire is but dust and rubble, the effects of its economic devastation and societal manipulation will linger for many people, and many others still will be oppressed by tyrannical regimes. Your mission as lightworkers continues to be vital! Sending forth love-light energy in your thoughts, feelings, and deeds and visualizing Earth immersed in golden light will help hasten the day when all peoples can rejoice in freedom and share in the world’s abundance.    
Now then, always we wish to address your interests in world happenings, and doing so in the context of universal laws and planetary and personal ascension raises your conscious awareness. Also, our messages’ purpose is to offer enlightenment about other matters that are equally important for you to know, and we welcome all comments and questions of a spiritual nature.
“I get it that I am a soul with a person’s body, not the other way around. The problem is, I don’t know exactly what a soul is or does or where it comes from. The few folks I can talk with about metaphysics don’t seem to know either. What can Matthew tell us about the mysterious soul?” We shall do our best to clarify the “mystery.” The soul comes from Creator/Creation—Creator, the Source of everything in existence; Creation, the “product” of the creating action. For simplicity we say Creator, and other designations for the Ultimate Cosmic Being include The Totality, All That Is, I AM and the Oneness Of All. Most people ascribe those all-encompassing terms to God, by whatever name religions have given the soul that is the Supreme Being of this universe,because religions hold that He and Creator are one and the same and your science doesn’t differentiate between this universe and the cosmos, which currently contains seven universes of inestimable size. 
We don’t know what existed prior to Creator’s first expression of Itself, often referred to, and, as we are told, incorrectly so, as the “Big Bang.” The expression was the silent release of the most powerful force in the cosmos, the pure love-light essence of Creator. This infinite, indestructible divine energy that comprises cosmic consciousness, or Creator Mind, is the Beginnings and the makeup of each and every soul throughout the cosmos.  
At some point, Creator endowed souls with the gift of free will and its inherent manifesting ability. That is the basis of life in this universe, where souls are manifested by God, the soul chosen by Creator to be the ruler of this universe, through His co-creating powers with Creator. God uses Creator’s energy to bring to fruition His ideas; and, as microcosms of God, each and every soul in His universal family has proportionally the same co-creational ability as He.  
The soul may live in a physical or an etheric body or as a formless free spirit, which remembers its Beginnings and knows its lifetime mission. When a soul chooses a physical lifetime, depending upon the evolutionary status of its consciousness, the choice may be a human body or any other incarnate civilization’s appearance, any animal or plant species, a planet, sun or another astral body. In whatever form and wherever in this universe a soul chooses to be, always it is an inviolate, independent eternal being at the same time it is energetically inseparably connected with God and Creator and all other souls throughout the cosmos.
Now let us bring this down to Earth, the current name of the planet that was chosen as the body of the soul named Gaia. She is the life source of everything that exists on and within her body, and every soul that incarnates there is the life force of its personages that it co-creates for diversity of physical experiencing. When a soul produces a personage, that soul becomes a “cumulative” or “parent” soul, and all knowledge gained by each personage in the lineage is available to all of the others. When personage souls produce progeny, they become cumulative souls, and as this “family” keeps increasing, the storehouse of wisdom, knowledge and experiencing with which to endow each new personage expands correspondingly.
We say cumulative soul to indicate the accumulation of personages in the lineage, but what actually accumulates are bits and pieces of remembered knowledge from the Beginnings. The knowledge is within each and every soul, but all of that is forgotten to the personage so he or she can act upon free will and manifesting choices.
But that doesn’t mean the soul is abandoning its progeny! Every personage has access to everything in the family storehouse, the collective consciousness of Earth’s civilization, the mass consciousness of this universe, and cosmic consciousness; so it is not a matter of learning anew, but rather remembering what is known at soul level and applying that knowledge to the physical lifetime. Moreover, the soul gives its personage a superb guidance system: conscience, boundless capacity to love, a sense of honor, survival instinct, intuition, inspiration, aspiration, creativity—all expressions of the arts come from the soul—and the capability to communicate telepathically and perform other “paranormal” activities. Tapping into the information sources depends upon a personage’s level of conscious awareness and benefiting from the guidance system depends upon free will choices. 
When the same souls choose to have many lifetimes together, they may be called a soul cluster, and these vary considerably in numbers. If a cluster has grown to many thousands of souls, relatively few share a specific lifetime. Each soul that does so makes a contract for its role—parent, child, grandparent, sibling, another relative, spouse, teacher, employer, friend, business colleague, competitor, opponent. The different generations are easily matched up because souls are in the timeless continuum, where all lifetimes are occurring simultaneously, and the collective contracts become the group’s pre-birth agreement. The agreements are made with unconditional love and are designed with growth opportunities—karmic lessons—for every participant. Some souls agree to play “heavy” roles to provide circumstances that others in the group choose to balance other lifetime experiencing, and as each personage advances in spiritual and conscious awareness, so do all of the others.  
The soul is not harmed if its body is blown to bits or ravaged by disease, nor is a soul adversely affected by abortion. The soul in the woman’s role in the agreement may have chosen to experience the range of attendant emotions; and, with full awareness of that choice, a soul may enter the fetus, then leave and another soul come in so that both can feel the same sensations that the woman does—that brief exposure can serve the two souls as well as a physical lifetime of experiencing those emotions.
There is another important aspect of souls. Although usually God is referred to as “he,” God is androgynous, the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies. All other souls have both energies, too, but one is predominant during the process of advancing toward androgyny—for instance, Gaia is predominantly feminine and the soul that embodied in the planet called Mars is predominantly masculine.  
Personages have the same energies in widely varying degrees, but unlike souls, bodies have genders and sexual orientation, and those are chosen by the soul in accordance with what it wants to experience during the lifetime. That may be as a heterosexual man with the predominantly feminine energy that lends itself to a gentle, thoughtful nature and balances the soul’s lifetime as an assertive, aggressive man or woman. It can be as a female in mental and emotional makeup who is born in a male body—you call persons who correct that mismatch transgenders—or a lifetime wherein homosexuality is the soul’s choice of natural sexual makeup. The goal of every soul in every physical lifetime is to achieve balanced experiencing, and regardless of the number of embodiments a soul may have, and there can be hundreds or thousands, each of its personages is a soul, independent of all the others, yet eternally energetically connected with them.  
Between incarnations, souls’ personages live in a spirit world in an etheric body, which has no reproductive organs or sexual sensations. And, some souls are so highly evolved that countless numbers live as a collective in a formless state of group consciousness wherein there are perfect balance and harmony, a state of bliss beyond your imagination, or, more accurately, beyond your present level of conscious awareness.  
If our explanation still leaves the soul “mysterious,” it is in our over-telling. The reality can be summed up simply: Using Creator’s perfect love-light energy, God made the magnificent, divine, immortal being that is you: a soul.    
Is there a finite number of souls in the collective bank of souls that will become human and they just keep recycling or re-incarnating over and over ... or are some the babies being born newly created for this earth and have a first incarnation upon their birth? There is no finite number of souls in this universe, nor could there ever be, but this is not due to recycling or reincarnating—someone who has transitioned from an Earth lifetime does not come back as the same person in a new body. [The February 3, 2014 message includes a comprehensive explanation.] Absolutely babies are “newly created” to be born on Earth! While it could be the soul’s “first incarnation”—its first time as a “cumulative” or “parent” soul—it is the only incarnation of this new little person, or personage. The “parent” soul will have other incarnations and so will the soul that just embodied; every physical lifetime is the “first and only” for each of a soul’s personage offspring.
Let us respond here to another reader’s related question. As a baby grows and personality traits and capabilities emerge that are similar to a deceased family member’s, genetic inheritance does play a part, but following in that relative’s footsteps may be the soul’s choice in the family’s pre-birth agreement. Or, as years pass, the child may develop other capabilities and characteristics and pursue different interests. While each soul comes in with the bounty of knowledge we spoke about in our “soul” explanation, by divine design all of that is quickly forgotten so the child can grow in accordance with his or her own ideas, choices and goals.
Is there a way for a 3D brain to understand the relationship between the soul and the persona and how it can be that every persona continues to exist independently? Does that mean that a persona (in time?) becomes a soul?”  First let us say, the brain is a computer. All data entered—everything the person has experienced to date along with all acquired learning and thoughts—are stored in the brain’s memory bank. When the need arises to retrieve any of that data, the mind accesses information pertinent to the situation at hand so the person can act or react cognitively.  
However, a third density brain’s ability to accept data is limited—information must fit into the person’s belief system or capacity to imagine—and in Earth’s civilization, the relationship between the soul and the persona, or personage, exceeds the brain’s limits. Therefore, there is no data available for the mind to retrieve and understand eternal souls’ multiple lifetimes happening simultaneously and independently of each other, yet inseparably energetically connected.   
From other information in our message, you know that a persona doesn’t in time become a soul—every persona is a soul throughout eternity.     
Beloved sisters and brothers, we support you with unconditional love as you help Earth’s members of our universal family awaken into the awareness of their multidimensional godselves. 

Suzanne Ward

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

English -- Message from Matthew -- July 15, 2018

Message from Matthew


July 15,  2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing the growing concerns that one reader expressed thusly: “There is so much happening at once which threatens the wellbeing of American people, as well as to undermine democracy here. How does this equate with Matthew’s statements that the cabal is losing power?  It sure feels like it is about to engulf us.” And another: “How can the light be growing in this country?  It feels like darkness is growing instead.”
If the cabal, which most often we refer to as the Illuminati, were not rapidly losing power, there would not be such turmoil in the United States or anywhere else in your world. At the core is the dark ones’ frenzied attempts to retain the fragments of power they still have in governments and the global economy by creating as much divisiveness and fear as possible—peoples’ unity dooms them and they need the energy of fear and violence for their very survival. 

So indeed tumultuousness abounds, but there is vastly more goodness and progress than upheaval! Vital matters are moving forward rapidly behind closed doors and what you can see is not always what it seems. Some leaders who appear to be defending democracy are willing or unwitting puppets of the darkness; some leaders who appear to be undermining democracy are working to expose and eliminate the darkness that for long ages has been controlling life on Earth. Some leaders in the latter group have made unwise decisions that many find troubling and rightly so, but those decisions will neither adversely impinge upon efforts to uproot the dark ones nor can they be long-lasting. Earth’s steady ascension into increasingly lighter planes assures that only what is aligned with those planes’ high vibrations can endure. Keep foremost in your thoughts that nothing can equal, much less derail, the power of the light!   
So then, let us speak further about what is going on in this moment and how it is affecting you. A contributor to the perception that peoples’ wellbeing is threatened and darkness is growing is the acceleration of energy that you are sensing as time passing faster and faster. Not only is activity worldwide being condensed, in a manner of speaking, so third density karmic lessons can be completed before “time runs out,” but you are experiencing the physical and mental stress of adapting to swiftly changing frequencies. Mother, please copy here what we have said about the effects of stress and suggestions for easing them.
    To be sure, the intensifying energy is taking a toll on bodies, primarily in the form of fatigue or weakness—you barely have time to adjust to the last energy surge before encountering another. Sporadic episodes of headaches, depression, memory difficulties, aching muscles and joints, ringing in the ears, unusual sleeping and waking hours, blurred vision, cramping, nausea and itchiness also are common symptoms.
    To lessen the effects, get sufficient restful sleep, but do not take pharmaceuticals as sleep aids or to pep up or calm down, engage in age-appropriate exercise, and drink lots of water. Eat less than usual; avoid sugar, alcohol except small quantities of red wine, and foods with chemical additives; if your budget affords, choose organic produce, seafood without impurities, and “free-range” eggs, poultry and meat. There is no separation of body, mind and spirit; therefore, it is equally important to reduce mental and emotional stress. Change negative thoughts to positive; be in Nature as often as you can; set priorities so that your day is satisfyingly spent; reserve time for solitude, free of others’ energy; and meditation also is helpful in relieving tension.   
     Dear ones, you are unique, thus your reaction to new energy levels is, too; but when you take care of yourselves properly, cells absorb more light and that makes the adjustment process less jolting. And, be mindful that the effects of energy surges are the same as signs of the onset or progress of an illness. If your symptoms worsen or become chronic, consult a healthcare practitioner, preferably one with a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment.[Several messages contain similar information—that excerpt from the November 17, 2017 message is the most succinctLengthier references mention the benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets.]
Thank you, Mother. Another aspect of happenings that are perceived as threatening or dark are the feelings associated with those impressions, such as fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, discouragement, growing impatience for your world to be peaceful. The stress caused by those heavy emotions forms energy blockages that can be released by inhaling slowly and deeply, then slowly exhaling. This simple breathing exercise takes on even more relevance if you are with others—because the energy of each person in a group affects all the others, stress is contagious, so to say. A cautionary note: Inhaling abruptly jolts blocked energy instead of releasing it smoothly so it can start flowing. And, if you are in a group where differences of opinion have reached a heated standoff, a sudden in-breath can be seen by others as a gasp of exasperation because they don’t know your beneficial intention. Consider being bold and saying, “Let’s all take a moment and take a deep breath.”  
Another cause of stress is your “information age.” Along with authentic reports, you are inundated with scary predictions, rumors, “doctored” photos and videos, omission or misrepresentation of important facts and outright falsehoods in mainstream media, and channeled messages from dark entities that claim to be well-known respected evolved beings. What to believe?
A reader wrote: “I’ve heard some recent doom and gloom stories where humanity won’t be able to ascend and massive wars break out. Will that happen?”  No, that won’t happen, but none of you needs to ask an external source for any answers—they are known at soul level. To assist in distinguishing between what is truth and what is not, calm your thoughts and pay attention to what comes. It may be an image or words that point to “true” or “false,” or a physical sensation. A gentle flowing in the heart area—as God said, the heart is the seat of the soul—indicates that very likely the information is truthful; resistance, a slight tugging, is a red flag—very likely the information is false.
If guided meditation or meditative music is helpful in quieting your mind, by all means use those aids, but please know that information from soul level comes intuitively without that assistance. By no means are we belittling meditation—it is one of the finest ways to rise above the cares of a weary world and allow yourself to simply BE!—it’s that the soul doesn’t require that to know the answers you seek. However, when a mind is closed to considering the possibility that information differing from beliefs still could be valid, that does prevent the soul’s messages from reaching the consciousness. This refers only to information, not to basic values—never compromise your values!  
Beloved sisters and brothers, for many years we have watched you encounter and overcome tumultuous situations. You will masterfully manage what remains and rejoice in the triumphant outcome!      
“Is it true that the Illuminati are trying to dumb-down the World’s population via various means?” The Illuminati, the secret society formed only two and a half centuries ago, therefore quite new in your history, has indeed been employing various means to keep the population ignorant of truths. But the “dumbing-down” of Earth’s current civilization began in antiquity, speaking linearly, with the manipulation of DNA.
In the beginning of life forms in this universe, human bodies’ cellular structure was crystalline, the lightest possible composition of a dense form. Somewhere along the line, individuals influenced by the dark forces used Creator’s gift of free will and its inherent manifesting ability to manipulate the DNA of a population that had little or no resistance experience.

Like everything else in existence, DNA strand composition is energy fluctuating at one electromagnetic frequency or another and as such, cannot be destroyed. However, strands can be put into a state of dormancy, and that is what those dark entities did except for the two that are required in the makeup of a dense body. They withdrew a large quantity of light from those two active strands to lower their vibratory frequency and change bodies’ cells from crystalline to carbon. That enabled the entities to decrease the civilization’s intelligence, sentience and conscience levels along with their manifestation capacity, and to instill feelings of separateness and egocentricity; characteristics of violence, rage, greed, dishonesty, brutality, bigotry and lust for control; vulnerability to illness and other forms of physical and mental degeneration; aging and death. The progeny of that population inherited their cellular structure with all of its weaknesses and passed it on to their children, who passed it on to theirs, and so on for eons.

That situation started to change when highly evolved civilizations beamed a massive infusion of light to Earth over eight decades ago. Bodies of individuals who embraced that light initiated the cell transformation process, and a number of souls that incarnated during the past three decades or so came in with crystalline cells. Among them are children for whom dark ones in your medical industry concocted the diagnosis attention deficit disorder or that plus hyperactivity, and the drugs prescribed by doctors curtailed development of those children’s innate abilities. Some parents intuitively declined medicating their children, but most followed doctors’ advice—the populace has been brainwashed to believe “authorities know best.” Dark ones also suppressed technology that could nurture the uniqueness of crystalline-celled autistic children, and chemicals in food and toxins in vaccines have added their own damage. When these truths become public knowledge, the drugging of children will end, so will the proliferation of chemicals and inoculations, and all beneficial technologies will be brought forth. As more and more souls come in with regenerated DNA, gradually Earth’s civilization will be restored to humankind’s original makeup.

“The volume of plastic waste in our oceans is literally choking to death the marine life.  In your books, you have referred to extraterrestrial beings that ameliorate the pollution in our atmosphere, is there any hope of getting help to clear up the plastic pollution?  Clearly it is something humans alone cannot achieve.” Ameliorating the effects of airborne pollution and clearing the oceans of solids require different forms of intervention, and the latter is not something that spacecraft technology is designed to do.
Marine life’s lamentable situation caused by the shameful practice of dumping plastic waste in the oceans is Earth’s peoples’ responsibility to resolve and, albeit an immense undertaking, it can be accomplished without extraterrestrial help. Environmentalists around the globe are engaged in a variety of efforts, such as the crews who are gathering nets full of plastic refuse on beaches and the waters near many national coastlines. Collection services for plastic waste are taking it to recycling plants; some companies are making containers of biodegradable materials, others are reducing or eliminating the use of plastic disposables. Individuals are developing productive ways to use the accumulated waste, and scientists are working on means whereby minute bits of plastic can be dissolved into a harmless substance.
Like many other progressive activities, those don’t make headlines in mainstream media reports, but many grassroots movements do make their way to the Internet and sometimes to television. Knowing about successful endeavors around the world is uplifting, encouraging and inspires optimism, feelings that are light-filled and infectious. When you share good news with family, friends and colleagues, they feel as you do, and so do those to whom they pass on the information. And that, dear family, is one way you are lighting up your world.  
All light beings in this universe honor your dedication to helping Earth and support you with the unsurpassed power of unconditional love.
Suzanne Ward  

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Message from Matthew


June 18,  2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Most of your questions and comments pertain to two situations of concern and distress, and we begin with the immigrants in the United States. This is what one of them wrote:“I really worry about the immigrants. We see every day how the USA president mistreats us with his aggressive rhetoric and he also has made many legal changes against us. The question is, in the future will there be a favorable change for us?”
It is sad to see members of our universal family treating others heartlessly even when such may be in soul contracts, and that is not the case with most of these immigrants. So it is with joy that we can tell you that due to public outcry about separating children from parents at the Mexican border, that  immigration deterrent policy will stop imminently, perhaps even prior to distribution of this message. We wish we could give equally good news about deportation and asylum request denials, but there is no indication in the energy field of potential that those situations will change soon; however, with vibrations on the rise, they, too, will come to a halt. A positive aspect is, all affected immigrants who did not choose to experience any of those emotional and physical hardships took a leap in evolutionary status, but only after they transition to spirit life will this be known to them.  
An eventual outcome will benefit a multitude during Earth lifetime. The United States, established by immigrants and built into a powerful nation by the daughters and sons of immigrants and slaves, is the “developed nation” most severely afflicted by racism and ethnic bigotry. Leadership bereft of empathy and compassion is “bringing to light” these deep-seated wounds so this country and its residents can heal.   
Children in very different circumstances is the other matter of most concern. “I am a counselor who has worked with many (too many) trauma survivors. Please, I need to know if higher entities are working diligently to end child trafficking and child pornography. These children are made invisible; are seen as expendable and are often murdered, never to be seen again.”  Let us say first that there is a strong karmic bond between caring counselors and the children they are helping to surmount the traumas they have suffered—in other lifetimes, these souls’ roles are reversed.
Every child is a part of God, every one is precious to Him, and His emissaries are in constant service to children everywhere. Although these divine beings cannot interfere with abusers’ free will, they can direct intense light rays to strengthen the spirit of children who are being abused and exploited, including those who chose short lives of extraordinarily difficult experiencing so they could rapidly advance to fourth density. When the intense light cannot preserve physical life, beings who may appear as angels accompany the children to Nirvana, where they receive personalized care until health in mind, etheric body and spirit is fully restored. 
Some of you asked about soul contracts or legal accountability of perpetrators and “clients” of child trafficking as well as the producers of pornography and individuals committing other crimes against children. While free will choice always underlies those acts, two kinds of karmic lessons to achieve balance may be factors—a lifetime that included that kind of painful experience, or prosecution justly deserved but not experienced for commission of a criminal act in another lifetime.
Comparatively few of the many thousands of child molesters worldwide have been exposed, most notably the Catholic priests and bishops, sports coaches, training and medical personnel who resigned or were dismissed from their positions and in some cases, incarcerated. The same is happening—and with justice applied more swiftly—in communities where coaches, leaders of children’s organizations, educators, healthcare specialists, counselors and others are found guilty of accusations about their conduct. These heinous crimes have come into the global spotlight to show the populace how extensive they are and to speed action to purge this ages-old plague from your world.
It may be shocking to the collective psyche that child sacrifice in satanic rites is widespread, but the Satanists will become known and an enraged public will end their unconscionable acts. The efforts of Pope Francis and a few cardinals to eliminate Satanism’s international headquarters in the Vatican will continue until they succeed in their mission, just as bringing to justice every person involved in sexual crimes against children will continue until every child in your world is safe from predators. All individuals who harm children experience in their life reviews the identical physical pain and emotional trauma they inflicted, and the karma Satanists incur will require many lifetimes of extreme ordeal before balance can be achieved.     
If the children coming into this world are to be the peacemakers and conscious changers, why the continued abuse, violence and cruel action against them?”  Excepting the situations just addressed, most people do not mistreat children and they feel helpless to change the conditions wherein they are sorely mistreated. The millions who are starving, sick without medical care, living in refugee camps or war zones, forced into military troops. The millions providing slave labor in factories. The millions of young girls deprived of education, sexually mutilated or forced into marriage in accordance with cultural customs. The millions of children in the United States who are scared that a mass shooting will happen in their schools.  All of those deplorable situations must and shall be ended.
The children who will become tomorrow’s leaders are highly evolved souls that came in with a strong sense of destiny to eradicate the ills of the world and with the innate wisdom to do this. Inspired by persons who are charting the pathway that in a few years these new leaders will tread, they are well prepared to take on the challenge of ending all conditions that are deterrents to safety, health, education and shared prosperity for all of the world’s peoples. Dear family, Earth’s future, already manifested in the continuum, is shining brightly! 
A reader in the United States wrote, “I’m wondering, is the Cabal using mind control on these mass shooters to cause them to do this?” The cabal has no need to mind-control mass shooters to act as they do. Their minds have been programmed by the cabal’s success in promoting divisiveness in cultural and social issues and the entertainment industry’s glorifying “kill the enemy.” The shooters’ deranged mental process that gives rise to the feeling of entitlement to kill does the rest.
We have been asked why the numbers of suicides worldwide are growing and what happens to those persons in spirit life, and one reader cited the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. The survival instinct is so strong that the psyche continues to deal with undue stress and depression until that self-preservation mechanism’s strength is depleted and the urgency to escape further despair becomes overpowering. That happens to individuals who believe their personal or world circumstances are hopeless or are intensely grieving the loss of someone beloved. A contributor to suicide is the toxicity of chemicals in your water, air, soil, food, and prescription and other laboratory-designed drugs—the toxins reduce brain functioning, deepen depression and cause irrational behavior. Suicide is not “a mortal sin,” so there is no need for penalty or punishment. 
We don’t know what motivated dear souls Kate and Anthony to end their lives, but we do know they were lovingly greeted and given restorative care in Nirvana. [The September 23, 2014 message describes the special reception and care].
“What about the eruptions in Hawaii? What about the horrible weather conditions last winter and the hurricanes and tornados that are coming sooner rather than later? Are they man-made? Is HAARP the cause of the adverse weather conditions?”  Technology that includes HAARP to create “natural disasters” was last used about three years ago in your timing; volcanic eruptions and earthquakes since then are the domino effects of technological interference with Mother Nature. The dark ones still are using weather control technology to produce torrential rainstorms and flooding, drought, tornados in unusual locations, winds of remarkable strength, record high and low temperatures. There is a silver lining, so to say, in all of these events—by releasing more negativity than they cause, they are cleansing the planet, and crews in spacecraft use their technology to level out the powerful force of quakes and eruptions as evenly as possible and they steer hurricanes and typhoons away from the most heavily populated areas. Weather manipulation, like everything else based in darkness, will cease and Earth can proceed without interruption toward a moderate climate globally. 
“Please ask Matthew if he can explain what we can do about Muslims who want Sharia law to be instituted in countries other than those in the Middle East.”  That Muslims want to institute Sharia law in countries wherever they are living is an Illuminati falsehood to keep ablaze the fires of divisiveness that religions have caused down through the centuries. It is so that some Muslims would like their interpretation of Islam to apply to all people; the same is true of other religions’ staunchest adherents. Those attitudes are not aligned with the light, and as vibratory levels rise, the peoples will see the fallacies of dogma and embrace only the spiritual aspects of their various faiths. All radical philosophies and ideologies will fade away as Earth ascends into lighter and lighter energy planes.  
“How do we fight the dark, shadow, cabal government? I’m tired of signing petitions. I want to kick some buttocks.”  We understand your desire to act more forcefully, but light is the only weapon that can fight the dark ones. By generating light via thoughts, feelings and way-shower deeds, you are helping the peoples awaken. What more is needed to hasten the awakening? Education, illumination, enlightenment.
False information abounds and truthful reports like “pizzagate” are called fake news. 9/11 was an inside job, a few families do control the world’s wealth, and there is a shadow government, but anyone who says so is labeled a conspiracy theorist. Most people don’t know that the global economy is simply countless computer actions backed by thin air or that aberrant weather is technologically produced or that history was written by individuals who omit what they don’t want to admit.  Sharing that information with others and suggesting that they give it some thought plants seeds that can bloom as awakened individuals who become deeper thinkers, soul-searchers and generators of light. That is how “the dark, shadow, cabal government” is fought and defeated.
Now then, a word about petitions. The energy you put forth in reading and signing those for causes you deem worthy not only increases their effectiveness, but the laws of physics that govern life in this universe intensify that energy and direct it wherever on Earth light is needed. Please continue to sign petitions!

Beloved brothers and sisters, you volunteered for a monumental undertaking, helping Earth’s civilization turn their third density world into a world of love, peace and harmony with Nature. All light beings throughout this universe honor you for this service that uplifts the entire family of souls: Whatever happens anywhere affects everything that happens everywhere, and as Earth’s civilization evolves, all others do, too. 

Suzanne Ward

You all are such dedicated Lightworkers – thank you for helping me in my mission! LOVE and PEACE...Suzy


“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.


Dennis Kucinich: No war with Russia

No to War, Hot or Cold, with Russia


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Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

Why this is important

The presence of Extra-terrestrial civilizations on and around Earth has been publicly attested by hundreds of credible first-hand witnesses, including military personnel, astronauts and civil aviation pilots.

It has also been the subject of a global cover-up for more than 60 years, according to testimony from such witnesses, made public through Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project and recent documentary, Sirius, as well as through the Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure that took place at the National Press Club in Washington DC in April-May of 2013.

This cover-up, using media disinformation and hoaxes, has kept humanity from open contact with highly-advanced benevolent galactic citizens, capable of interstellar travel faster than the speed of light. In doing so, world leaders have deprived this planet of advanced propulsion and energy technologies that could have completely transformed human civilization by now, to a level of global well-being, connectedness, and environmental health few have yet even dreamed of.

Our planet can only head into deeper crisis under the control of a military-industrial complex and fossil fuel corporations that pull the strings of government to delay alternatives that would see their power crumble, along with a cabal of vested interests.

The open acknowledgement of advanced extra-terrestrial peoples by Earth's governments is the step needed to begin the next chapter for humanity and our planet. Clarity is vital if humanity is to successfully connect with ETs approaching with goodwill, currently not differentiated in media representation from negative entities or possible human agencies using reverse-engineered craft for unknown purposes. Lack of transparency creates confusion and the potential for destructive actions.

Let's take a stand for compassion and freedom NOW, and call on the United Nations and all world governments to step up, acknowledge the truth of benevolent ET contact with Earth, and start engaging openly with our galactic neighbors to heal our world.


MAKE THIS VIRAL! Prepare For Change

It is time now to make the next step in creating the infrastructure for the Event on the surface of this planet.

The main reference site with preparedness instructions for the general population has reached a certain degree of completion and needs to go viral:

Although the civil authority and the Resistance Movement will provide their own infrastructure at the time of the Event, it is very important to have grassroots infrastructure as well. Our alternative infrastructure will fill in the gaps and will ensure that the transition will be smoother and more harmonious.

Six task groups were created: planetary leadership group, healers group, media group, new renaissance group, new technologies group and financial group. All these groups will develop practical tools which can help easing the transition at the time of the Event in their specific area.

If you want to actively participate in any of those six groups, click here:

Our website will be translated into many world languages so the message can spread worldwide. We are actively seeking translators and if you wish to join our translation teams, use the same participation form, stating that you wish to volunteer as a translator:

There will be many projects pertaining to the preparedness of the surface population for the Event announced on my blog very soon and our new website will be the main communication hub for those projects CLICK THE FIRST BUTTON OF THE RIGHT (CAPTIONS) TO GET SUBTITLES IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES

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