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ABRIL 5, 2005

Embrace the truth, however initially shocking, and even those events with seemingly devastating effects as proof that you are moving ever closer to regaining paradise on Earth. Stay steadfast in the light! ...

Be discerning in all information; Pope John Paul and Terri Schiavo; Nirvana, a multilayered realm; Earth steadily on ascension course; Codex Alimentarius; the eyes of dark souls; economic outlook; animals’ spiritual awareness; no bioengineered pandemic

S: Matthew dear, hello! As you see, I have many questions for you.

1. MATTHEW: Yes, indeed you do, Mother, and good day to you! I shall gladly answer all, but before we begin with your list, I want to remind everyone of something I have mentioned in previous messages. It is of utmost importance that you use keen discernment in evaluating all information, including channeled. More than ever before, you are being inundated with information, some of it DISinformation, from myriad sources, and part of soul evolvement is learning to use your intuition—your soul’s alert to your consciousness—to discern the validity of what you hear and read. Please do not go into fear if information sounds dire or hold onto that which sounds as if just moments from now, peace and perfection will reign on Earth. We understand that the truth has been so long hidden from you that it is not easy to instinctively know what is true and what is false, but you must expand your minds and determine for yourselves what to believe. We also understand that the truth being revealed—and much more is to come—sometimes is difficult to believe because you have been conditioned by the many powerful influences in your life to accept without questioning whatever “authorities” tell you, thus some revelations forthcoming may be shocking.

2. Earth is reaching energy levels where truth is being revealed in all the areas where you have been misled by falsehoods and kept unaware of universal reality. The energy of these higher vibrations is bringing to light the ancient wisdom and knowledge that has been withheld from you in third density, where the darkness that has held you captive, thrives. Now, Mother, that said, please type the first question.

S: Many people have asked for your comments about Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul.

3. MATTHEW: Knowing that these questions have been sent to you is partly why I said that some revelations may be shocking.

4. First I shall speak about Pope John Paul. The Pope so beloved and respected by many throughout your world was cloned several years ago when it became clear to the dark souls that he was a liability. Seeing that he was determined to hinder their aim of retaining their power over religious believers, they ended the physical life of the light being John Paul. Since his soul elected not to enter the clone, he transitioned to Nirvana and has worked diligently to bring light to all souls on Earth.

5. In accordance with his soul contract and conscious desire, John Paul wanted to lift the people of the world above the confinements of the church dogma that was controlling them through deceit, and that did not serve the purpose of the dark souls who were bent on maintaining the status quo. Consider: What single influence during the past two millennia has been more divisive and has wielded more control over lives than religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church with its strategically established infallibility of its highest authority, the Pope? Although the clones that have been carrying on in the name of the Pope have publicly shown his gentleness, humility and loving spirit, it was to beguile, not to show the way to true spiritual growth. None of the reforms John Paul intended have come to pass. At the time of the downloading of his intelligence, knowledge, and experiential memories into the first clone, the clone was programmed to suppress John Paul’s divine inspiration to allow ancient records hidden in the Vatican to come forth and to share with the world's poor the vast wealth amassed by the church.

6. Speaking now of Terri Schiavo, her soul left her body within a few weeks of the onset of her comatose condition. Living in a vegetative state was not part of Terri's soul contract—had it been, her soul would have remained with the body—and no discarnate soul wished to transfer, or “walk in,” to the body. Her physical reactions were the body's life force responding to others' interaction with her, but there was no real mental recognition, only primitive physical responses. It is understandable that those closest to Terri in either love bonds or nursing attendance interpreted her responses as a full life force—i.e., spirit, mind and body—because they had no awareness that her soul could choose, much less that it did so choose many years ago, to move onward into a world of activity and evolvement. It is distasteful—let me say that more strongly—it is despicable that Terri was used as a political and legal mechanism, and it has been sad for us to see the prolonged agony of her parents and their family. I am choosing not to speak of her husband as I don't see how I could without appearing to be judgmental, and I am not judging him. Someday he will do that himself.

S: This is a good place to bring in the suggestion of someone who has read the books that you explain in a message, which reaches far more people than the books, what heaven is.

7. MATTHEW: Excellent suggestion! Nirvana, the proper name of the world commonly called heaven, is a multilayered realm that encompasses both of what are considered by Earth religions to be heaven or hell. Every soul who leaves an Earth lifetime automatically is drawn to the layer of Nirvana where the energy corresponds to the individual’s energy that is registered by his or her lifelong free will choices in thought, feeling and action. As individuals in the lower and basest layers receive the light continuously beamed to them, they progress upward into layers of lighter density. I cannot reduce an entire book to fit into this explanation, so for those who wish to know more about the transition from Earth to spirit lifetime and the vibrant, diverse life in Nirvana, I suggest reading Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven.

S: OK dear! This multipart question also is about Pope John Paul and Terri Schiavo—all the prayers for both of them. Pertaining to Terri: Since some prayers were for her to be allowed to die and others were to keep her alive, this put a great deal of emphasis on “the other side.” The two highly publicized deaths have been a focus on the whole process of dying. The writer would like you to comment on her statements and also: Will all the praying change or hasten coming events?

8. MATTHEW: Most prayers for Terri were sent forth with such fervency—actually some in anger—by people promoting their own philosophies, that collectively they created static energy rather than the sense of peacefulness that could have come with prayers “for her highest good.” You rarely know your own soul contracts, much less another’s, so always praying for one’s highest good is the most effective prayer. Still, I must say that prayer is seriously misunderstood. It is not something said in specific words at a designated time or special place. It is ALL of your thoughts and feelings about the person—or self!—at all times in all places. Nearly all prayers for Pope John Paul were based in love or at least respect regardless of people’s religious affiliation. These indeed were powerful in opening hearts and had the effect of a great in-pouring of healing light, which Earth joyfully welcomed.

9. The deaths of these two prominent people, as well as the days preceding and following, have had a profound impact upon people’s sensitivities and greatly increased soul-searching into the purpose of life on Earth and what the afterlife holds. So, despite the reality that long ago John Paul’s and Terri’s souls chose to enter Nirvana, the deaths of the persons the masses believe them to be have had the very beneficial effect of heightened awareness within the populace.

S: The next question: Are we actually in the 4th dimension, or close, and if we are in it, how far approximately have we gone?

10. MATTHEW: First let me say that the progression from third density completely into fourth is a huge step in consciousness-raising, and it is a matter of individual souls, not a collective mass, who make this journey. So, even as your majority population still is lagging in this respect, some of you already are within fourth density insofar as spiritual clarity. The members of your space family who are living among you came with that clarity or still greater evolvement and comprehension of universal truths.

11. Earth herself is steadily on pace in her ascension process and is nearing the end of third density’s clutches, where the darkness is making its last desperate stand to retain control. We can see the strands of dark power snapping like sparks from a live wire that still has some sparks to fling off before the ultimate remedy comes. Once the planet is fully within fourth density, her travels into fifth will be comparatively swift and marked by the golden glow of cooperation, sharing and harmony between individuals and among neighbors, townsfolk, countrywide and globally.

S: Please speak about Codex Alimentarius, the agreement made by powerful national and international organizations that very soon will make dietary supplements obtainable only by prescription.

12. MATTHEW: This blatant effort to reduce or eliminate your access to these natural and effective treatments and remedies may come into law, but if so, like other unjust laws and practices devised by the dark forces, it will not last long. The same is true of all other dark measures to jeopardize your health, such as the proliferation of harmful prescription drugs, mandatory vaccinations, the spreading of toxins via chemtrails, fluoridation of water, and radioactivity. Greatly to your benefit, the drugs and inoculations will cease, and your space family has the technology to quite quickly restore purity to your air, soil and water. I want to add that your own efforts in resistance to all of the current destructive measures are imperative as evidence of your choice and determination to right the wrongs in your world!

S: This is a good place to insert a question that’s on down the list: Why is everyone so sick? The writer said that sickness is hitting young people, too.

13. MATTHEW: In previous messages I have said that there is no one single cause of the varying types and harshness of maladies that indeed are more prevalent than in past years. All the toxins in those manmade conditions I just mentioned are reaching collective quantities sufficient to batter your immune systems, with the symptoms more severe or lethal in bodies that are especially susceptible to the toxins’ effects. Mother, mindful of more questions on your list and a wish to not exceed the length of “reader interest” that is a concern to you, I won’t ask you to copy my suggestions for minimizing the effects of conditions caused primarily by cellular changes, but I do ask that you please note my message wherein those are included. I want to again mention as well that when illness or pain is prolonged, it is advisable to consult a trusted medical practitioner. [The March 1, 2004 message contains Matthew’s suggestions; it is archived on a number of Web sites, including]

S: Since both “good” and “bad” reptilians are on Earth, how can we recognize one from the other so we know whom to trust?

14. MATTHEW: On Earth, reptilians appear in bodies like yours so that they blend in, so I’d say that recognition and trust are the same as with your human population. And please remember: Many of you have the genetic inheritance of both species, and I’m speaking here about only the composition of physical bodies, not souls. Now then, the eyes of dark souls of any origin are the most revealing—there is no light to shine through—and rarely can dark ones master looking directly into the eyes of light beings because they avoid the light. Better said, they fear the light because they believe it will be their downfall—they don’t understand that it would be their salvation! Evaluate people’s actions, not the rhetoric of those whom you know or know about, and always pay attention to your intuition and instincts. By the universal law of like attracts like, you are naturally drawn to some individuals and you withdraw from others, depending upon your energy streamers and theirs. Regardless of species, light beings attract each other and the same is true of the dark.

S: The next question: Does Matthew have any thoughts on 1) the break in the economy, 2) a potential stock market crash, 3) a crash in real estate, 4) an explosive move in gold and possibly silver?

15. MATTHEW: Yes, I have very clear thoughts on those. National economies are in tatters, especially in the United States, and many countries are both impoverished and encumbered with massive debt. Stock markets everywhere—which always have been manipulated by the Illuminati and by now have ballooned out of repair—will be brought into a realistic form initially and very likely replaced by a better system later on. Real estate prices have burgeoned, making home ownership difficult or impossible for the average young family; yet construction of houses and commercial buildings continues even as many are vacant or repossessed by the mortgage lenders, and the ranks of the homeless are growing. Gold and silver will become the value base for all present forms of currency, so yes, an “explosive move” there.

16. All of this is part of the transition from the current hording of unimaginably vast fortunes and the abject poverty of billions, to which only those living in those polar circumstances can relate, to the equitable allocation of the world’s resources. This is a vital step toward reaching fourth and fifth densities, therefore the changes will begin shortly. Actually, they have begun on a small scale, but I cannot give an exact timeframe when the full impact of profound changes will come because in this moment, there isn’t sufficient clarity in the energy field of potential to determine this.

S: You have said that the innocence of animals automatically will let them ascend with Earth. Does this mean that their cells are changing to crystalline and their consciousness is being raised, like light-receptive people?

17. MATTHEW: Yes to both. Mother, you know this, but for those who may not, I emphasize this extremely important fact: Animals’ spiritual awareness, sensitivity to energy fluctuations, and extent of emotions and intelligence have long been underestimated or completely disregarded by unfeeling humans, the most brutal killers on Earth. Among some animal species, usually those most commonly considered pets, are highly evolved souls who have chosen to experience in animal bodies, thus they have far more wisdom and spiritual clarity than many within your human population. These animals have come specifically to enhance your relationship with all animal life because this is vital to your individual journeys into the higher vibrations where cruelty in any form cannot exist. Without the awakening that has come to those who are dedicated to improving the lives of animals, Earth could not have made the progress she has in ascending out of third density.

S: Mash dear, thank you for going beyond the answer to the question! Next: When Earth completes its transition to a new density, will it be exclusively photon-based or with some electrons and just predominantly photons? Will there be a defined moment when our electrical and electronic equipment stops functioning, or will it be gradual, or will the equipment keep on working but we won’t need it?

18. MATTHEW: Photons and electrons are the primary sources of energy in your solar system’s part of the universe. The two types of particles can co-exist, but the energy source for any inhabited celestial body is determined by which of the particles is dominant, as electrons now are on Earth. When photons increase in your atmosphere to the point where they are dominant, equipment designed for electrical energy cannot operate. That day is coming, but you will be ready for it. By then you will have equipment designed to use photon energy, so you won’t experience a sudden moment when your current items abruptly cease functioning.

S: With the talk of bird flu and other new diseases, is a bioengineered pandemic on its way?

19. MATTHEW: No. As long as the dark forces retain any power, they will continue attempts to unleash their laboratory-devised viruses to vastly reduce Earth’s population—achieving this end has been part of their scheme for global domination. With AIDS and various types of conditions diagnosed as cancer, they have achieved success primarily by means of the toxic medications and treatments, but the introduction of new diseases will not succeed. For instance, SARS was intended to kill many millions, but with thanks to the neutralizing measures initiated by your space family, only relatively few deaths occurred. Although the slaughter of healthy animals to “prevent the spread of disease” may happen, the same preventive measures regarding diseases will be undertaken by your ET friends for the comparatively short time dark souls will be around to attempt such dreadful actions against Earth’s life forms.

S: Matthew, there are still several questions, but I’m concerned about the length of this message. Is it OK with you if we get to the others next week?

20. MATTHEW: Mother, I know that for the most part, you have asked the questions where timeliness is an issue, and the others can wait a week without compromising their worthiness. I shall add only that this is a fast-action time for everyone. You will be seeing more and more revelations of truth as deceit and corruption are exposed, and also more evidence of Earth’s release of negativity through geophysical means. Embrace the truth, however initially shocking, and even those events with seemingly devastating effects as proof that you are moving ever closer to regaining paradise on Earth. Stay steadfast in the light!

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