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APRIL 26, 2005

“Do NOT judge any, but rather send love-light to all!” This is much, much more than a spiritual idea!...

Pope Benedict XVI; Moussaoui “confession”; sacred sites; ascension of mentally ill, prisoners; White Brotherhood; The Da Vinci Code; importance of sound and silence

S: Matthew dear, hello! I was way too optimistic about how soon I could get back here for a long sitting. So, before we start on the list, is there anything you’d like to say?

1. MATTHEW: Dear soul, hello yourself and yes, thank you for asking. I’d like to start with something that amused you and I find delightful. You recently heard from three people who have been reading my messages but aren’t familiar with the books, so only after going to the Web site did they realize that you’re really my mother. I’m mentioning this to clarify our relationship for any others who also may be thinking that “Mother” is just my term of endearment for you.

2. Now then, I shall continue by replying to the first question on your list that I see from your notes several writers have asked in various ways, “What’s with Pope Benedict XVI?” Joseph Ratzinger himself said that his reign as Pope will be short, and so it will insofar as “papal infallibility.” I shall return to that. As primary assistant to his predecessor, he knows what the Illuminati within the Vatican did to keep intact the persona of the beloved Pope John Paul while derailing his intent to bring forth the truth of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. So do not expect Pope Benedict to make waves until there is either sufficient light within the Illuminati members or they have been removed from their influential positions. But also, please do not hold Ratzinger’s personal or religious history against him—the former was beyond his control as a youth in Nazi Germany and the latter also was life-preserving. He believes in an afterlife, but he isn’t aware of the light power Nirvana residents impart to Earth, so he feels that only by living on the planet can he effect change.

3. He shares the vision of John Paul, which was to bring to light the lies through which their church has for many centuries controlled the lives of believers, and he has long looked forward to the time when true spirituality will replace all religious dogma. As a member of the international transition team that will be effecting the changes necessary for your world to emerge into the era of peace and harmony, he is protected within the Christed light and always physical light beings are nearby.

4. The truth about “papal infallibility” will emerge and be recognized as the ruthless manmade control that it always has been. Along with all the other outright lies and distortions currently being taught, it will be relegated to its rightfully shameful place in new history books.

S: Is Benedict a clone or will he be cloned like John Paul was?

5. MATTHEW: No, he’s not a clone, and it’s unlikely that this would be tried or even desired by those responsible for the cloning of John Paul. The purpose of clones is to take over in case of death by any means so that the person’s powerful influence won’t be interrupted. The new Pope hasn’t the charisma and the love of the masses as did his predecessor, and if he died tomorrow, the Illuminati within the Vatican very likely would be gleeful that this most logical successor to John Paul was quickly out of their way and they could get one of themselves into the papacy. They had insufficient support to manage this at the election where the prevailing choice was Ratzinger because of his closeness to John Paul.

S: I see. Next, is: Zaccarias Moussaoui has confessed to conspiring with other Al Qaeda members in the 9/11 terrorist attack—why!?

6. MATTHEW: This is another attempt by the real perpetrators to show they’re “pursuing justice,” but more so, it’s another desperate effort to keep their cover-up from blowing up. Moussaoui has been helpful in the CIA black ops’ small terrorist incidents, but not so helpful that he wasn’t more useful as a mind-control programmed 9/11 conspirator. Although due to an implanted chip during recent medical treatment, he does believe he played that role, still his “confession” was not given without extreme coercion.

7. Mother, you have read that Al Qaeda is a CIA creation, but more accurately, it is a “ghost” that the CIA arm of the Illuminati has conjured up as the “global terrorists” who must be hunted relentlessly, and any country accused of hiding or funding them is an invasion target. These are the countries with oil, and while control of all oil is an Illuminati aim, the ultimate goal is total world domination through invasion and occupation or simply capitulation by the weaker nations. They never will get anywhere near their objective!

S: Thank heaven we know that! Someone asked if the theory is true that we’ve already reached “peak oil” year.

8. MATTHEW: Not in the quantity available, but in the larger sense, yes, you have or very shortly will. Reliance on oil as a major energy source will start diminishing with the emphatic introduction of long-suppressed technology for renewable energy and adaptation measures in transportation areas. Evidence of this will be seen relatively soon along with changes in leadership and national economic systems.

9. Mother, I know you’re a bit uneasy because people new to my messages are asking about topics I’ve previously covered. I’d like to briefly reply to these because they are very important issues for many.

S: That’s fine, dear. Do you want me to type all the questions in one lump?

10. MATTHEW: It won’t be necessary to type any as my comments, however short, will cover the essence of the various questions and be clear without mentioning them.

11. By Creator’s decree and God’s authorization for our space family’s intervention, there will be NO nuclear war.

12. There is no “end times” or “Armageddon” on the horizon—this is only a concept, a dark idea devised a couple of millennia past. Like any other concept, this can be manifested only if sufficient energy is invested in it, and I assure you, there is not!

13. If you are responding to an inner calling to relocate, then do so. But if you are reacting to “prophecies” that your planet will undergo massive sea and land changes, do not bother heading for safety on the highest mountain. Your soul contract is the determining factor regarding both physical safety and the time of your return to spirit life, and one or the other will happen wherever you are.

14. There will be no new pandemics or even epidemics caused by laboratory-designed diseases—our space family’s technology neutralizes these viruses as soon as they are released via chemtrails and other means.

15. Regardless what regional, national or international laws, alliances, treaties, or constitutions are now in force or may soon be, all that are not beneficial to the people affected will not last long. Changes underway eventually will replace oppressive regimes with wise and spiritually evolved leaders who will strike down all unjust laws and agreements.

16. Implantable microchips will not become widespread as intended by the dark ones, and in light receptive people who willingly or unknowingly have these implants, the chips automatically will be deprogrammed by the higher vibrations of fourth density.

17. Be sensible about spending and meet financial and legal obligations to avoid difficulties during the time prior to implementation of a new monetary system and a fair basis for taxation, debt payment and allocation of global resources. I don’t know when this will occur—this area is the last stronghold of the dark forces on the planet and they are not giving it up without a tough fight.

18. Mother, I believe that is all of the repeated topics, so I’ll just add another note here and then we’ll move on with your list. Daily you hear and see evidence of brutality, unjustness, subversion and fear-filled information such as I have just addressed, yet all beings of light who are sending messages through our respected channels have been imploring: “Do NOT judge any, but rather send love-light to all!” This is much, much more than a spiritual idea! It is to the benefit of those whose decisions are not in your OR their best interests; it is to your benefit because you are responsible for all of your thoughts, motives, deeds and their consequences; and it is to the benefit of Earth because the vibrations of your love-light energy lessen the negativity she still must release along her ascension journey. The power of love is boundless! This is what we feel for all of you!

19. Now, Mother, if you please, type the next question.

S: OK, dear! If there are such things as vortexes and sacred sites, where might those be?

20. MATTHEW: Indeed there are sites on the planet that are more sacred than others, and it’s because that is where the energy vortexes are. Many existed before the records of Earth human civilization, thus long before the names you know for the areas I’ll mention: Egypt; Greece; Iran, Israel and other areas in the Mideast; in Asia, prior to the desecration of the once flourishing land that now is the Gobi Desert; Tibet, Nepal, the Himalayas; peaks in Japan, Africa, the west coast of the contiguous United States and Alaska; spots in southwestern United States; Mexico; the Andes in Peru and abutting countries; the submerged continents of Atlantis and Lemuria; the polar regions. I may have overlooked some, but those quickly came to mind.

21. I want to add that as darkness began taking hold on your planet, the original strength of the vortexes diminished correspondingly, with changes in land and sea masses as well, and it has been only during the past six decades or so that the vortexes are being restored to their original light intensity that is the source of their energy. This is happening because of the massive in-beaming of light from a multitude of civilizations and, more recently, the great increase in the light you are generating yourselves.

S: This is a good place to ask about the South Pole. Someone sent a long article about members of a research team who were afflicted with strange ailments and also witnessed other anomalies in that area. Do you know what’s going on?

22. MATTHEW: Not specifically with that team or their findings, no, but I can tell you that a lot is going on there that some world leaders know about and do not want disclosed. There is an opening to inner Earth, where a highly evolved population has been living for ages in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, and it’s also an entryway for extraterrestrial crafts from both “outer space” and posts beneath the waters. It’s possible, maybe probable, that what the team members encountered are the protective measures surrounding this portal to keep visitors away until such time that the inhabitants of the inner Earth cities have total assurance of their own safety and the sanctity of their home is honored.

S: Matthew, do you know if there will be intermingling of the populations on and within Earth after all the darkness has left?

23. MATTHEW: I believe this will be the desire of all light beings on, within and off-planet—all are family, connected at soul level.

S: I should have known this! Someone who has heard “Always keep your eyes to the sky, for there you will see the signs,” wants to know if there is anything to this, like lunar eclipses or planets aligning are signs that we are ascending?

24. MATTHEW: Well, I think that if everyone always kept eyes to the sky, a great many missteps would result! Speaking seriously, though, the movement of celestial bodies has profound impact because of the energetic changes that affect every soul in this universe. The movement of the most powerful bodies is cyclical, and what’s happening now that is aiding greatly in Earth’s ascension is the strong in-pouring of “goddess” or “feminine” energy from Venus. This energy of love, gentle strength and harmony—rightfully associated with the goddess Venus herself—is bringing balance to Earth’s long-dominant masculine energy that equally rightfully is associated with Mars, the god of war, and is marked by harshness, ruthlessness in achieving success, and male domination over female. This kind of celestial interaction is not unique to your solar system, of course, but rather is a microcosm of the macrocosm, or the universe, which is in constant motion to bring balance where there is imbalance.

S: Thank you. Can you please expand your guidelines for recognizing and treating the symptoms of cellular changes to include Kundalini awakening—is this physical as well as spiritual?

25. MATTHEW: Focusing on only one of the designations that differ with cultures or philosophies—Kundalini awakening and chakras opening are among these—can limit the understanding that in light receptive people, spiritual and physical changes go hand in hand. The information that many of us have provided about these cellular changes apply across the board, and even though physical as well as emotional symptoms can differ considerably in type, severity and duration, the same spiritual aspects are present. As I have said previously, not all maladies are caused by cells changing from carbon to crystalline structure, and since you can’t be certain which is which, if symptoms are severe or prolonged, it is wise to consult a trusted medical practitioner.

S: OK dear. A mental health nurse asked if the mentally ill and people in prison will ascend with light-filled people.

MATTHEW: This will be determined individually just as it is with every other soul on Earth—how closely free will choices throughout the lifetime conform to the soul contract.

26. You may say that mental illness precludes sound choices and is such a severe burden for the afflicted person that he or she should get carte blanche ascension rights. But again, this comes back to the soul contract. In cases where mental illness was a karmic lesson selected to balance other lifetimes, by choice the “incurably” ill will be released from this experience and can choose a healthy new body for their next incarnation wherever their evolutionary status entitles them. Those who have less serious conditions and have generated light energy through their motives and deeds will ascend if their contracts’ longevity clauses permit, and if so, their conditions will be healed in the higher frequencies. Conversely, those with minor conditions where conscience is functioning yet they knowingly behave in denial of that guidance, will be drawn to a world in alignment with their lifetime energy registration where remedial learning will be offered.

27. While it is legally held that people must be punished for unlawful or immoral acts and imprisoned, both the crime and the incarceration may or may not be part of their soul contracts. If their deeds and consequences are in consonance with the experiencing they chose to balance other lifetimes, then the souls will have completed their karmic lessons and evolved spiritually. Depending on the chosen longevity in their contracts, they may transition to Nirvana or they may travel along with Earth into fourth density where they, along with all people falsely convicted and wrongfully imprisoned, will be freed. Prisoners who ignored the guidance of their conscience and seriously veered from their soul contracts will transition to a world where learning opportunities are in accordance with their needs.

S: So there’s really no difference about “earning their destiny”?

28. MATTHEW: No.

S: Do you know about the White Brotherhood? If so, do you work with them?

29. MATTHEW: The White Brotherhood, so named because white is the combination of every color in the celestial spectrum and represents every civilization in this universe, is a cluster of highly respected beings with whom other souls in high stations, myself included, interact primarily on a communication level. Likening the Brotherhood to your educational system, they are PhDs whose specialty fields are the major aspects of mass consciousness. They are like a gigantic spiritual resource center where any and all souls are welcome to consult on issues of importance to their own or their civilization’s evolution. Although always open for telepathic conferences, these beings rarely initiate visits, and in such instances it is as a messenger to alert leaders of a civilization that is veering off course in its pursuit of its selected universal knowledge—remembering All That Is. However, like all the rest of us, they may not and never wish to impose their knowledge or guidance on any other soul. I should mention that the “Brother” part of their name doesn’t refer to masculine membership—at their level of evolution they are androgynous, the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies.

S: I see. How does a soul become a member of the Brotherhood?

30. MATTHEW: Actually, although I did say “membership,” it doesn’t really apply because there is a perpetual welcome mat for souls to add their discoveries to the “spiritual library.” There is no defined number of contributing beings or functions such as governing bodies need for greatest efficiency.

S: Thank you. Can you comment on the book, The Da Vinci Code, regarding its premise that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and, after Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene went to France where she gave birth to their daughter?

31. MATTHEW: It is true about the marriage and a child, but in the essential area of the crucifixion, that is the erroneous information in the Bible. Jesus the Christ was not even put on a cross—the crucifixion and resurrection, as well as the virgin birth, are elements of the story concocted by the few who then ruled church and state. They had to distort the authentic life of Jesus and his God-given mission because allowing the truth to become widely known would have removed their control over the populace. Mother, there is no space here to include all that God told you about Jesus, so please add a note about the book that includes this. [Matthew is referring to the chapter titled “Jesus” in Illuminations for a New Era.]

32. Thank you. Please type the next question. I see that you’ve crossed off most of your list.

S: Yes! The last two questions also are about books. The first is: What is your opinion of A Course in Miracles?

33. MATTHEW: As a sterling introduction to “the world unseen,” it is most noteworthy. However, the authors who were inspired to produce that material “overlayered” it with their religious beliefs, which like most others’ beliefs, were influenced by the falsehoods in the holy books on which the religions are based.

S: And the last is about a book that includes an “improvement” on the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…if your positions were reversed.” The woman who wrote about this says it makes sense to her in this example—A masochist might like hurting you because he would like to be hurt by you; but if the positions were reversed, he would realize that you would not like to be hurt, therefore he would not “do unto you.” She wants to know your thought on this.

34. MATTHEW: My immediate thought is that when one intentionally hurts another, it’s sadistic, not masochistic, but that’s a simplistic objection to what is but one example and presumably not the entire basis of the book that I know nothing about beyond the author’s assertion that an improvement in the Gold Rule is needed. So I shall give a simple reply: I think the Golden Rule is splendid as it is. Live by it and you’ll see!

35. Mother, dear soul, I’ve immensely enjoyed our conversation because you are free of the distress that has been plaguing you in recent weeks. I’m going to take advantage of this to speak about something of paramount importance—how sound affects you. Everything in existence is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another—this is true of sound and light and your body, and their interaction is inescapable.

36. Now then, Mother, I need to cite your personal experience to make my point more easily. At symphony concerts to which you were gifted tickets, the programs included neoclassical works. You merely endured these, not enjoyed them as you do the harmonious music of the earlier eras considered the classical genre, and you wondered why anyone would want to write or play those “awful angry” sounds. Composers are among the most energy sensitive people on the planet, and their inspiration for the music they write comes from their soul. It was at that level that the first neoclassical composers were feeling the torment and the approaching death throes of Mother Earth, and this is what produced their cacophonous works. In a purposeful digression from what had long preceded it, the dissonant music heralded the encompassing darkness that now, a century or so later, is obvious to the world. Although steady exposure to the neoclassics would unbalance your energy system, as long as you are living in duality, these works offer balance to the melodic richness of the masters’ compositions, which because of their light have endured throughout many centuries, and the passion in both types of music comes from the soul.

37. There is NO balance or any redeeming quality whatsoever in “heavy metal” compositions any more than there is goodness in a concentration of heavy metals in your body. The strong dark undercurrent in this NOISE is strategically designed to shatter the body’s energy and prevent light from reaching the souls of those who are captivated by these raucous sounds. This fact needs to reach those who regard “heavy metal” as entertainment instead of the strong deterrent to spiritual clarity that it actually is.

38. Be aware of the effect the tone of your voice has not only on those to whom you’re speaking, but on you yourself—you are not immune from the inner disturbance of your own harsh sound, which has the same effect as your reaction to another’s anger aimed at you. “A soft voice turneth away wrath” is well worth your attention!

39. And just one more quotation, “Silence is golden.” Whenever possible, remove yourself from all sources of sound and revel in restorative silence. Allow your energy to sigh “Aaaaah” in the quiet peacefulness of communing with Nature.

40. Yes, all that I’ve said about sound and silence is in aid of inviting more and still more light into your souls—therein you know your godself and the universe!

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