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Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2, 2010

Without knowing of their true Beginnings or anything about a Golden Age — or about the decades of assistance from other civilizations or that extraterrestrials are living among you or that many others will join you fairly soon to assist in new ways — those unaware souls are rising to the challenge of healing Earth and preserving it for future generations.

Current events in the context of Earth's ascension

1. This is Matthew, here with loving greetings from all souls at this station and to say that we weep with you about recent occurrences that are evoking grief, fear, anger and grave concerns about what is happening in your world. We understand the purpose of it all and can see the forthcoming greatness, but in the interconnectedness of all souls, we feel your emotions of deep sadness, discouragement and pessimism. That is why we have come at this time.

2. The Israeli attack on a ship with persons whose purpose is humanitarian; other instances of unprovoked violence; renewed saber-rattling between the two Korean nations; little if any progress to stabilize Iraq or end the fighting in Afghanistan; fear about what will ensue if Iran develops nuclear weapons and what is fomenting in Pakistan; increasing instances of weather anomalies and seismic events; the continued gushing forth of oil in the Gulf of Mexico; economic collapse spreading throughout Europe; governments in chaos — all are indeed lamentable and with dire potential from your world’s perspective.

3. It is difficult even for the most stout-hearted lightworkers to view those situations and all others that are causing widespread suffering as anything other than the personal and national tragedies they are for the peoples who are directly affected. Compassion is a natural sentiment of lighted souls, and along with prayers and physical and financial assistance where possible, compassion’s high vibrations are helping to uplift those who are suffering. Outrage and assigning blame for atrocities and deliberate hardships also are natural reactions of a concerned populace, and we shall speak more about this a bit later.

4. It would be a disservice to tell you that all divisive matters will be happily resolved without any serious consequences because there will be some, but not of the severity that many minds are imagining. What we offer in this short message to lighten heavy hearts about all volatile, oppressive and heartrending situations is their higher purpose within the context of Earth’s ascension.

5. In our last message we stated that there is not much time left for everything that must be — and shall be! — completed before Earth reaches the universal “window” to exit third density, and that the tenacity of the dark minds and hearts has altered the Golden Age master plan. It originally called for a gradual emergence of truths and resultant changes, but in the current energy streams, the clearing away of the last vestiges of darkness is coming thick and fast, and longstanding conflicts between individuals, groups and countries have to peak within a comparatively short interval. With linear time “disappearing” in the vibratory planes the planet has reached, everything in your world is accelerating not just day by day, but minute by minute.
6. The prevailing vibrations, which are magnifying positive and negative feelings and behaviors, are transmuting negativity into the light that is propelling your planet out of darkness and into the light — that is what ascension is for any soul. In a transformation of that magnitude, death, destruction and despair are inevitable as the energies of greed, ruthlessness and power-lust that ravaged Earth and her residents for millennia are running the final stages of their course, and darkness is lashing out furiously in its fear of losing what little remains of its one-time global control. Because of our love for all souls, we wish the transitional process did not have to be tumultuous; however, it can be no other way in the last stages of a civilization’s harsh, yet determined struggle to raise itself out of deep third density and evolve into fourth.

7. Accomplishing that is exactly why you are where you are. Of the many souls who wanted to be part of this unprecedented era not only on the planet, but in the universe, you are among those chosen because you have the ancient wisdom, spiritual strength and innate capabilities to bring about profound changes. Do not doubt your powerful selves for even an instant!

8. Take heart in knowing that there are far, far more light-filled peoples in your world than dark, and at soul level they are eager to play their roles along Earth’s pathway out of violence, turmoil, deceit and corruption. At conscious level, however, relatively few of them know what you do — that all of you are gods and goddesses with unlimited potential to manifest whatever you intently focus on.

9. And as strange as this may seem, the lack of that knowledge will, after all, be a fine contribution to ushering in Earth’s Golden Age. Without knowing of their true Beginnings or anything about a Golden Age — or about the decades of assistance from other civilizations or that extraterrestrials are living among you or that many others will join you fairly soon to assist in new ways — those unaware souls are rising to the challenge of healing Earth and preserving it for future generations. They are directing the energy of “outrage and blame” into initiating changes which, although not realized, at this very moment are co-creating a world of harmonious coexistence of all humanity and Nature on Earth and with souls in worlds beyond. You could say that the grassroots movement that has been growing around the globe now also is soaring toward the heavens as you prepare to take your rightful place in our universal family.

10. Not everyone can be at the forefront of developing new or implementing long-suppressed technologies or be leaders in other avenues of reform, and there is no need for all to be in such positions. Simply BEing the light you are will strengthen and help persons nearby recognize their own light, and the increasing emanations will keep flowing out exponentially. By remembering that light and love are the same energy, simply expressed differently, and as the pure essence of Creator is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, you can see how LOVE is the key to leaving chaos and moving into rejoicing.

11. The vast changes in your world, already completed in the continuum, will come about swiftly even by your linear time calculations. This period of transition into the Golden Age for all who stay steadfast in the light is its own two-fold reward, so to say — joy in helping to emancipate Earth from the deep tentacles of darkness and leaps in soul growth from participating in this mammoth, magnificent undertaking.

12. Our beloved brothers and sisters, keep envisioning the world you want and know that you are co-creating it with every thought and deed. Countless numbers of light beings in spirit and physical worlds are accompanying you all along your triumphant journey.

13. With the infinite love and blessings of the universe, we bid you farewell for this moment.
Suzanne Ward


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You all are such dedicated Lightworkers – thank you for helping me in my mission! LOVE and PEACE...Suzy


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