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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FEBRUARY 11, 2006

We are with you in every moment and every step of your journey in this time of profound changes that are bringing ever nearer peace in your world...

Energy generated by Olympics and Super Bowl; UFOs over Torino; Illuminati behind cartoons of Mohammed; state of the world, no WWIII; getting past fear; guideline for spiritual pathway; anti-christ, Maitreya; Findhorn Community

S: Matthew dear, hello! Is this a good time to talk?

1. MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, always is a good time for me to talk with you! And although I know your thought, I’d like you to phrase your question as you wish.

S: Thank you. Did you see the Olympics opening ceremony?

2. MATTHEW: You changed your thought—but I see that unless I was aware of that event, I couldn’t answer your “real” question. Yes, dear one, I was in and out of your room throughout the time you and Bob watched the TV program. Often your thoughts flitted to me, so I responded in presence to more closely share your thrill at seeing the ceremony and glimpses of Torino, where you’ll be speaking next fall.

3. I’ll keep the floor, if I may, and state the question that frequently was in your mind during those hours: Will the mentions of peace in the ceremony help to overcome the dire happenings elsewhere in the world? While I could answer simply “yes,” an explanation of the impact of the games will be of interest, I think. The unity of high spirits, appreciation of the beauty expressed in all the ceremony’s performances, and the thrill of anticipation of the athletes and all in attendance was akin to your sun beaming such extraordinary rays of rejoicing that it showered your solar system with sparks of its divinity. That kind of energy is too intensive to maintain, but its lingering effects are like sun sparks of heightened life force throughout your planet.

4. That evening’s unity of spirit will evolve into as many individuals as are participants in the games as they “go for the gold” and all who are rooting for them. The electricity of the ceremony, including its elements focused on peace, will be forgotten in the excitement of the competition. There will be the few triumphant winners and the many with heartaches as a medal eludes them by a minute fraction of a second or a point, or a poor showing of their truly remarkable skills. As the games proceed, the energy will continue to be emotional peaks and valleys among the athletes and the audience, and that is what will be emanating from Torino. So it’s more accurate to say that balance will result from the various levels of energy generated in the days between the arrivals and the departures, and in balance there is light.

5. Along with the balance is the impact of the love that is being expressed by the entire city and its many visitors. There is love of country, love of the beauty in the spectacular ceremony and the breathtaking scenery, love of the sports, love among the athletes for their team members, love for and from supportive family and friends, and yes, love of peace that permits this gathering in Torino. If you remember that love in its myriad expressions brings light to the heart and flows outward to all lives those souls touch, you’ll see that the exponential effect of this collective love rises beyond the energy of the ceremony and the games and remains within the hearts of the people who remain and those who leave. The seed of peace that was planted in the thoughts of all at the scene and the millions of TV watchers has the same exponential energetic effect.

6. Now I’ll mention the contrast between the Olympics and another recent sporting event, the Super Bowl football game that also was well attended and viewed on TV by millions. Missing from the latter is the love that emanated from the Olympic games, the seed of peace, the heart and courage of the athletes, and the balanced energy. Instead, there is professional gambling, large monetary awards to the winning team, and rivalry in a different essence of competition. While team spirit and supporters of each side were indeed aspects of this event, this too was different energetically, the “kill ‘em” attitude of the strong desire to win.

7. Still another difference is how this game was regarded by many around the world: An extravaganza whose ticket prices and overall costs are shameful in a country where the separation between the rich and the poor keeps growing; where homelessness and poverty is increasing, and social services and health care for the neediest is decreasing; where most of the survivors of the hurricanes have been left in desperate straits by the government; where there is continuing erosion of civil rights, growing numbers of military casualties with life-changing physical and psychic damage and yet more saber-rattling by the administration in the ravaged Middle East.

8. The energy surrounding the Super Bowl game decreased the light on the planet and the energy of the Olympics will raise that dip in intensity to the balance I mentioned. In the continuum, this is a “done deal.”

S: Thank you for all of that, Matthew—it’s considerably more insightful about those two events than I could have imagined. Maybe most others too, I’d think. A reader forwarded an article about something that could be UFOs visible over Torino a few days ago. Do you know about that—if so, were they ET spacecraft, and if they were, why were they there?

9. MATTHEW: Oh yes, we know, and yes, they were ETs’ crafts. Not that there will be any media publicity about their appearance, but for those who saw them, it was more evidence of the proximity of your space family, which could be only with peaceful intentions or long ago they would have shown you otherwise.

S: There’s a question about ETs that “some people have been experiencing,” according to the writer, who didn’t say how except that “they didn’t seem to present any fear.” She wrote that they were described to her as “between 5 & 6 feet tall, dark grey-brown wrinkled skin, football-shaped heads with large insect-like black eyes and antennae-like things protruding from top of head and around chin area, thin lean bodies with long arms that hang ape-like down to their knees.” She’s asking who they are and what they want.

10. MATTHEW: Well, that appearance stumps me. I have met members of possibly 1000 civilizations whose forms and features differ, and I have visited some who have no form at all, but I haven’t seen any who meet that description. I’ve learned in my travels throughout several galaxies that the more spiritually and intellectually advanced the civilization, the more beautiful they are. It takes a great deal of intellectual evolvement to travel to Earth, and since those visitors apparently posed no threat, they must mean no harm. But souls with that degree of intelligence can manifest any appearance they wish, so it’s puzzling why they didn’t choose something you would consider more attractive. It’s possible that the individuals who saw them may be seriously coloring the actual appearance by their concept of ETs from entertainment venues.

S: And it could be that the writer believed someone’s idea of a prank. I’ve heard from at least a dozen people who want you to comment on the furor over the cartoons of Mohammed that were published in a Danish newspaper. All are concerned about how far the situation may escalate. One asked if this is a karmic situation in action, another asked if this will incur karma for Denmark, and others are concerned about world opinion and the effect on the country’s economy.

11. MATTHEW: We’re all very well aware of this lamentable situation wherein the indignation of the Muslims is wholly justified. The cartoons, which are not representative of the Danish people any more than they are representative of sensitive, peace-loving people in any other country, are not karmic in nature nor will the effects produce karma for Denmark—it is individual souls who accrue karma and choose lifetimes to balance other experiencing. While areas of your planet have retained the negativity of blood-spilling on their soil and store it as kinetic energy, current national boundaries in this are meaningless. Releasing the pent-up negativity, which is essential to Earth’s well being and passage into lighter density, is the service of souls who chose to embody in those areas specifically to help in transmuting the negativity into light.

12. There will be some economic repercussions for Denmark because that is part of this clever maneuver that was designed by a few dark minds and which has succeeded in line with their expectations because others in the Illuminati camp keep stirring up the crowds to extend their outrage and destruction. The dark forces know that this kind of emotional outpouring is something that light workers on and off the planet cannot prevent or ameliorate, and it is a solid accomplishment for those forces. It puts a global blinder on the Illuminati’s covert activities while their lower ranks are igniting turmoil over the cartoons to the greatest extent they can. We don’t know how far this situation may escalate because the energy field of potential regarding it is chaotic. All we can be certain of at this point is that it won’t lead to World War III. That certainty is based in Earth’s expressed desire that no major war ever again will occur on her planetary body, and your benevolent ET family on and off-planet will prevent any dark attempts to circumvent Earth’s wishes.

S: They definitely can prevent the free will choice of those who would try to start that kind of war?

13. MATTHEW: Yes, by God’s authorization, and they have the intelligence network both on Earth’s surface and in your skies along with the advanced technology to do that.

S: That could relieve the fear of all who must be feeling that another world war is a potential, maybe even a likely outcome. Several readers asked for your recommendations in dealing with fear, their own and others’, and one mentioned this in connection with religious fundamentalists who are trapped in fear and act out of bigotry.

14. MATTHEW: Fear, which often is an obsession with a “what if,” is fruitless at the least and can lead to darkness at the worst. The worst is that fear is a magnified energy form, or attachment, that puts a barrier between the soul and light and makes the soul vulnerable to being taken over by the dark forces. That is why we repeatedly have urged you NOT to go into fear!

15. Getting past fear is the same process as overcoming any other emotion or characteristic you wish to be free of—change your thoughts. When the object or situation you fear comes to mind, shake it off with a thought about the opposite—perhaps a successful outcome of an endeavor or a safe return home or sufficiency to pay bills or recovery from an illness, or anything of a pleasant nature that is sure to lighten your mind and heart. While it is true that what you fear may be something that your soul chose as one of this lifetime’s experiences, the sensation of fear about it will not help you—it will preclude your managing the circumstances to the optimum extent possible. Like anything else that must be mastered through practice, changing a thought from negative to positive also requires practice. You can do this for yourself, but for another, you can only give the suggestion.

16. The fear of religious zealots is different. This is a mass captivity by the dark forces that eons past realized that the downfall of a civilization could best be accomplished by different belief systems within it, and religions emerged as the best way to divide and conquer. Your recorded history proves that that means has indeed been effective.

17. Mother, the information I relay through you is respected as being straightforward, the truth of the world situation as we see it unfolding from this high station of spiritual clarity. In this message I intended to speak of the progress of both the light and the dark forces, and while I did touch upon this in the different energies generated by the Olympic games and the Super Bowl game, and more so in the effects of the published caricatures of Mohammed, there is more to tell and this is an appropriate place.

18. Earth knows that her steady ascension pace is going to leave many of her souls behind, but maintaining her speed is imperative to save as many others of her life forms as she can. Many, many millions will not make the journey with her into the higher vibrations due to their immersion in fear; hatred of long-time enemies and obsession with revenge; greed and retention of riches from corrupt activities; refusal to give up control over others; determination to continue wars and other violence; non-acceptance of the facts to be revealed about the deception that has formed belief systems, most especially religious dogma and to a much lesser extent, incorrect scientific beliefs. This is NOT a judgment call or punishment for those souls! It is simply the laws of the universe in operation wherein only lighted and enlightened souls can physically survive in the vibratory level of Earth’s destination. Each soul’s lifetime energy registration automatically will draw it to the world that offers opportunities to overcome the various emotions and characteristics that cannot exist in the light intensity of the higher vibrations.

19. Before Earth reaches the frequencies where the bodies of those souls will die and the souls themselves will go to their respective new worlds, many more millions will die from the causes that will continue a while longer: military bloodshed, fanatical vengeance, diseases, pollution of your air and water and soil, starvation, transport vehicle failures on land and at sea, geophysical events. Some deaths will be within the souls’ contracts and others will be by amended contracts because their original agreement did not include the adversities that are much more severe than they chose. Through divine grace the latter group will receive full karmic credit for the lifetime, which means that in Nirvana they will complete the chosen experiencing and move on into a realm appropriate for their spiritual evolution instead of having to experience the unfinished karmic lessons somewhere in another third density embodiment.

20. I am telling you this state of your world so you will be spiritually and emotionally prepared for the challenges as the last of the polarity on your planet runs its course. Please know that there is no reason to feel discouraged or pessimistic; it is not a step backward in the acceleration of the light that is propelling Earth along her ascension route. We emphasize yet again the vital importance of remaining steadfast in the light, and add that patience will be your ally during the progress that isn’t apparent to you.

21. Mother, I know there are many questions about happenings within the US government, and this is a good time to address those in general, if not specifically, with the preface that changes underway but not yet obvious are occurring globally, not only in the United States where the rest of the world looks to for clues to their own future. We cannot determine a timeframe for the downfall of the Bush administration or other oppressive regimes because the dark forces influencing these Earth puppets are being refueled by the widespread fear of the situation in the Middle East—the Muslims’ outrage and the potential of expanding the warfront into Iran—but we have the advantage of knowing the “future” in the continuum, where the hard fall of President Bush, his closest supporters, and other world leaders who are darkly-inclined already is accomplished and so is the abolishment of unfair laws and the end of injustices in judicial and law enforcement bodies.

22. Even mainstream media, which globally still is largely Illuminati-controlled, is reporting some of the well-founded accusations against Bush and other national leaders as well as protests against old, new and proposed restrictive legislation, but assuredly they’re not reporting that the unstoppable momentum of the light is unseating all repressive leaders and repealing those laws. The dark forces—that vast and powerful force field in the universe—understand that the end of their influence on Earth, even if in this moment is eroding erratically rather than steadily, is predestined. Since surrendering is not within the nature of that energy, only increased light intensity can vanquish its presence, and that is what is happening.

23. Once again I tell you, Earth’s ascension out of the vestiges of darkness is assured; each of you is responsible for your own journey. Mother, I’m going to continue by answering the questions on your list that deal with individuals’ concerns as to whether they are on the “right pathway” to accompany Earth. You are on the “right pathway” when you know that you are a part of God, that your soul is eternal and there is no separation of you from God or any other soul in the universe. When you know that love is the most powerful energy in the universe. When you are steadfast in your vision of a world at peace, where all souls are living in harmony. You willingly and generously share your resources. You see the work of the darkness and do not judge those who have fallen under its influence. You feel compassion for the suffering and the fearful, but do not go into despair or fear yourself. You offer, but do not impose upon any others, your own beliefs. You listen to the voice of your soul by heeding your conscience and trusting your intuition. You respect all life forms as God’s creations. You see the beauty of Nature and, in sad moments, allow that beauty to lift your spirits. You live from your heart, where your soul expresses, more so than in mental calculating.

24. That isn’t necessarily a complete list and I did not give it as mandatory beliefs and attitudes, but only a guideline to reassure you who recognize yourselves in those ways that you are indeed on the “right pathway.”

And now, dear soul, please choose the next question.

S: First I want to thank you for all of that insight. Questions about the anti-Christ are coming in and others are asking somewhat related questions: Is Maitreya a reincarnation of Jesus? Is a boy in Nepal a reincarnation of the Buddha? Are avatars and/or ascended masters reincarnating to help with Earth’s ascension?

25. MATTHEW: I am glad those questions were asked so I can clarify the misconceptions they denote. “Anti-Christ” is a term designed to instill the fear that a person posing as Jesus in his “second coming” really is Satan, come to betray the true Christians, as the fundamentalist Bible believers see themselves, and sabotage “the raptures.” The existence of a powerful energy force field of negativity is unknown to the believers, which is another aim of the dark agenda, so more correctly “anti-Christ” refers to the dark forces whose objective is to capture souls through fear and ignorance.

26. Maitreya is not a reincarnation of any soul; it is its own soul energy of highest light from the Christed realm, the realm closest to Creator where the soul who incarnated as Jesus and the Buddha also had its beginning. No one on Earth now is the single embodiment of the Christed energy; however, that powerful love force has infused Earth with its healing powers and is available to everyone on the planet who accepts the light. It is a similar situation with the souls that you call avatars and ascended masters; they need not take on Earth bodies to inspire, uplift, guide, and motivate you via the light that they are beaming throughout your planet.

S: Thank you for those clarifications—maybe another is needed here. In a brief statement of a book’s premise, someone wrote that “for millions of years about 8% of the universe has been under the predominant control of dark powers due to an unexplainable spiritual cancer that invaded this universe from the outside; throughout our history, humans have been afflicted by this sickness; supreme Creator God has effectively been excluded from our sector of the universe for millions of years; although our higher guides and the Masters have been challenging this dark power, we couldn’t have knowledge of this because it would have been demoralizing to most of us; and now the truth can be told because the light forces finally are on the offensive to reverse the spread of the cancer.” Your comment on this, please.

27. MATTHEW: I’m not comfortable giving my view of a book’s information that I know nothing about except someone’s few comments on it, but in addressing only the statement above, I do know that there is some truth in it. The dark powers can be likened to a spiritual cancer; that energy did enter this universe as it melded with another universe, although only mutual benefit was the intent of both; “sickness” is an apt expression for the effects of the dark control, which are coming to light, literally, in the revelations about the history of deceit and corruption on Earth; and the truth still will be demoralizing to many.

28. However, NEVER has Creator, the supreme being of the cosmos, or God, the supreme being of this universe, been excluded from ANY part of this universe; NEVER in all of the civilizations in your planet’s history, eons of which the masses consciously know nothing about, were all souls “afflicted”—always some knew their godselves and never were tempted by the wily entreaties of the darkness; and ALWAYS the forces of light have battled the forces of darkness in this universe—only when souls refused the help of the light did these beings refrain. I cannot say that 8% of the universe is or is not under dark control, but if that were so, with 92% being light, the dark contingent would long since have fled back to whence it came rather than do battle with that intensity.

S: Thank you! Just a comment before the next question—someone wrote that not all sea salt even in health food stores has the same ingredients, so it would be wise to speak with a clerk who’s knowledgeable about the kind with the most beneficial qualities. The next question is a really different take on energy, which may be good about now: “Is it true that energy stays in clothes that babies and little children have worn, so ‘hand-me-downs’ isn’t a good idea?”

29. MATTHEW: And a very reasonable question, because the energy of previous users does remain in items to some extent although generally it does not affect the new user. The emanations of all who contribute to the fabrication of a house, car, clothing, tool, appliance, textbook, meal or anything else in common usage leave energetic marks that usually are neutral—that is, without any intent on the contributors’ part other than to do a satisfactory job. Consider the many sources of energy in antique furniture and ancient buildings, from the designers and builders to the succession of owners or occupants, and especially the energy in artistic creations that are held in high esteem and are prized possessions. The energy in haunted buildings is a different story—in those cases, there may be nuisance or even harmful intent with energy streamers that people can feel and sometimes hear and see. The energy put into objects used for hexes, or voodoo curses, definitely is done with intent to either harm or to undo a prior harm-intended hex.

30. But as for children’s clothing that has been outgrown, the only potential unsavory energy I can imagine would come from the reluctant inheritor who vehemently objects to wearing “hand-me-downs.”

S: That was a nice light touch, Mash! This question came in an email months ago, but I just discovered it. “What is the role of the Findhorn Community and how can it best serve the planet during this time of transition?”

31. MATTHEW: I welcome this opportunity to mention the joy and gratitude among all of us at this station for the light that for several decades has been increasingly generated by the Findhorn Community. Their “role” and best service to the planet is simply to keep on doing what they set out to do. What started as a tiny but dedicated project in Scotland, to live in communion with Nature, has grown into a world renowned spiritually-based endeavor. The couple who initiated the project are highly evolved souls who came in with the inspiration that later was manifested into being. We hope that readers who are not aware of the Findhorn Community will be motivated to learn of its founding purpose, living in harmony with Nature, which immeasurably enriches all of Earth’s life forms.

32. Mother, you are thinking of space limitations, and that was a lovely closing thought for this message. I add only the ever-abiding love and assistance of all light beings in spirit—we are with you in every moment and every step of your journey in this time of profound changes that are bringing ever nearer peace in your world.

Suzanne Ward

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