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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OCTOBER 17, 2005

... In simplest terms, love is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe.Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity...

Don’t fear lab-made bird flu virus; mainstream media reporting anti-administration news; climate changes leading to Earth’s restoration; Asian earthquake: volunteer souls aid planetary cleansing activity; re-educating adults about “new world”; changes ahead in children’s education; suggestions guidance for parents of children with autism or ADHD; the economy; therapy for healing psyches; love in action

S: Matthew dear, hello!

1. MATTHEW: My greetings to you, dear soul! First I say, you have been away on a heartwarming family visit, otherwise we would have put out a message sooner to allay any fears about the avian, or bird, flu, and now I get to this topic straightaway. PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO FEAR ABOUT THIS!

2. This situation is like SARS, the much publicized virus last year, but with a new twist insofar as the talk of imposing martial law in the United States if patients there are diagnosed with the disease. Just as was SARS, this strain of flu came out of a laboratory by dark intent, and like SARS, this virus also has been neutralized by extraterrestrial technology. If you recall, worldwide media attention to SARS as a potential pandemic flared suddenly, before the outbreak of the disease in humans and the extensive protective measures in Asian countries and the flurry to make vaccine available. Then all of that just as quickly fizzled when cases did not materialize in large numbers. So it is with bird flu with scary reports such as, “Scientists fear the virus can mutate to affect humans and kill millions worldwide.”

3. Creating a world in panic is one aim of the Illuminati, who are behind this new flu virus’s initiation. Due to the superior technology of ET forces, those with a dark agenda have failed in their major terrorist attempts since “9/11,” so they are trying this biological fear tactic again. Yes, they do know that very likely for the same reason that SARS did not develop as they desired, neither will bird flu; however, by the additional threat of martial law with mandatory quarantines and inoculations, they are counting on sufficient fear-filled thought forms to allow the advertised disease symptoms to develop. Without light except the spark that is their souls’ life force, the dark ones regard others as expendable, and their aim is to achieve a double victory: a frightened populace demanding vaccinations, which have harmful ingredients, and justification for a police state starting in the US and extending globally. You have the power to deal them a double defeat by NOT feeling any fear whatsoever!

S: Matthew, excuse me, please, but it’s not generally known that fear of the flu and the proposed government measures could manifest sickness and martial law with its ramifications. Since only a comparative handful of people DO know this, isn’t it possible that either or both of those situations might happen?

4. MATTHEW: Mother, we don’t see that. We are aware that this new flu is the peak concern of many who have heard the media’s dire warnings and who do not know that neither the disease nor martial law can come to fruition if they choose otherwise. Enough of you DO understand the universal law of manifestation and know that focusing on health in mind, body and spirit for all of Earth’s peoples will create this instead of the goals of the dark minds. A comparative handful of people knew that thought forms about SARS not being a real threat would prevent its materializing as such, and that thought forms to diminish hurricane Rita’s force would reduce that storm’s velocity, yet both of those results came from the collective energy put out with those intentions. The same is true in this case of bird flu, and we are immensely heartened by the numbers of you who feel no fear at all about it.

5. I want to mention something else of vital importance that you are helping to manifest, by sending light to those who wish to cause massive death toll and devastation on their way to world domination. Those dark ones, who consider themselves above all others, have forgotten that All is Oneness within Creator Source, and it is with good reason that they are ever more fearful of losing their remaining control—daily they are seeing “defectors.” The light you are generating added to that being beamed from off-planet and within Earth is motivating the “defectors” to join the light forces. All messengers from high stations tell you that the energy of love is the most powerful in the universe and urge you to send forth that energy to enLIGHTen the dark souls who are living in fear. Because fear causes rash decisions and reckless actions, it is for the best interests of every soul that you feel love for all of Earth.

S: Thank you, sweetheart. That only partially answers questions from people who want to know, in short, “Where are we in the light vs. the dark?” Can you please elaborate on this?

6. MATTHEW: Happily! But for anyone who is observing the new tone of mainstream media, this isn’t really “news” as some milestones are being reported. I don’t mean that suddenly newspaper or television or radio reports have become believable—witness their emphasis on “bird flu pandemic”—but with the public’s growing awareness of what really is transpiring, for any credibility whatsoever, the media controllers must allow some truth along with what they hope you will believe of their continuing but thinning masquerade.

7. Also, I don’t mean to imply that changing circumstances are primarily in the United States. It’s that that country’s government is on world center stage and consequently, important developments within the administration have global interest. US influence in other nations’ affairs—basically self-serving and usually detrimental to the populace of those nations—means that whatever occurs in the US has a global domino effect; yet changes underway in that country are not isolated occurrences. The light intensity that is opening hearts and minds is global in scope, and perceptible changes for the better are happening around the world from grassroots movements to the heads of governments.

8. Now then, the lack of official response in hurricane Katrina’s aftermath was an abrupt, albeit sad, eye-opener for many who formerly were resistant to hearing, much less feeling anything critical about their government. Internet reports and “word-of-mouth” informing have fueled the demand for truthful accounts, and even without any honest replies, polls are showing the drop in presidential approval ratings. That in itself is revealing because polls are designed not to provide actual opinions, but to convince you what to think; yet for credibility, just as with the news media, they have to reflect somewhat the real tenor of the public and that is, support for the Bush administration is consistently waning.

9. While greatly under-publicized nationally, the recent massive peace rally in Washington, DC, had powerful reverberations throughout that country and globally too, as people everywhere could see that surely change must be afoot in what is considered the most powerful country in your world. More voices within the country are being raised in protest of the administration’s recent and past decisions, and leaders of other nations are speaking out firmly against current and long-time US foreign policies and actions. Formerly unknown legal proceedings are coming to light as well, and while the indictment process is slow and full disclosure is yet to come, both public and official murmurs about the resignation or impeachment of Bush and other administration principals are becoming louder. A powerful figure in government, Tom DeLay, has been indicted and some of his party colleagues are supporting this action. War veterans are speaking out strongly for peace and members of Congress proposed establishing a Department of Peace. States are rebelling against federal action that would supersede their electorate’s legal choices and lawsuits over presidential election fraud are going through proper channels.

10. Acknowledging the winds of change goes well beyond the government. Increasing pressure is on the Catholic church to acknowledge and compensate the many victims of priests’ sexual abuse during decades past. Corrupt corporate officials are being convicted. Economists and other reasoning minds are sounding strong alerts about such as the unsustainable costs of continuing the war and rebuilding Iraq and New Orleans; untenable US national debt; tax breaks for the wealthiest; ramifications of the rising price of oil and natural gas; growing numbers of personal and business bankruptcies; inaccessibility of health care; the dangers of advanced weaponry production.

11. Thus the growing demand for truth, justness and fairness is being reported at least to some extent. You could consider this as part of the mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing Earth needs, much like the cleansing of her planetary body through geophysical occurrences and climate adjustments. What is not yet apparent to the masses is where all of the changes are leading. You DO know! No, not with all the events or names or times, but with our assurance that the momentum of the light is unstoppable and within a few transitional years, Earth’s restoration to her original paradise self will be accomplished.

S: Your encouragement always is a good lift—thank you! Channeled information on the Internet claims that a very destructive earthquake positively will happen in southern California next summer—the writer is frightened because she lives in that area. Could you please comment on this?

12. MATTHEW: Yes, of course, Mother. Unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation and disinformation abounds on the Internet and people aren’t discerning between those and what is factual. Even well intended predictions, and much less stated certainties, of geophysical events are rife with foolhardiness. Not only are these kinds of events not cast in stone, but fretful preoccupation with them results only in fear, not the generation of light to prevent or reduce their impact such as occurred with Rita, for example. If your soul contract’s longevity clause has expired and your chosen experiencing is completed, your physical lifetime will end regardless of where you are. If your contract calls for more years on Earth to fulfill your missions, you will be safe wherever you are. Being prepared spiritually is the key to facing life without fear!

S: Actually, several people wrote about earthquakes, global warming or environmental changes. I know you’ve often spoken about this, but can you please give us sort of an updated forecast—not a prediction, dear, just what’s logical to expect.

13. MATTHEW: It’s nice to see you smiling, Mother! But there’s really very little to add to what I’ve said a number of times, that until Earth releases the millennia of accumulated negativity, there will be quakes, volcanic eruptions and storms, and when her geophysical cleansing has transmuted the kinetic build-up into the neutral energy pool, those occurrences will have done their job and will cease. As for climate changes, these too are necessary for Earth to fully regain robust health. Just as it is not healthful for her to have her seas, air and soil polluted or her forests hewn and her internal elements removed, it isn’t healthful to have large barren, arid areas or polar ice or scorching temperatures; therefore, much of what is worrisome to many is simply Earth’s pathway toward flourishing temperate zones planetary-wide. You will be amazed at how quickly this will happen once you’re in the higher vibratory planes!

S: And we’re still on target to be there by 2012, right?

14. MATTHEW: Well, yes, but Mother, it’s as I’ve told you before, please don’t put so much emphasis on that year. You can only perceive that six-to-seven year interval in your calendar timeframe, and linear time is collapsing by the second as Earth’s orbital path is steadily moving her toward fourth density, where your “time” enters the universal continuum. You can’t conceive of this because consciously you have no frame of reference for it, but 2012 will be upon you sooner than you can imagine because your “time” is passing faster and faster.

S: OK dear, but I’m not the only one who wants to know that! Here’s just one other: “Are the changes Matthew talks about going to happen in our lifetime—will it be several thousand years before Earth returns to its Eden or will it be like 5 years?” Anyway, here are some specific quake questions in emails: Was the earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan Earth’s own doing or was it manmade? Did ET’s technology fail to “level out the forces of Nature” in [that area] or didn’t they make any attempt to do that? How much national and/or personal karma was involved in the thousands of casualties in the quake that devastated parts of [that area]?

15. MATTHEW: There was no manmade technology involved and ET intervention would not have been appropriate. The earthquake was Mother Earth’s response to the millions of petitions for amended pre-birth agreements so the souls in the affected regions could participate in that successful effort to release a monumental amount of negativity. This selfless act on the part of those who died and those who survived is on behalf of Earth herself, thus gratitude of all peoples would be the most suitable emotion; however, few consciously know this, and commiserating with the survivors’ overwhelming grief and desperation is your natural heartfelt reaction. If you will please remember my recent message that included the magnified feelings of souls in these higher energies, you know that we share the emotional spectrum of those who volunteered to leave their physical lifetime and those who mourn them.

16. As in previous catastrophes where the death toll and destruction is heartrending, here again the outpouring of help and compassion has immeasurably increased the light—foreknowledge of this from similar recent events was a factor in the souls’ request for amended contracts. Later on the grieving families will understand that their beloved members died to give Earth a giant leap forward in her ascension and that they willingly agreed to endure both the sorrow and the hardships the quake has caused.

S: Thank you, dear. The next two questions are related. The first is: Can Matthew give us somewhat of a “roadmap” for how to effectively go about helping and teaching others about our new world?

17. MATTHEW: That is a good question. The revelations about the deceit that long has controlled life on Earth won’t come in one fell swoop. Nevertheless, collectively, the impact of the truth about everything—from Illuminati control in governments and religions to multiple lifetimes throughout the universe to the presence of our space family on, above and within Earth—will be astronomical. The disclosures have started, so the necessary enlightening is not years off, it is now.

18. I think the wisest guidance is to see the changes that herald the coming of the “new world” from the perspective of the vast numbers for whom this means seeing their foundation of beliefs—maybe even their very life purpose—crumbling. In this delicate re-educational process, relating your own awareness could be interpreted as berating their ignorance, and sensitivity to their emotional state is what is called for. Feel compassion, listen to their cries of confusion, anger, disillusionment and yes, very likely fear about Whatever’s coming next?! Hear them out, then let them know that their feelings are understandable and so are their doubts about the validity of the new, shocking information—the deceivers have been masterful for eons. But mainly, provide a gentle safe haven for their questioning and rely on your intuition for the best responses—you’ll see that they will be right there when you need them.

S: Thank you, Mash—I think that will be very helpful to a lot of us.

19. MATTHEW: I hope so, Mother—it’s an important part of the job you light workers signed up for. You said there are two questions.

S: Yes. Someone wants to know, “How will education for our young people change in accordance with the changes in government and economy?” I think this is another area where preparation is necessary.

20. MATTHEW: Indeed it is, but this will be far easier than adult re-education, and it will extend well beyond those two areas into all branches of science, religion, history, and a return to the arts that are so essential for the soul yet have been squeezed out of curricula as funding for education itself has been squeezed. Very young children haven’t been indoctrinated with false teachings, so for them it’s only a matter of learning truth instead of falsehoods. Teenagers may be more resistant at first simply because rebellion in those ages is still the nature, but they will welcome knowing that they really do have a future to plan for instead of Earth’s dire fate that some claim is inescapable. Many souls who have come in during the past decade or two are far advanced in spiritual clarity from the older population, and recognition of their birthright is all they need. The logistical matter of textbook replacement—the writing or editing, printing and distribution—will be done expeditiously, and teachers are being prepared to lecture in conjunction with computerized lessons that also are in preparation stages.

S: OK! Some parents have asked for your suggestions about how they can best help their children with autism or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Probably you know that these conditions affect thousands and thousands of children and the ones diagnosed as ADHD are being treated with prescription drugs.

21. MATTHEW: Oh, we do know, Mother, and it’s a lamentable situation, those conditions that largely are caused by vaccines or other pharmaceutical toxins touted as “health care” and are exacerbated by unavoidable environmental pollution as well as the conflict between mankind’s abusive electrical energy direction and the beneficial energies coming in. Although it will be uplifting for parents to know that all manner of dis-ease befalling anyone will be eliminated in the higher density where Earth is going, that does not provide the “now” help they’re requesting.

22. I’m not comfortable giving across-the-board suggestions because each child is unique; however, some general guidelines are sensible for all. No more inoculations of any kind! Have a body chemistry analysis performed by a specialist—I would choose an “alternative” health care provider—who can determine any imbalances and advise corrective measures. Because body chemistry is complex, I think it’s wise to consult a professional about even natural supplemental nutrients and obtain the recommended ones in the best quality available. Consider especially gold, a little known but valuable brain enhancer, and again, choose the finest quality in capsule or powder form.

23. A healthful and balanced diet is essential for optimum well being. Eliminate sodas, foods with artificial sweeteners or other chemical additives, and processed white flour products; reduce consumption of meat, dairy products, and refined sugar and increase raw vegetables, fruit and whole grains. If a child is taking prescribed medication and a new nutrition regimen results in improved attitude and behavior, parents of young children could discuss with the practitioner decreased dosage or elimination of the drug; older children can gauge their body’s reactions and advise accordingly. Physical exercise and artistic expression in accordance with the child’s age, interests and abilities are significant. My last suggestion but certainly not least in importance is demonstrative loving— hugs, smiles, hand-holding, listening, good humor, patience, reasonable and consistent discipline, participation in the child’s activities, encouragement and compliments on progress, clear communication.

24. Mother, the only other thing I can think of that may be helpful is my explanation of authentic autism, which is quite different from the condition that is given that diagnosis but actually is caused by the toxic ingredients in inoculations given to infants.

S: I’ll look for that and copy it.

25. People are born with this condition, but it is not due to genetic heritage or birth injury. Autism is a self-contained condition the soul chose to experience as a counterbalance to hyperactivity in another lifetime. I don't mean hyperactivity in the sense of an extraordinarily active yet essentially stable individual in mind and body, but rather a glandular malfunction that no amount of admonition or coaxing will relieve.

26. It is purely a matter of the soul's will that can enable it to overcome autism's natural resistance to emerge from its cocoon. Environmental influences may either accelerate or stifle the autistic child's capacity to learn and become functional within what you would consider a normalcy range. Still, a positive environment in itself is only a buffer between the brain mechanism and the behavior, which would be far worse in apathetic conditions where neither love nor assistance was offered.

27. Always at soul level there is awareness that this is a lesson chosen, and there is no shame or hardship placed by the soul on its experiencing personage, but rather only love and patience. These are the same qualities the person himself needs from his family for the most positive response to his life's challenges.

S: Done. Now, please comment on President Bush’s choices for the Supreme Court.

28. MATTHEW: Oh my! I’m going to decline commenting and instead repeat what I’ve said before: When the Bush administration falls—and it will!—all harmful laws and unqualified people in influential positions also will be out.

S: OK, dear! The next group of questions is about the economy. Key issues are manipulated stock markets, unemployment, heavy debt, bankruptcies, taxes, impoverished nations, what investments are safe—can you please speak briefly about those? One writer asked, “Can we survive this mess?”

29. MATTHEW: You definitely will survive “this mess”! Changes affecting banking policies, reduction or elimination of debt for individuals and nations, fair taxation and wages, social program and job training funding, and stabilized stock markets are being handled behind closed doors, so to say, and relief for financial hardships will come as soon as possible after those changes are implemented. Rectifying the global job market is a more complicated undertaking than changing laws and policies, but this too will benefit from new leadership and harmonious interaction replacing exploitation.

30. Investment advice is out of my “jurisdiction”; however, common sense says to spend prudently and be wary of get-rich-today opportunities. Mother, your thoughts about the length of this message are popping in. I believe the next question must be our last.

S: So do I. What is the quickest and surest form of psychological therapy we can give our clients; what is most important in healing psyches?

31. MATTHEW: Love, the energy of love! That is not a simplistic reply, it is the simple truth. It may be difficult to convince people that learning to love themselves, moving past any guilty feelings, and forgiving themselves and others of perceived wrongs is the “quickest and surest” treatment for psychic trauma, but therapists and clients must try because therein lies the cure.

32. It is not an overstatement to say that the cure for all current dis-ease afflicting Earth, whether of individual, national or global scope, is love. This most powerful energy in the universe is your soul’s original, natural state, yet for many, the concept of loving self and all others is at least elusive if not completely unknown. Putting love into recognizable, tangible forms, if you will, can demystify this ultimate state of well being. Mother, please add my response to the request for a definition of love that is in one of the books.

33. With that addition, I believe that today we have addressed some of the most pressing issues of soul-searchers everywhere, and so I say to you, dear soul, “Thank you,” and to everyone, “All my love.”


34. In simplest terms, love is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving their love for you. Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity.

35. In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring. If love can be said to have “ingredients,” then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.

36. Knowing that you and God and every other of God's creations are inseparable is love. Knowing that Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life forms is love. Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge them but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love.

37. Listening to one's godself is love. Living the kind of life that engenders loving self is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others is love. Sharing your resources with full heart is love. Doing good deeds without attaching expectations is love.

38. Feeling peace of heart and mind is love. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is love, and a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of love.

39. In any or all of these instances and many others that you may encounter that instinctively you know are love in action, you are manifesting your love for and of God.

40. Mother, I don’t think I’ve told you anything at all surprising. But perhaps it is good to have some references as a guiding light in these times when darkness may seem to be overshadowing the magnificent abundance of love that is in your world.

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