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Saturday, August 1, 2009

October 13, 2006

...and I shall end this message with the blessings of the universe and my love to you and all readers....

North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan; Earth's ascension on target despite lingering darkness; higher frequencies magnifying feelings, October 17 light event; Israel, Zionists; Ecoli no scare; US political scene; reptilians; purpose of SDI; dementia, ADHD

[NOTE: We recently returned from a two-week family trip and more than ever my inbox is overflowing. As soon as I can, I’ll resume replying where I left off—with a few exceptions, that’s August 14 emails. My thanks to all of you who wrote about the disappearance of the messages from—someone really doesn’t want these posted! My webmaster reinstalled the file folder and is exploring tighter protection methods. The last time a hacker destroyed most of my site and some of the replaced messages were distorted, so as soon as I can, I’ll review every one to be sure they’re OK. If anyone has surplus time (or patience), please lend me some! Suzy]


S: Hi, Sweetheart!

1. MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, thank you for preparing the questions. As I was reading them with you, I know they seemed to you nearly overwhelming in combination with the leftovers from the last list. You don’t need to type any that are related to recent world affairs—I’ll start by addressing these issues of greatest interest.

2. North Korea’s questionable testing of a nuclear device is not of concern, but potential widespread starvation in that country is, and no, Kim Jung-il is not Illuminati-controlled. This ruthless dictator, who can be aptly described as “an arrogant rogue tyrant,” as one question writer did, sees himself even more powerful by flouting world opinion, most especially President Bush’s. His egomania does not include an inclination to produce a nuclear weapons arsenal, but rather to demonstrate that he can as a deterrent to any interference in his country’s internal affairs. To other national leaders, the testing is more a nuisance to huff and puff about than a danger. They will respond with diplomatic warnings and discussions about, then threats of sanctions, but you’ll see that no one is interested in opening a can of worms over this.

3. The primary reason is the collective eye on Iran and, referring to leaders of countries other than the US, speculation about the Bush administration’s next move regarding that nation. To reply to one of the questions about this: “Is Iran a done deal?”, No, it is not. Oh, indeed, the intentions of the Illuminati who direct Bush’s “war on terror” to control the entire Mideast are very much alive, but let us put a common sense focus on what is only their delusion, that they’re moving toward their world domination goal albeit with some annoying delays.

4. Not only have situations in Iraq and Afghanistan not gone the way they expected, which was quickly subduing any resistance to foreign occupation, they have steadily worsened. Support of military presence to democratize these populations, combat troop numbers and fighting willingness, and supplies of war equipment and weaponry have been severely eroded by the length and strength of regional resistance; the increasing calls for peaceful negotiations due to global conscience about civilian deaths and injuries; and the growing demands for the truth about “9/11,” the internally-executed tragedy that once was considered justification for the Bush administration’s call to arms for combating terrorism wherever in the world his directors claim it is.

5. Still, Earth’s energy field of potential clearly indicates that an incursion into Iran remains the same possibility it has been since the plan was devised long before 9/11. It is logical to ask why this is so with all the positive attitudes regarding peace and justice for both the innocent and the guilty. It is that energy once set in motion in a specific direction must run its course, and if it doesn’t peter out into only a dim moment in universal history, so to say, it continues its pace toward its objective. The goal of the unrelenting dark minds and hearts, quite aside from their madness or perhaps because of it, has been notable in tenacity and ferocity; and the energy in their collective thought forms has not yet been sufficiently offset by the light’s energy of collective thought forms of peace, harmony and love.

6. Please do not think that in any way we are faulting you in your dedication! No!! It is simply that the energy of fear, although not as powerful as the energy of light, is continuously being reinforced by the cumulative effect of the millions of souls on Earth who are filled with one or another form of fear—fright, rage, hopelessness, or apathy—in response to the negativity of tyranny, deceit, corruption, warring and other violence prevalent on your planet. Mainstream media still are ensuring that “be very afraid” predominates in newspaper headlines and TV and radio news, but please remember the self-interest of controllers behind this and do not be pulled into the proliferation of fear-based reports. To repeat still once again the urgings of all light beings in spirit and body, live in love and stay out of fear.

7. We also have repeatedly said that all areas of negativity are on the wane and the end days of darkness are coming! While it is sad to us that dark activities have lasted this long and will continue for yet a while, the encouragement we ask you to share with us is that despite the lingering dark influence, Earth’s ascension pace has not slowed one iota, and this is of paramount significance. It means that her reaching the plane where only love and light prevail is, in your linear timeframe, still on target at the year 2012, with the exciting and astounding transition in store along the way. We know that you long for absolute evidence of this truth, and we praise your light steadfastness and patience while awaiting the undeniable proof of our words. We understand that maintaining patience is difficult when you would prefer to see abrupt, profound changes rather than the steady unraveling of the old ways, and we can only urge you to stay constant in focusing on what you WANT for your world and not give in to despair about the stubborn pockets of darkness.

8. Mother, one reader described the intensifying feelings of fear, anger and frustration that she sees in people around her and experiences herself, so let me address this as it is pertinent to the broader issue I am speaking about. It has to do with something I mentioned in a previous message, that the higher frequencies into which Earth has ascended are magnifying all human characteristics. Most simply stated, both “good” and “bad” traits in individuals are more pronounced and thus more apparent than before, as if the wheat and the chaff are being visibly separated—which is exactly what is happening.

9. As a reminder, light is essential for two reasons: spiritual evolution and transmutation of carbon-based cells into the crystalline form that can survive in the higher vibrations where Earth is going. As she travels to the point where physical bodies without sufficient light cannot survive, this magnification is becoming ever more obvious in her basest of humankind, which accounts for their relentless, if insane, pursuit of their impossible world domination goal. The opposite is true as well, with souls evermore demonstrating their positive characteristics in a variety of benevolent avenues. This also is an excellent opportunity for the fence-straddlers to stop their wavering and choose light-filled living.

10. In this light, literally, I shall reply to the questions about the remarkable universal event expected October 17th. Yes indeed, this is “for real”! The magnification of light during those hours is of extreme importance to your individual and planetary progression, and we urge all of you to concentrate on your heart’s desire for self and Earth, on love and peace and the god-ness of every soul.

11. Back to the thoughtful reader who wrote about the intensifying feelings and also asked for a formula to deal with them so the dark ones cannot use the negativity of those emotions. In addition to what I just said about the potential of October 17th, I can only suggest the same to her as to the reader who requested “a simple exercise to help awaken the third eye” and to the several variously worded questions that essentially are: “How can I absorb light?” or “How can I know if I have enough light?” I say, follow your soul’s messages via conscience, instinct and intuition; ask for help in feeling only positive aspects of “human nature”; help others through kind, compassionate and generous deeds; do not judge any for how you perceive their actions; be truthfully insightful about your own motives and deeds; recognize and feel grateful for the beauty and blessings in your life. The power of your heart and mind working in tandem is virtually without limit, and if there is a “magical method to achieve light-hood,” surely it is living within those godly ways.

12. Mother, I know I digressed considerably to mention those important points in a relevant place, and now I return to world affairs with comments about “Israel’s intentions,” as so stated in several questions. First, though, I ask that you please keep in mind that a country’s peoples are not the same as their government, nor do they necessarily support their leaders’ actions. The common form of media reporting, that “this or that country is doing something” instead of specifying the decision-makers’ names, is a form of mind control. Not only does it plant the seed: This/that country is putting your personal safety at risk and you must support your leaders’ actions to prevent that possibility; this strategic depersonalization of many millions of people whose dreams and aspirations for themselves and their families are the same as your own makes it much easier for the Illuminati-led governments to arouse “patriotic” support for their self-serving plans to destroy whatever and whoever impedes their dark march around the globe.

13. Now then, “Israel’s intentions,” which by no means are shared by all the people of that country, actually are the intentions of the Zionists who operate within those borders and elsewhere. Although the Zionists have quite successfully obscured their Khazarian origin and aims within Judaism and what they loudly purport is the safety of Israelis as well as convinced many that anyone who doesn’t support their cause is anti-Semitic, their movement actually is a part of the Illuminati global network and never has acted in the best interests of the great majority of Jewish peoples. Indeed, in recent centuries they have been the persecutors of the Jews. The Zionists and others like them started World Wars I and II and funded both sides, and they are behind the Holocaust. Sixty years ago they established a homeland for the surviving Jews by displacing the inhabitants of the land chosen for its geographic location, the Mideast, which would strongly figure in the Illuminati’s up-the-line plans and today is serving its intended purpose as a hotbed of provoked hatred, violence and retaliation. Parts of your recorded history show what I am saying—please do your own research into this matter, which is greatly misunderstood due to the abounding disinformation.

14. That said, Israel’s government and Mossad, their intelligence agency that often works in conjunction with the “black ops” faction of the United States’ CIA, are working hand-in-hand with other Illuminati groups toward the same goal: vast population reduction or enslavement and conquest of nations to take over their national resources. Again we say what so often before we have assured you: Their efforts will NOT be successful!

15. With so many questions remaining, Mother, I’d like to continue with brief answers that will make the questions clear so we can include as many topics as possible within your space limitations. I’ll just need you to flip pages on my nudging.

S: I can do that, and I think it’s a good idea.

16. MATTHEW: The Ecoli situation, usually put forth as the “Ecoli scare,” will quickly ebb, like the once-highly publicized SARS and bird flu topics that quietly disappeared.

17. Legalizing by US Congress of torturing suspected terrorist prisoners and their detainment without charges or representation will go the way of all abhorrent and unjust laws and policies as soon as current leaders are out of office. This is true of ALL nations, and it would include any conclusions about a North American Union reached in the “leaked” secret discussions between US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Canadian leaders, if indeed this occurred. Please remember that some information is intentionally “leaked” to create fear.

18. The upcoming US election will be as fraudulent as previously, but even if Democrats win majority seats in Congress, do not expect prompt beneficial changes in governing—remember, the Illuminati control both parties. No, Hillary Clinton will not be elected president in 2008 even though she is a strong Illuminati member—by then, their power to control all organizations and institutions that impact your lives will be paltry, if any at all.

19. The current turmoil in the Republican party is more evidence that their once-cohesive fabric is unraveling. This, like the revelations about the White House pedophile ring and the Mark Foley scandal that readers also questioned, is more than a smokescreen to cover up vital goings-on; all are leading to revision of the government from top to bottom.

20. To readers who logically are asking why President Bush is still in office, citing that well over a year ago I stated that he would have one of the shortest terms in US history: Your dismay about my faulty information is understandable, and I share it—never did I intend unjustified or unsubstantiated encouragement! My statement at that time was based on clear happenings in Earth’s energy field of potential; since then the streamer indicating that Bush’s influence had been consistently weakening got a shot of strength and gave his energy motion renewed momentum that none at this station foresaw as possible. Unlike the pope whom the Catholic Church holds as infallible, we are not.

21. Both Patrick Fitzgerald and Leo Wanta are acting within the light in their respective legal and financial fields.

22. I ask that readers who want to know when NESARA will be announced and why prosperity fund deliveries have been delayed time after time please read “Special NESARA Edition” on” for authentic information about this massive spiritual renewal and global reformation and restoration joint effort between light beings on and off-planet.

23. The United Nations never was intended to serve as proclaimed, but rather as a global overview body comprising Illuminati members or persons they control. Kofi Annan and his efforts are light-filled, but his attempted accomplishments have been ineffectual due to pressures from higher-ups and result in more wrangling than satisfying resolutions to problematic world scenarios; this will be seen in meetings about North Korea.

24. Yes, US combat casualties are far greater in number than officially claimed.

25. To the woman who asked “What is going on with gas prices and the stock market?” so she can properly advise clients, I would say to use her judgment whether to tell them that both situations are manipulated by the Illuminati. While ordinarily a response to a “narrow” request like this would be solely to the writer, I am using it as a reminder to all readers that every facet of major economic areas worldwide still is controlled. That economies thrive or fail only because of “free markets” and supply and demand rules is a myth; that money and commerce are moved about by manipulation is the reality.

26. How could reptilians live on Earth and even be in the US government without the public knowing? Because they look human and don’t advertise their reptilian DNA by shape-shifting in public. This is not a difference in souls, but only in physical body elements, and please remember that there are both “good” and “bad” reptilians just as there are humans. So reptilians, who are an extremely intelligent race, on a list of government personnel are not necessarily “bad,” but even so, no list should be considered correct.

27. After Russia “went into space,” to maintain its world-leader image, the United States fabricated its own space successes, like Armstrong’s filmed moon walk that so thrilled and awed your world. Dire threats to astronauts who know about this and other deceptions along with the extraterrestrial crafts surrounding Earth have kept them silent.

28. No, lightworkers do not need to “organize” in order to defeat the cabal; it is not a massive organization in numbers of bodies, but the collective light of souls on Earth and the in-beaming of light from our benevolent space family that will accomplish this.

29. The Illuminati-controlled media do not inform the public about crop circles and the abundance of other civilizations’ spacecraft in your skies—that’s why the existence of both is not more widely known. And, China is far more interested in building its own strong economic base than in destroying that of the United States, its largest trading partner.

30. As for the speculation about FEMA-run, large-scale detention camps in the US, while this is a part of the Bush administration’s long-term planning and vacated military posts are available for this purpose, the state of this nation will not deteriorate to that point. On a purely practical level, there is no manpower to round up thousands, let alone millions of “dissidents”—who would not go meekly—or to operate the camps.

31. The main purpose of the Strategic Defense Initiative program implemented during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and commonly called “Star Wars” is to take the offensive against other civilizations, or, initiate a war in space. It is a telling measure of the madness of those who believe that Earth-designed weapons technology could be superior to that of the civilizations with the capability to travel from their homelands to your planet, where they can hover unseen until they wish to make known their presence.

32. Those who recognize the light in Venezuela’s president Chavez are right on in their assessment, and so are those who see Britain’s Blair and Canada’s Spencer as Illuminati puppets.

33. Be wary of advertised DNA activation services; this process cannot be done for anyone by another individual even when the intention may be sincere.

34. The epidemic of Alzheimers and other dementia is largely due to the toxins deliberately introduced into your air, water and soil, thus inescapable pollution, and the same is true regarding the symptoms diagnosed as ADD and ADHD. The effects of this darkly-conceived and implemented chemical pollution, like the microbes released through “preventive” inoculations and chemtrails, are aggravated by the drugs prescribed for these and other widespread mental, emotional and physical conditions. Take heart in knowing that the pollution and vaccines and their resultant dis-eases will be ending!

35. Mother, for the readers who wrote poignant letters asking why these conditions exist and how to best deal with those who are afflicted, please attach the material in the book about dementia and cite the date of my message where I spoke about ADD and ADHD.

S: The October 17, 2005 message on includes ADHD and autism, and here is the chapter in Voices of the Universe about dementia.


S: What is happening to the elderly who aren’t in comas, but whose dementia puts them in a different world where they don’t recognize even family and they seem almost oblivious to their surroundings? Is this all a matter of karma?

MATTHEW: There is no one answer to this for it is as individual as is each soul. However, in speaking generally, there are a number of possibilities to consider. In cases where the care-taking is benevolent, the bodies are reflecting the peacefulness of the soul. There is soul awareness, of course, but there is no conscious thinking that you would consider rational. This period may be the soul’s reward, shall we say, for having experienced severe traumas during the current lifetime, and the respectful, diligent nurturing is healing them psychically during the incarnation instead of waiting for the healing in Nirvana. Or they may be achieving the same kind of karmic balancing after having been terribly mistreated in previous lifetimes.

When there is no kindness or conscientiousness in the treatment of these elderly, karma also may be playing itself out. They may have chosen to serve as the lesson-givers for the souls in charge of their care, offering them the opportunity to balance their experiences in previous incarnations where they were neglected or treated with scorn or even brutality when in a state of dementia or simply old and feeble. Or they may be achieving their own balance, having in another lifetime caused misery for old folks in their care. Or they may be reaping what they sowed during this lifetime that was far afield of their souls’ choices, and if so, this may be by divine grace. Their souls may have petitioned for the opportunity to achieve balance now by absorbing sufficient light to make the physical journey with Earth into higher vibrations. Even if physical death comes prior to the completion of the planet’s ascension into fourth density, the souls of those people would have evolved to that light status.

While many millions are not living in accordance with their souls’ chosen experiencing, usually they choose to end their physical lives by leaving in large groups, say by a disease epidemic or an environmental disaster or by massacres in civil wars or starvation in lands of famine. But by and large, the individuals you are asking about are living out their chosen karmic experiencing.

I know that you also have been asked about the elderly population in regards to whether physician-assisted suicide or even euthanasia would be more merciful than not offering those means to end what appears to be mere existence without any detectable quality of life. Fortunately, given what I have just told you, this is not likely!

First, your law permitting physician-assisted suicide clearly specifies that only ones of sound mind may request this for themselves—it cannot be requested on behalf of persons afflicted with dementia. We do see as most unfortunate that this law is being vehemently opposed by people who don’t wish any physical life to end regardless of the state of debilitation or intractable pain, and they would deny all individuals the right to choose to end that kind of suffering. The concept of what you call “physician-assisted suicide”—which surely is not how we refer to it!—was originated in Nirvana and “filtered” to benevolent physicians and others who favor permitting this option.

The people who have used this assistance had completed their souls’ missions and were responding to their souls’ quiet urging to choose to leave, and there is good reason for this. It is extremely traumatic for a soul that has completed its lifetime missions to continue in a body that no longer has even an iota of the quality life for sustaining the health of the soul. The damage the soul suffers at being forced to continue that physical experience requires lengthy and complex healing once in Nirvana.

As for euthanasia, pure and simple, that is others coldly deciding who should be killed. At this stage on the planet, the sustained light would not permit a mass mindset to judge which physical lives should be arbitrarily ended.

While these elderly folks are of heart-wrenching concern for their families at this moment, within a few years this will not be an issue. As I mentioned earlier, as Earth continues her ascension into higher vibrations, people receptive to the light continuously being beamed at them will physically travel with her into the lighter density. The absorption of light not only brings spiritual clarity, it also changes body cells into a crystalline structure that will not degenerate as do third dimensional body cells. Diseases now affecting the brain, along with all other diseases rampant in third dimensional Earth, will not exist once the planet is free from the lower frequencies.


36. MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. I realize that took our remaining space, but that information, which is new to readers who don’t have the books, is valuable and widely applicable. You know that my intention always has been to provide spiritual guidance and enlightenment about SOULS, and in this message there is a scarcity of that. We will address the many spiritually-related questions at our next opportunity, and I shall end this message with the blessings of the universe and my love to you and all readers.

S: Thank you, dear, and we’ll do that next time for sure.


October 15, 2006

Hello to all!

It’s a wonderful (and huge) surprise that so many of you responded with offers of help to my note on Matthew’s last message about “lending me time and patience.” Heartfelt thanks for your great kindness!!

But I’m really embarrassed about not writing clearly. What I meant by “time” is that I need more hours in my day to answer emails (especially those that have been waiting for two months) and to handle all of my family responsibilities and our travels and visitors. It’s because I don’t have more time that I’m resorting to (and apologizing for) this “form” THANK YOU. No one can lend me their extra hours (does anyone even have any?!) or extra “patience” so I can deal with the hacking into my site.

When I wrote my note, I didn’t know that after the messages section was restored, the hacker went back and did more mischief—I learned about this later thanks to several emails. My webmaster is working with my server to rebuild the files and give the site even tighter security. I do know that isn’t the only site that’s been attacked and I’m in a lot of good company with serious computer problems, so it’s obvious that someone(s) is/are trying to keep Matthew’s and others’ important information from getting out.

I’m going to use this opportunity rather than wait for the next message to mention the mistake in “Spencer” as Canada’s prime minister (my thanks to all who wrote about this). I didn’t know his name (Harper) and simply copied the email question about him into my list. Matthew replies to the information in the questions, so his comment in this case pertains to the right person/position, but by the wrong name. I really hate to have any errors in the messages, and somewhat in my defense, usually I do spot those kinds of things in the questions and check—this time I didn’t.

Also I’m going to use this space to reply to everyone who’s been requesting Matthew to send messages more frequently (or complaining because he doesn’t). This isn’t Matthew’s fault, it’s all the other demands on my time. I date the messages the day I send them out (although the last one was dated the day before I could do that), but in many cases he and I work on them for a few days as my time permits, and on the last day, he adds the most current information. Since that’s what most of you want to know (according to the emails I receive), you would be disappointed with a message that didn’t include it. Other times I can devote two full computer days to preparing the questions, receiving Matthew’s message, proofing it for my typos, giving him a chance to amplify his comments or add topics, and the distribution.

And last, to you who knew that four of our family would join Bob and me in Rome and we’d tour Italy before and after I spoke in Torino, and you’ve written asking how it went—our trip was FABULOUS and my talk went well. Even though I’ve known from emails I receive from around the world that there’s widespread interest in spirituality and understanding our world and ourselves in a universal context, it was tremendously heartwarming to personally experience this in Torino!

With a heart full of gratitude for the caring so many of you have shown, and with blessings to all…



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