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Monday, May 9, 2016

Please send your healing energy to Steve Beckow

Dear friends,

Recently, we got the news that our friend Steve Beckow is not doing very well at the moment. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery. Anyone who has had an operation like this himself or experienced it with a loved one, knows that this can be a very painful operation with several damaging consequences for the body that have to be dealt with.

Steve BeckowSteve Beckow
I have known Steve Beckow for about eight years now, I think. Although we've never met in person or even skyped, I regard him as a dear friend. A tireless lightworker who's always ready to help others. I've often seen his work and been amazed by the productivity of this man. Not only did he start news groups, his popular website Golden Age of Gaia, videos, live meetings, radio broadcasts with live channelings, and his wonderful initiative for helping others "The Hope Chest" among other things, but the man can write like no other. He seems to create interesting and well researched articles like he's picking apples from a tree! Seemingly with no effort at all.

He says he probably developed this writing skill in his professional years when he had to write reports about immigrants applying for a permanent status in his country Canada. I think it certainly makes him unique in the lightworkers community and I can only imagine in how many ways he touched people's hearts over the years.

Steve has always been ready to help others in need. I experienced this myself when me and my little family were in quite dire straits some time ago, financially. When I placed a call for help on our website, Steve immediately jumped on the wagon and put this call on his website too, encouraging people to help out. This lead to one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had in this lifetime, receiving hundreds of small and bigger donations accompanied by messages of love and support, which made a world of difference for our situation. For this, I will always be thankful to him.

Steve Beckow with Mike QuinseySteve Beckow (r.) with Mike Quinsey
So, I was quite shocked when I heard about Steve's current situation. Of course we know that the soul sometimes chooses to have experiences for reasons of growth that we would never pick on a conscious level. But still, it's saddening to know that a friend has to go through something like this.

That's why I want to make a call to all of you to send loving and healing energy towards him. Visualize him getting better quickly, his pain going away. We know these things work, it has been proven scientifically. When you send out positive energy, it's never wasted, it always finds its destiny.

Please take a moment to focus on Steve's body and visualize the healing taking place. Or send out your own loving energy, or ask the angels to help him. Or, as some people do, imagine white light coming down on him and entering his body to heal his wounds. Whatever feels best for you.

Steve said any healing prayer is most welcome at the moment.
Let's hope for good news from Steve very soon. Thank you, and much love to you all.

In Love and Light,


Instant Update: Just as I had finished writing this piece, I saw on Steve's site that he's feeling better already! That's wonderful to hear. Of course, more healing prayers would still be welcome :)

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