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Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1, 2012


Fear subsiding in collective consciousness; divine grace in karmic completion; light forces' success against Illuminati; developments in coming months; Zionism; duality, divisiveness; family pre-birth agreements; children living in Nirvana

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  There is such diverse and fervent activity in your world, even lightworkers may find it difficult to connect all the dots that show the light is subverting the dark ones’ efforts at every turn. It is heartening that many of you have correctly discerned that the Illuminati are using the only tactic left in their arsenal: fear.  The talks about preemptive strikes against Iran to prevent that country’s possibility of producing a nuclear weapon; the possibility of a terrorist attack on New York City; the possibility of another devastating earthquake in Japan; the possibility that North Korea may become sufficiently menacing to cause war in Southeast Asia.  
2. From our vantage point that permits viewing the collective consciousness, we know that few are buying into those scenarios, none of which is part of Earth’s destiny. Even those who still are slumbering insofar as understanding that these moments at hand are fast leading to Earth’s Golden Age are aiding the light by refusing to live in fear of “possibilities.”
3. Nevertheless, let us insert at this point a reader’s question: “Fear can be directed positively, so why do you keep saying that we must stay out of fear?”  We say “stay out of fear” because its magnified energy prevents light from reaching consciousness, thereby keeping individuals mired in third density, unable to evolve spiritually and intellectually. Fear precludes sound reasoning, common sense, logical questioning and the will to rise up against tyranny and corruption—that is why puppets of the dark forces were able to control the peoples of Earth for many millennia.  The dark ones “feed” on the energy of fear—without it, they cannot exist! 
4. It is with elation that we see fear subsiding in the collective consciousness, but it’s as potent as ever on an individual basis. Through the universal law of attraction, the energy of fearful individuals goes out into the universe and attracts matching energy; like a boomerang it returns and brings with it still more fearful circumstances for the person to deal with. Anyone who is “courting” fear in the belief that it can be directed positively is playing with fire.  It would be confusing that powerful negative energy with its more powerful opposite: the positivity of living steadfastly in the light, which gives rise to the self-confidence, spiritual strength, courage, wise judgment and determination that can overcome hardships encountered. 
5. It is true that billions are living in fearful conditions that are harsher or of longer duration than they needed to complete those aspects of their soul contracts.  It is in these instances that contracts are amended at soul level so those persons can leave Earth lifetimes before finishing other karmic provisions, and by divine grace, they are credited with full completion of third density karma.  In other instances, the original contract calls for a short lifetime in those dire circumstances—that is enough to balance other lifetimes, and the souls move forward in spiritual evolvement.  In both cases, the dual benefits are that the fear energy formerly on the planet is gone and those souls are beaming their light from Nirvana to Earth.
6. During this unprecedented time in the universe, still another means of divine grace is being offered. Evolved souls are volunteering to take on part of weaker souls’ hardest karmic experiencing, thereby letting them complete other contract provisions; at soul level they move in concert so the weaker ones become strengthened and can evolve out of third density. It is customary for spiritually evolved physical civilizations to assist weaker ones who ask for help—this is exactly what many of them nearby and far distant have been doing for Earth and you!  However, in this unique era, that soul-level cooperation also is available for spiritual growth—yet another example of the boundless love within lighted beings.    
7. Now then, through meticulous arrangements to assure that all is in accordance with your laws, the top echelon of Illuminati in the banking and lending industry have been removed from their positions and will face legal prosecution. “Feeling the heat,” others are leaving voluntarily, and retrieval of the Illuminati’s stolen fortunes is underway. Military leaders are cooperating with the light forces to impede aggression by troops still in the Illuminati camp, and the destruction of some of their cavernous underground areas has halted heinous experiments and other covert activities.  
8. Within the months ahead, governmental shake-ups will weed out Illuminati members or those acting under their control, and persons with moral and spiritual integrity will step in. The nascent governments born in “Arab spring” will become stabilized and tyrannical regimes will fall.  Rampant corruption in multinational corporations will meet its well-deserved end; directors who serve the interests of the populace will remain, those who are greedy and self-serving will go. National economies in bankrupt status will not be successfully revived; the global economy will reach rock bottom and an honorable system will start operating worldwide. Wars, violence, deception, oppression and media censorship will cease incrementally as the dark hearts and minds among you leave the planet. 
9. It can be no other way—simply, this is the physics that governs life in this universe.  As Earth continues apace into successively higher planes, nothing with low vibrations in any form—physical bodies, subversive plans, theft, dishonesty, unjust laws and imprisonment, bigotry, cruel customs and deeds—can survive.
10. Moving on, no, it will not be quite like religions being “totally discarded and replaced by universal laws in the Golden Age.”  When the truths come forth that science and spirit are one and the same and that religious dogmas were originated by early leaders of church and state to control the masses, people whose consciousness has risen beyond the constraints of third density will adhere to the spiritual aspects of their respective religions and the devised, controlling aspects will fall by the wayside.  
11. One of the truths to come forth is that Zionism, which by dark intent has been made synonymous with Judaism, actually is a bellicose political movement within the Illuminati, and its aim for more than six decades has been to create conflict and instability in the entire Middle East. Zionists, who have wielded powerful influence within and behind major governments and their military forces, do NOT represent the Jewish peoples in Israel or anywhere else.  And, like all other Illuminati factions, they have been committed to that cabal’s goal of global domination. 
12. Although Semites are of diverse national origins and religions, the Zionists have been successful in convincing many that “anti-Semitic” is exclusively prejudice against the Jewish peoples and opposition to Israel’s right to defend itself from its “enemies.”  By means of that blatant distortion, they obtained not only world sympathy, but also massive defense funding from Israel’s allies, most especially the United States, all of which served to increase the Illuminati’s vast profits from their industrial-military machine.  
13. In addition to controlling the masses through dogmatic teachings, religions have served the dark purpose of divisiveness to such an extent that it resulted in centuries of trauma and bloodshed.  Witness the Crusades, wars between Catholics and Protestants, pogroms against Jews, executions of “blasphemous” individuals who refused to “recant.”   
14. Divisiveness has long been an effective tool of the dark ones. Not content to divide the peoples only through religions, they have separated you into other conflicting camps by attaching labels to social strata, ideologies and philosophies, types of governing and political parties, and by labeling as a “conspiracy theorist” anyone who disputes official claims about any situation or event. These separations have kept duality flourishing down through the generations, thus miring the population in third density mentality. Rejoice with us that duality is acting out the final scene of its very long play on the planet!
15. Will insects harmful to humans and animals be in fourth density? No.  Indeed all life in this universe derives from God via the love-light essence of Creator and thus is a soul; however, the darkness contaminated the energy streamers of many life forms so they would become harmful to third density civilizations. Earth life as a slug, minute aquatic form or harmful insect may be a step up the evolutionary ladder for persons who once had intelligence and reasoning ability, but whose free will choices during physical lifetimes became so dark that they devolved into first density’s primitive existence.
16. Do black people have some special karma?  No, nor do people of any other race on Earth. All of you have had lifetimes in different races, genders, body form and features, relationships, aptitudes, intelligence levels, beliefs and locations in this universe; and along the way each of you has made soul contracts to achieve balanced experiencing.  The selection every one of you made for this lifetime is as unique as each of you is.   
17. How can I hold fast to the light when members of my family are in deepest darkness?  Your thoughts, beliefs and heartfelt feelings are known only to you, and therein you can hold your light steady. It may help significantly to silently “endow” darkly inclined family members with light qualities you wish they had.  “Seeing” them in the light can negate your feelings of being held back by their dark aspects.  
18. Please remember that a family agreement is made with all souls’ unconditional love for each other. Because the agreement is designed to benefit every participant, some are the “heavies” for their own balancing, which enables the others to experience what they need to achieve balance, and all can move forward in soul growth. None of the participants consciously knows the role he or she chose and all are responsible only for their personal decisions and actions. You cannot control the actions of the family members you feel are in darkness, but you can control your reactions—reacting within the light lets lightheartedness flow within and radiate outward to all around you.
19. How will people rationalize greater numbers of deaths as the planet nears fourth density?  Very likely people who are stuck in third density consciousness will attribute the deaths to the obvious causes and not speculate on the possibility that any “higher purpose” is involved, and people whose awareness has been raised by the light will understand what is transpiring.  It is natural to grieve when beloved persons die, but envisioning them living in Nirvana’s glories also will allow feelings of happiness for them.
20. What can we tell young children whose parents choose to die rather than change their religious beliefs, and who will care for all the children who are orphaned?  The choice about when to leave this lifetime is made at soul level in original or amended contracts, and no one knows even his own contract, much less anyone else’s.  All you can know about someone’s death is that the cause was a vehicle crash, for example, or cancer, heart failure, aneurism or any other medical diagnosis.  So it is foolhardy to think, much less assume, that religiously devout people who die when their children are young chose to do that rather alter their beliefs.
21. Overt devotion to religion is not the same as what is in one’s heart and mind. Persons you may think never would believe anything that conflicts with teachings of their church may be listening to soul-level messages; conversely, some of the darkest individuals among you attend church services or even hold high offices.  Please do not place any individual in any of the “choice-for-leaving” categories we have mentioned in previous messages.
22. If both parents die, their children will be cared for by the same family members, friends or legal guardians who would step in just as happens now.  With consciousness increasing just as vibratory levels are, children are much more aware and resilient than you may think, and when telepathic connections open, they and their parents may discuss whatever they wish.
23. Let us speak now about families who are grieving the death of a child.  Recently a friend of my mother’s asked if I could offer comforting words to the family of four-year old Philip, who valiantly fought leukemia until his frail little body gave out. Esmeralda, whom you could call my goddaughter, manages the care of children in Nirvana, and it was most appropriate that we grant her request to give a message for Philip’s family.  His mother gave permission to share Esmeralda’s words so they can give a measure of comfort to all families whose children are living in Earth’s spirit world.
* * * * * * * * *
Hello, my dear grandmother on Earth. It is a joy to speak with you and give a message for Philip's family. I went to meet him—what a beautiful little boy! It was a short welcome visit at the gentle care area where nurturing souls are with him constantly while his body strengthens from the long sickness. Already Philip is smiling and laughing and his eyes sparkle!

Soon he will be with me and we will look at the many types of homes so he can choose where he wants to live in the beginning. The homes differ in size, the colors and styles inside and out, and the landscaping differs too, although all of it is beautiful. He can choose to live in a tropical setting or one with pastures for horses, cows and other animals, or one of the homes by a lake or one in mountains—whatever environment most pleases him. I'll let Philip choose how we travel around on our house-hunting tour—by bus, car, train, or we can take a side trip on a boat or even an airplane ride.

I must tell you that there are two primary groups of children who come—youngsters like Philip who were dearly loved and cared for and others whose lives were in dreadful conditions like war zones, refugee camps, or "forgotten people" who are sick and starving. The ones in the second group live in a different area at first, where each child is given such an abundance of love and attention that soon all sadness and memories of horrible conditions fade. Then those children join the ones in the first group and embark upon a healthy, happy, active life.

Both groups are divided by age for a while so they receive the care, attentiveness and teaching appropriate for the age.  For instance, the infants and toddlers need specialized care and many kinds of frequent attention that children of Philip's age and older don't need, but they do require many other types of circumstances and instructions to nurture their interests and aptitudes. Every child is treated as the unique being he or she is—nothing of rigidity or expectations of conformance is part of life here.

All foods are in keeping with what you call "discarnate," but our bodies certainly are visible to all of us! We have many kinds of delicious fruits, vegetables and grains—no meat, but there are plants that produce meat flavors—and lovely juices and many kinds of soup with different seasonings.

In all homes except the nurseries, the caretakers preside over Family Hour where each child has a turn to talk about his or her Earth family. The extent of their individual love bonds is evident, and in cases where little affection and attention were given, the child is encouraged to understand and feel forgiveness. You would call part of Family Hour prayer.

All schooling is according to age and comprehension. Philip will start in classes with children his age, and he can progress in studies as quickly as he likes and choose subjects of interest to him.

There are many forms of age-suitable entertainment—plays, music festivals, films, comedy shows and a variety of games indoors and out, and sports like swimming, tennis, hiking and skating. Often the older children teach the younger ones and also teach them good manners and other courtesies, how to dress themselves and tie shoes, build things with blocks, fly kites, build model ships and airplanes, and read them stories—it is the very same as big brothers and sisters on Earth! But specially trained supervisors always are aware of everyone's activities, so please do not think that the children are left to decide for themselves what is appropriate and what isn't!

Everyone can communicate telepathically, but especially youngsters enjoy speaking, and what a joy it is to hear them laughing about the sounds of words in their different languages!

Looking ahead, Philip will grow in stature and knowledge more quickly than children on Earth, and as he does, gradually he will remember other lifetimes of his cumulative soul. But always he will be only Philip! He will become far wiser and more intelligent, more knowledgeable and spiritually aware than he would have in a long Earth lifetime, but his love bonds with his Earth family never will change.

My dear grandmother, thank you for recording my description of life here so Philip's family can easily picture him in those circumstances I explained.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you, Mother.

24. With that uplifting message and our unconditional love, we bid you farewell for this moment.

Suzanne Ward


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