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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Know without any doubt that our benevolent universal family is aiding your own efforts to bring the era of love-light to your world...

Hurricanes in Florida; much higher death toll than official count; weather technology; ET technology ameliorates effects of geophysical events; power struggle between Illuminati’s two factions, each backing a major party presidential candidate

S: Can you give me more insight into the two hurricanes that have devastated Florida and the one on its way?

1. MATTHEW: You are wondering if these hurricanes are being deliberately formed and directed by the dark forces, and the answer is not simply a “yes” or “no.” But as for that forces’ involvement, absolutely! Weather and climate patterns have been influenced adversely by the peak of darkness as one of its many avenues to achieve fear, death and destruction on Earth.

2. As for the storms themselves, though, it isn’t necessary that the dark forces be at the helm of their formation—that pattern was devised by Earth herself to systematically relieve accumulating negativity.

3. However, knowing that these kinds of storms also produce negativity for Earth to deal with, the dark forces have prodded their planetary puppets to pollute your planet with negative energy attachments that Earth relieves by “natural disasters.” She must dispel those attachments so she can ascend into the higher frequencies of fourth density.

4. You have been told that the dark forces are behind oppressive regimes, wars, diseases, divisive religions, terrorism and anything else that creates fear, which is the most magnified of negative emotions. So you can see how well the anticipation and aftermath of violent storms fit into this strategy. Since the necessity for Earth to release negativity by geophysical means also causes more of it for her to deal with, it’s an ideal tool for the dark forces to employ.

5. Mother, please insert my comments to you about Frances in response to a writer’s question about its cause:

There are many elements: Natural—the need for Earth to be relieved of the built-up negativity, a part of planetary cleansing. Manmade—weather control technology that is in conflict with Mother Nature's efforts. Extraterrestrial—ET technology to ameliorate manmade directional efforts and wind velocity. Spiritual—the positive effects of collective prayers for the people in the path of the storm.

If Mother Nature’s efforts were left alone—that is, no manmade technology involved—with the healing energy of prayers, there would be less intensity in the truly natural disasters, yet with greater release of negativity through the "leveling-out" effects of ET technology.

6. Thank you. I wish to add to that summary, which pertains to almost all geophysical happenings in the past half century or so, that even with the interjection of manmade technology, no longer is the objective of the darkness being met to the intense extent it desires. The power of prayer—the collective healing energy expanding throughout the planet—and the ET technology that is far superior to your manmade technology, are diminishing the intensity of what otherwise would be much more catastrophic damage, yet achieving greater planetary cleansing results.

S: Some reports, purportedly “eye-witness,” claim that many more deaths occurred during hurricane Charley than were officially reported. Do your colleagues in Nirvana know if this is true?

7. MATTHEW: They do, and so do I. Mother, I am in Nirvana. I came for a special conference relating to the recent embracing of the light by some of the “recalcitrant ones” and I am vacationing to some extent, as Ithaca is here as well and we are enjoying immensely our family reunion with Esmeralda and others especially dear to us. So I have been observing clearly from this vantage point and I can tell you, the death toll is far higher than officially recognized.

S: Why is there such a difference between the official and actual statistics?

8. MATTHEW: There are several reasons. The state and national agencies tasked with assessing the need for monetary and humanitarian aid are in total disarray. FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] never was designed for actual assistance in emergencies like this, but rather for management of people considered dissidents by your government, thus their untrained personnel are a hindrance rather than a help. Then there are the insurance investigators with their specific interests and the local government departments that are ill prepared to deal with this magnitude of damage and whose efforts are more curtailed than aided by the managers at state and national levels. Coordination among these various groups has been spotty at best, and in addition to the inefficiency arising from such confusion amidst highly emotional conditions, the most effective workers are absent. The Reserve and Guard forces that would have been on hand with more experience and manpower have been deployed elsewhere, from combat in Iraq to guarding areas proclaimed as vulnerable to terrorism attempts.

9. Those contributing “innocent” factors, so to speak, are not the primary reason for the low official death count, however. A government that claims the world is safer because of its “war on global terrorism” cannot be perceived as being befuddled and ineffectual in handling the aftermath of a hurricane. While it cannot be held accountable for the property damage wrought by a “natural disaster,” it simply cannot have the number of dead leap from 20-something into the 100s. Once the disparity between the official and the actual figures became so great, the embarrassment of announcing accurate statistics became a political liability, particularly less than three months prior to the presidential election. The correct statistics may not be properly recorded, much less publicly released.

S: I see. I’m assuming—but with good reason—that ET assistance was given during Charley and not only Frances.

10. MATTHEW: Indeed! Although Charley started as Mother Earth’s self-restoration effort to rid herself of the negativity that has been teeming in that state of Florida, manmade controls were entered to influence the storm’s movement and intensity. “Hurricane season” has been greeted as an opportunity to declare a state of emergency in Florida with the aim of removing the reemerging focus on the rampant fraud in the last presidential election and in some minds, justifying any irregularities that may be uncovered after the forthcoming election.

11 And yes, your space family gave enormous assistance during Charley. They not only ameliorated the forcefulness of the winds by reducing velocity, they counteracted a considerable amount of manmade directional influence. As devastating as the storm was, it could have produced far wider destruction. ET technology deflected the storm’s manmade course, which was a more direct southerly approach up through the Keys, where it would not lose much of its intensity before reaching the highly populated land area. If Mother Earth in conjunction with her ET helpers had been left alone, the destruction would have been much less—the human technology kept creating wildness that could only be softened, not reduced across the board once set in motion.

S: Matthew dear, sometimes what’s going on is too much for me to “wrap my mind around.” I suppose you know about the speculation that Bush is going to declare martial law so the election can’t be held as scheduled.

12. MATTHEW: Oh yes, we know, Mother, and that may happen because it comes under “free will choice”—you know that God has to honor that law of Creator. However, what the dark minds intend is to precede a declaration of that unique significance with an event of such profound impact that the populace will easily submit to martial law. Such an event would require a reaction that would rival the shock of “9/11,” and God has authorized ET civilizations to prevent all major terrorist attempts, which they have done successfully several times during the three years since September 2001. I have mentioned this in previous messages along with stating that small events undertaken by zealots dedicated to avenging perceived wrongs against their people cannot be thwarted.

S: Yes, you have, and I’ve been meaning to ask you why zealots’ free will is honored but ETs can thwart the free will of the dark forces. I thought there can’t be any arbitrary decisions about free will except preventing nuclear detonations in space.

13. MATTHEW: Mother, dear! Are you forgetting Earth’s free will in this? She has chosen to never again experience something like 9/11—a government’s massive betrayal of its own people—and it is her choice that God is honoring by authorizing your space family to prevent anything of that nature.

S: Ah, yes! But what about the tragedy in the Russian school that was taken over by terrorists? Why wasn’t that prevented?

14. MATTHEW: That was the hostage-takers’ core dedication to their cause, to achieve freedom and just treatment of their people who have been long persecuted. Current Russian leadership no less than in your country is riddled with deception and corruption that has caused grievous suffering for many of its own population, and while truly innocent people suffered and died, the cause in the minds of the “liberators” was noble.

S: So it wasn’t instigated by the Russian leaders or the Illuminati?

15. MATTHEW: Well, not that single act of rebellion, no, but it certainly is correct to “credit” that tragedy to everything those dark minds have perpetrated prior to it.

S: I see. Does the field of potential indicate that martial law actually will be declared in this country?

16. MATTHEW: At this point the predominant energy is in that direction, but the potentiality hasn’t yet enough momentum to arouse much opposition, so it is premature to make any speculations.

S: But what’s the purpose of it? Is this a DISinformation leak just to create fear about the possibility?

17. MATTHEW: Any time fear can be generated widely, it is considered as a bonus when the intention has even deeper importance, which in this case it does to the incumbent presidential administration. Although the Illuminati generally is spoken of and considered to be a cohesive cluster of like-minded darkly-inclined souls, it actually is a group with two major factions of near equal power that have the same ultimate objective: controlling everything on Earth.

18. I have told you that both of the presidential candidates are among the Illuminati and that this elite group will put into office the one they want, but I haven’t stated that each candidate is backed by a different faction. While the governing by either one would have the same goals, there is contention over which will be the office-holder. “Ego” is involved—in darkness, there always is—but this is much more about fooling the voters into believing that they have made the choice so the façade of democracy can be maintained as long as the Illuminati consider this helpful in achieving their ultimate objective.

S: Well, records show that the same corporations are funding both candidates’ campaigns.

19. MATTHEW: Yes, because the corporate heads do not want to risk having the “other faction’s candidate” un-beholden to them. There are power struggles throughout the Illuminati—this or that chemical or pharmaceutical or communications or oil conglomerate and so forth is in battle with the others for dominance in the marketplace. When greed for profit is the foundation of functioning, there is little loyalty among the players.

S: Maybe the battling will be their undoing and be our salvation from them.

20. MATTHEW: Mother, dissension within the ranks of the darkness can’t hurt, but that does not change the fact that “salvation”—and I’m equating this to your thought about it, “physically making the journey with Earth into the higher vibrations”—is not automatically all-encompassing. It is the province of each soul to choose!

21. I know you have other responsibilities to attend, dear soul, but I cannot let this message go out on what may be considered an abrupt pragmatic note. Although I have said the same thing many times—on occasion as the spokesperson for many high light beings— again I emphasize that ALL pain and suffering caused by the darkness is coming to an end! Yet we understand how difficult it is for you to feel totally assured of this when so much suffering and devastation still is apparent. Earth’s ascension progress steadily is lessening the hold of the darkness, and the more those forces realize this, the greater their fear of this truth, thus they are lashing out wildly in their desperate last stand.

22. We rejoice in seeing the souls who even amidst the current harshness are keeping their light steady, who are seeing Earth bathed in peace and love so that the dark ones may be touched by this energy and feel the joyousness of it. They have that choice, but even if they reject it, their power ebbs with each heart beaming light to them. Know without any doubt that our benevolent universal family is aiding your own efforts to bring the era of love-light to your world.

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