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Thursday, April 2, 2009

DECEMBER 31, 2003

When your world is revolving in love-light,you will have returned to your rightful place within the universal family of inseparable souls...

Iran earthquake natural, not manmade; accumulation of negativity in Mideast; real Saddam Hussein not “captured”; potential terrorist alerts; purposeful media diversion; laboratory-made diseases; no disease in higher frequencies; dark forces fight NESARA; media blackout for Dennis Kucinich; telepathic connections opening

S: Hello, sweetheart! Do you have any special message about 2003 to close out the year?

1. MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, it’s good to start with the best, so first I want to say that your next year will be far more a “Happy New Year” than the one your calendar is closing out today! As for a special message, I know you have received a number of questions and I believe that my addressing those will cover the high points and be more welcomed than my composing something.

S: That’s fine. First, the earthquake and death toll in Iran—can you tell me why that happened?

2. MATTHEW: We know that some there believe or suspect that this was a manmade quake, and that is a logical thought because technology has been behind many intentionally devastating events for decades. In this case, Mother Nature needed to dislodge deep pockets of negativity that could not be accomplished by any other means, and this was done in cooperation with the many thousands who perished. Most had petitioned at soul level to leave with the divine grace of being given full karmic completion, and this was granted. Although some soul contracts had been completed during the physical lifetime and the people left in accordance with their chosen longevity, by far the greater numbers were petitioners.

3. Although “fresh” negativity was created by the shock and grief of survivors, the en masse departure of souls offers a light benefit that exceeds that. They willingly left to assist Earth from Nirvana and other light stations in reducing the kinetic energy build-up of negativity that has been accumulating over centuries, over millennia. Many souls did the same a number of years ago and still others before them, but those occurrences relieved the negativity only partially and only temporarily. The effects of energy frequencies, of course, are without national boundary limitations, thus that relief of Earth’s pressure is felt throughout the world and particularly in the Mideast, where negativity has been generated for millennia by wars, tyrannical rulers, power-mongers, severe deprivations, fear and grief. Indeed, it was negativity built by those actions and reactions that created the geological conditions that make that area vulnerable to earthquakes.

4. That the numbers of quakes as well as volcanic eruptions have been increasing is apparent, and this stepped-up activity signals the late stages of planetary cleansing. What isn’t apparent is that the damaging effects of these natural disasters have been greatly ameliorated by the technology of advanced civilizations that enables the energy release in total but disperses it more evenly than Mother Nature can. As devastating as the quake in Iran was, it would have been almost tenfold more so without this technological assistance.

5. Another word about these events being affected by technology is applicable here, but now I refer to the sinister objectives of Earth humans. The involved scientists realize that the effects of their efforts at this stage of development still cannot be precisely calculated, and their goal never would be to cause the death of military troops anywhere under dark forces’ command. Even though life is expendable to the dark minds that are behind all negativity-building on the planet, they already have their hands full from having broadened their scope of occupation and oppression to the point of seriously weakening their control. So not only would they not want their scientists to risk a miscalculation that could wipe out their troops, but they see the loss of life and property in Iran as not favorable to their aims of further conquest and domination. The death toll and the quake’s aftermath have rallied still more compassion, benevolence, and assistance globally for the Mideast populations, and in essence, far more light than negativity has been generated by this event.

S: The sadness of that is, the survivors have no idea about it—for them, the great loss of life and their grief and hardships is totally a devastating tragedy with lifelong effects.

6. MATTHEW: Mother dear, we know this—it is not from a lack of sensitivity to their feelings that I was explaining the higher purpose. Please remember that in the lighter frequencies, the energy of emotions is stronger than in the density of Earth. We can feel the intense grief emanating from that country—indeed, grief from around the world—and as well we feel the light that has increased by the world’s reaction in addition to the light now being joyfully generated by the souls who left. How we wish that people understood that these souls willingly, even eagerly asked to participate as I explained! Naturally their families still would miss the physical presence of their beloved members, but they could derive some comfort in knowing how purposeful for all of you that mass exodus of souls was.

7. Regardless of how Earth has been abused by humankind, always she acts on their behalf, never to their detriment. That may not seem so when many thousands die in just moments in just one such event, but if Earth did not take steps to heal the terrible damage that humankind has caused her, she herself would die, and then where would you all be?

S: Mash dear, we aren’t that spiritually clear yet, you know—we’re still dealing with 3D emotions and understanding here. Oh—since those deaths were preceded by the horrible trauma of the quake and need time to heal, how can those people already be sending out light to Earth?

8. MATTHEW: It is people’s psyches, not their souls, that are affected by traumatic experiences prior to physical death and that require immediate customized and sometimes lengthy healing. Whereas a psyche is the province of each personage, or each embodied lifetime, souls are eternal and those with light—which are the ones I am speaking of—generate light continuously and can direct it to Earth from Nirvana or from any other high vibrational station.

S: I see. This is a somewhat related question, from the standpoint of loss of life and hardships and heartaches—can you determine the duration of the turmoil in Iraq?

9. MATTHEW: This situation is in near chaos in the field of potential, with the dark masterminds who initiated the war having peaked in their force for full control of the country at one polar end, and at the other, the light forces having peaked in generating influence for peace. When polar opposites are reached in any issue, that situation cannot remain as the energy momentum of each side cannot be confined in stasis. Surely not by the will of the darkness, but by the laws of physics, movement starts back toward a reconciliation of the two sides, or balance.

10. We understand that what all of you would like to know is when peace and restoration in Iraq will be achieved, and at this moment, we can say with certainly only that the movements toward balance, wherein peace and harmony are, has begun. Because of the tenacity of the dark forces, the field of potential still is rife with flux, preventing any realistic determination as to the ending moment of what they started.

S: Are predictions of any specific dates for any happenings not really valid?

11. MATTHEW: That is correct.

S: All right, dear. Next, is the man who was captured really Saddam Hussein?

12. MATTHEW: I realize that you are asking this only because you have been requested to do so. Like numerous others, you instinctively knew when you first heard of this “capture” that it was not Saddam Hussein, but to confirm this, you asked God, and I shall repeat what He told you: The man is a double who was mind-programmed to believe he really is Saddam Hussein so that under torture, he cannot reveal anything to the contrary. The minds that devised this set-up some time ago did so to activate it upon need. The need was to deter further international protest about the delusion for waging war in Iraq, but all thinking people can see that this is yet another propaganda effort.

13. Mother, I shall add that plain and simple, that was a move by a political dictatorship, and your media controllers are assuring that the ruse maneuvers the thinking of the masses into a vindication for starting the war. Although your government doesn’t consider it essential, it would prefer to have a veneer of justification for its behavior at home and abroad that allegedly is to stop global terrorism.

S: OK! Now—is there any validity to the intelligence reports that raise the alert level for potential terrorist activities?

14. MATTHEW: Actually, yes, there is to some extent, and the reason is that the ones who give the signal for the higher alerts to be announced are the same ones who do the terrorizing. If the alert alone causes widespread fear, the dark forces don’t need the act itself to generate the negativity they desire and that fear produces. But they can’t pull that off too often or the alerts would become ho-hum. It is when public complacency starts to set in after an alert or two are baseless that our space kin become evermore wary.

15. Many attempts rivaling “9/11” that have been undertaken have failed due to the vigilance and technological capabilities of these on- and off-planet beings. This is not interference in your affairs or a denial of the free will of the dark minds, it is in response to the massive free will desire for freedom from terrorist activity that these beings are acting. Terrorism on a smaller scale, while resulting in needless death, anguish and property destruction, is not under the same purview, and those acts are officially blamed on people who had no hand in them at all. While it is true that hatred is the motivation for the occasional “suicide bombing,” it is far more often true that menial puppets of the dark masters are performing in accordance with mind-programmed signals.

S: That isn’t really surprising. This is another question that I think I know the answer to, but I haven’t asked anyone: Was the media hoopla about Michael Jackson intended to divert attention from something the US government was doing? If so, what?

16. MATTHEW: Oh, yes! It covered White House skullduggery in bulldozing into law unconstitutional measures, and with the usual cooperation of the media, that was done successfully. The lengthy and intense coverage of the disappearance of the pregnant young woman, Laci Peterson, and then discovery of her and her infant’s bodies and then the murder accusation against her husband is another example of a “hoopla” to monopolize your attention while the government was hiding its nefarious affairs. Scandals about sports figures that are turned into a media feeding frenzy usually are covers for the truly significant activities afoot, and the wide coverage given all sports is to dull your minds to even pondering if something more important i
s going on right under your collective noses.

17. Mother, I don’t mean that all reporters for press, radio and television are aware that much of the information they give out is patently false, or incomplete or distorted facts, and they are given no information that would expose the massive deception and corruption of government operations. Many reporters are not aware, others have become suspicious, and some are knowledgeable parts of the disinformation plot. When I say “media,” it is not with contempt for the reporters who are just doing their job, it refers to the few dark minds who control the information flow.

18. Also, I surely do not mean that their strategy fools everyone! We see new lights sparking constantly, indications that hearts and minds are awakening spiritually and mentally and truth is entering feelings and thoughts.

S: Mash dear, I think people who are familiar with your messages know that. Someone who wrote about Oprah Winfrey helping African children orphaned by AIDS would like to know if her educational program will be successful, but it’s not clear if it’s education in general or if it’s aimed at wiping out AIDS. Are you aware of this? You’ve talked about AIDS before, but maybe it would be good to mention it again for the benefit of those who haven’t seen that message.

19. MATTHEW: This is a vital issue to be known and I’ll happily address it again. AIDS and all other diseases of mind and body will cease when Earth has fully reached fourth density. The higher frequencies there do not permit the stress on bodies or minds that make them vulnerable to the kinds of dis-ease that currently afflict masses on Earth.

20. In the higher frequencies where spiritual clarity reigns, there will be no new laboratory-made diseases—which AIDS, SARS and many other contagious diseases now afflicting Earth are—or toxic pollution of air, water and soil, which also is man-designed for the purpose of causing sickness and death. And the effects of radioactivity, which even now are being alleviated by the technology of your extraterrestrial friends, no longer will affect Earth and her life forms.

21. It would be good to also mention again that the light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution. Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them.

22. As for Oprah Winfrey’s fervent interest in helping children who were orphaned by AIDS in Africa, spirit has motivated her in this direction of loving assistance because her great popularity gives the impact this situation requires, which extends beyond the children’s education to the consciousness and conscience of the world. While millions in African countries have died and many more millions are suffering from the effects of AIDS, most governments have virtually ignored the plight of the weakened nations where the disease is endemic. Instead, you have the media-created stir over new diseases like SARS and exotic flu types intended to send the rest of the world into panic and everyone running for an inoculation. And those diseases would have caused justifiable panic if their full effects had not been severely curtailed by ET technology that reduced them from the laboratory designers’ expected bang to a whimper.

23. Why? Because African AIDS victims have no money to buy outrageously expensive drugs and the new designer diseases are released in populations that do. So, even though not much longer will AIDS plague Earth’s peoples, exposing the fraud about drugs is part of the truth-bringing. Most create additional adverse physical conditions that still more drugs are prescribed to “treat,” and the manufacturers know this. Far more pernicious than greed and fraud is the larger goal of the peak of darkness, which is to vastly reduce the population this force considers useless to serve them. Helping to bring all of this to world consciousness is Oprah Winfrey’s soul-level mission in this humanitarian outreach.

S: Ah! And what’s up with the mad cow disease that recently was discovered in the US?

24. MATTHEW: Basically more of the same, a “planted” deliberately infected animal. Thinkers are not accepting the official line any more than they accepted that the first diagnosed cases of AIDS, in two United States cities across the country from each other, were caused by infected monkeys in Africa. Nevertheless, the intended result of this latest trick is working—fear. There’s fear among cattle raisers and beefeaters and investors in the commodities market.

S: Yes…thank you. I hear from folks about NESARA, pro and con—how does progress on this appear “up there”?

25. MATTHEW: I am ecstatic to report that the field of potential recently has become greatly more favorable than previously to the initiation of NESARA’s reforms! Not that the intent of the darkness has swerved from annihilating this legislation, but their tactics to prevent its announcement have diminished in effectiveness. Or rather, they are running out of tactics legally and forcibly, and the former effectiveness of their denial and other deceptions about NESARA has lost considerable ground.

26. Mother, I know you would like to have a timeframe for this and we cannot give you a date. However, now we can say with assurance that the gains of the light forces in this respect are too powerful for this program to remain “hidden,” as it were, longer than a few months more, and perhaps only two.

S: That sounds wonderful, dear, but many times in the past two or three years rosy reports came to naught—what is different now?

27. MATTHEW: When I spoke at length before about NESARA, I stated that in the beginning it was necessary to present it in a thoroughly positive stance so the energy of growing numbers of believers would gain the momentum required to manifest its reforms. And that was correct, because at that time the dark forces—and they understand the process of manifestation—felt that nothing would come to pass and they put no energy into opposing it. As time went by and more and still more light was generated for NESARA, it became a threat to the darkness and they started pushing to derail it. Subsequently the NESARA issue has been a back and forth progress for each side, and reports about this have accurately reflected the activity in the field of potential at that moment.

28. While all laws governing NESARA must be honored by the light forces, some of the laws have been employed by the dark forces to serve their purposes. The petitions submitted by the darkness that have caused many delays in NESARA’s announcement, which must precede enactment of its widespread provisions, have been within the legislation’s laws. By now they have almost run the gamut of these lawful delaying tactics, and their powers of persuasion through intimidation and bribery have lost ground, too. Furthermore, high light beings on and off-planet are being enlisted for additional assistance in getting past these tactics, and this aid also is becoming an insurmountable deterrent to the darkness.

S: I certainly hope this holds and there’s not another disappointing delay—as you know, I do think positively about this! Can you give some insight into Dennis Kucinich’s candidacy?

29. MATTHEW: Mother, I know you’d dearly love to hear that he will be your next president, but I can’t tell you that at this juncture. Your media are tightly controlled in any respect, and in this, that is especially so. All who have come to know about Dennis Kucinich are 100% behind him, and the aim of the darkness is to prevent any more people from knowing about him. The command given your media is, NO publicity about Kucinich whatsoever unless it is to point up his campaign as futile, even ludicrous. He is tied to no corporations’ or individuals’ money and therefore is not subject to their control, and his spiritual, moral and intellectual strength that has garnered grassroots support is taken seriously not only by the incumbent, but also by the other Democratic candidates, so there is a solid bipartisan desire to prevent any media coverage of him. Howard Dean is the candidate the media have been told to push because the reigning party sees him as no threat, but no more now than before do reports or any of the polls reflect anything except what the information controllers want you to believe.

30. However, none of this means that Kucinich will not be a bright star on your horizon! He absolutely will! NESARA’s announcement will be followed immediately by the enactment of its provision that all current government officeholders must submit their resignations and be replaced with the honest individuals already appointed to serve until a legitimate election. The deception and corruption that has long passed as democracy in the United States will be exposed sufficiently to jolt lazy and resistant minds into belief, and that will be the broad pathway to electing an honorable governing body.

S: Matthew, that’s totally encouraging! Thank you! A lot of us want to know when mass ET landings will take place. What do you know about this?

31. MATTHEW: We know that plans are in readiness, Mother, but this is not new. Nothing special has to be prepared by your space family for this to happen, all the preparation is required there on Earth—simply enough love-light abounding to insure the welcome and safety of the landing parties. While there are encouraging signs regarding this, do not expect any mass landings tomorrow to celebrate the first day of your new calendar year.

S: I’m not—Hatonn said he will tell me when. I’ve read a bit about some people who are contacting ETs verbally and even some claim they have been aboard spacecrafts. I’m not sure about this because some things seem too fanciful. But I wouldn’t mind at all being wrong!

32. MATTHEW: Mother, that’s good, because you well may be! I don’t mean that you are wrong about the few specific details you have read, because I don’t know of those, and you may be correct that they are “too fanciful.” But it is true that many astral connections are being established in sleep states—although most people consider them to be dreams—and some people have made physical journeys in spacecrafts, so it is just as possible that what you have read is about actual experiences.

33. The incoming frequencies on the planet are opening these connections in growing numbers. People who believed in telepathic communication have been embracing their developments and enthusiastically talking about them, and those who didn’t or were unsure before personal experience jarred them believing are hesitant to speak about it. I have cautioned before and feel it is wise to do it again: Novice telepathic communicators must be extremely discerning about the sources who have contacted them—they need to ask for protection of the Christed light and insist that all sources reaching them be light beings. This is necessary until such time that the darkness has been vanquished by Earth’s ascension into still higher frequencies where spiritual clarity is a given.

34. Mother, I am keenly aware that much of what I have told you is still within the grasp of the darkness. Now that your list of questions has been answered, I want to end this in a bright light. The situations that I have addressed that may seem discouraging are changing by the moment to ENcouraging. In all of the dark clouds that still are hovering there are bright silver linings—we ask that you see these, because in doing so, you bring more light to dissipate the dark clouds. You have myriad powerful divine helpers in this, but it is your world and you must participate in bringing the love, joy, peace, harmony and equitable allocation of wealth to all.

35. We know that some channels are receiving messages stating that you are living in an illusion. This is true, but this is still beyond the comprehension of Earth human minds. What is real to you is what you feel. You know that the pain of grief, despair, hopelessness, hunger, war, wounds, fear, torture of mind and body is real! That real-ness has been permeating life on Earth for eons, and it is going to end—you chose to be there now to do just that.

36. You know that feeling joy is real, too. Welcoming a new life, meeting soulmates, setting and achieving a worthy goal, restoring sound health, seeing your child blow out the four candles on a birthday cake, smelling blossoms on fruit trees, hearing a bird’s song, feeling salt spray at ocean’s edge, playing with puppies and kittens and baby rabbits—these and all other joyous occasions are real. You came to Earth to feel that joy and expand it throughout your world.

37. So for now, live within these realities that you do understand and choose those that give joy so their light can illuminate all and eliminate the painful realities. Keeping your thoughts within love will create joy for yourself and the ripple effect will help others create it for themselves, and so on and so on. When your world is revolving in love-light, you will have attained the spiritual growth needed to see the “illusion” and you will rejoice in your emergence into the only reality. You will have returned to your rightful place within the universal family of inseparable souls. THAT will be the ultimate Happy New Year for us all!

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