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Saturday, April 4, 2009

JULY 16, 2004

Although even more extraterrestrial assistance is being supplied, you have the same right, privilege and responsibility to help create the world of YOUR Golden Age vision and no one else’s ...

No US election postponement seen; Illuminati will determine presidential victor; Matthew’s service throughout galaxies; significant development: Earth will ascend at desired pace, not wait for all dark souls to embrace the light; reforms in NESARA going ahead without its announcement

S: Matthew dear…hello!

1. MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, hello to you! I know you have had in your mind to record my comments on the forthcoming presidential election in the United States, so shall we start with that and then I shall tell you about a most significant development?

S: Yes, let’s do that—so, will the election be postponed?

2. MATTHEW: We do not see this happening. Yes, there may be a lot of talk about the “need” to do this to prevent some mythical undefined terrorist plot to disrupt the election process. Insofar as the general attitude about this, we see it predominantly as: “What is to disrupt except the possibility that Bush will be voted out of office?” Thus publicly this may seem as that administration’s transparent attempt to circumvent the voters’ opportunity to cast ballots for the Democratic party candidate, and ostensibly the effort will not fly because of this logical argument: If not in November there will be safety for the nation to hold the election, when WILL it be safe to assume that no terrorism could occur and the election could be safely scheduled?

3. Nevertheless, despite the logic, this scenario is but another fear tactic, just without the multicolored terrorist alert system. People who know that both party candidates are controlled by decisions of the Illuminati and therefore, only the faces and personalities may be changed by an election, realize that it doesn’t really make any difference which candidate is voted into office. Furthermore, the election outcome doesn’t rest on how many votes are cast for whom—the Illuminati will determine the election winner in accordance with who will best serve their interests of moving onward toward global domination. This likely will mean determining which man seemingly could be considered the “people’s choice” in an effort to preserve the façade of “free and democratic elections.” While this has not been the case in any U.S. presidential election for decades, even centuries, only in the last election was the fraud so blatant that it couldn’t be missed.

S: Is the postponement talk Bush’s idea or did the Illuminati set it up?

4. MATTHEW: I imagine it came out of a high level meeting, and considering the timing, most likely it was the recent Bilderbergers meeting. My impression is from observing glimpses of what is occurring—I’ve had no conversations with the monitors in Nirvana who keep abreast of every detail pertinent to all significant happenings on Earth. What I clearly know is the purpose, which is to create fear and confusion—the energy of this intention is clearly evident at this station of my present service.

[NOTE: For about six years Matthew has been traveling throughout this galaxy and others at the invitation of civilizations to evaluate and recommend upgrades to their sanctuary realms that serve them as Nirvana serves us. This involves his being in many different densities and the use of “energy relays” regarding information transmitted to and from him. Our energetic makeup is aligned, so even though he has evolved considerably from his lifetime in Nirvana, there is no interference in our telepathic connection. Also, his position at any moment doesn’t diminish his awareness of situations here and elsewhere in the universe; it means that not in all cases does he know or need to know every detail.

Matthew hasn’t reincarnated and neither has Ithaca, although in her new mission she no longer is teaching and healing in Nirvana. Although neither of them is in Nirvana very often, both still consider that world their “home” because Esmeralda is living there, but their family reunions also can be in other parts of the universe.]

S: So this is just another way to create fear and mislead the public who don’t know that whichever candidate “wins,” it’s still business as usual?

5. MATTHEW: Exactly. The only issue is how long that “business” can continue before it collapses completely. Because we are keenly aware of the controversy regarding NESARA’s validity, we are not focusing on its provision that, upon its announcement, the president and his cabinet and Congress will be removed from office and the transitional government at the ready will take over. Instead we are focusing on the increased abundance of light that will bring about this shift in the authorities within the United States. [NOTE: NESARA is National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and the only truthful information about this US legislation is on]

6. Mother, the “most significant development” I mentioned is this: Earth will not permit more desecration to her population in any life form or to her planetary body. Ages-old as well as recent United States policies and activities hold forth only the promise of more of these happenings, and this will NOT be allowed to continue. Restoration and preservation within higher frequencies is Earth’s choice, and in accordance with this, her constant high light assistants within, on and beyond the planet are revving up to end actions to initiate or prolong wars, oppression, diseases, environmental destruction, erosion of human rights, and the negativity that these create. This means that the kind of governing that has caused and perpetuated these conditions anywhere must end.

S: Does this mean a real change or is it just a matter of leaving NESARA out of the “focus”?

7. MATTHEW: What it means, Mother, is that no longer is Earth dependent upon NESARA’s implementation for political and economic reforms your country needs, so yes, it is a major change. What it does NOT mean is that this vital legislation conceived by high light beings has become invalid or unnecessary! This change has come because of the undiminished power of the Illuminati in blocking NESARA’s announcement that has to precede implementation of its reforms. We had anticipated that the dark powers would attempt to cause delays, so these have not been surprising, but it has been disappointing that so few have heeded their soul level contracts to turn to the light after fulfilling their karmic roles to bring balance to themselves and a multitude of others.

8. That is what has prompted Earth’s free will choice that her desired ascension rate will not be further delayed by more efforts of dark design. She intends to start moving along at her desired pace into the higher frequencies and she is being assisted in this by a still greater abundance of light beaming in to remove the energy blockages caused by negativity. This additional light is being generated primarily by the advanced civilizations but indeed, all souls among you who welcome the light are adding to this increased momentum.

9. I have mentioned before that when Earth reaches a certain frequency, the bodies of people who have refused the light—which would both bring spiritual clarity and sustain physical life in lighter densities—will die and the souls automatically will descend to a low world where energy registration is the same as their lifetime free will choices. That world will be at a rudimentary cognitive level so learning can begin without the remnants of darkness to influence choices. I want to clarify that this does NOT refer to people who are still “in the dark” through the innocence of ignorance, but to those who consciously know the difference between the light and the dark. With full knowingness of their souls’ chosen missions, they are willingly ignoring them and instead are choosing to continue causing massive death and suffering for millions of souls outside of those souls’ pre-birth agreements for experiencing.

10. Many souls on Earth are living in kindness and justness and are greatly desirous for a better world, but they have no idea what is happening behind what they see and regard as evil. These people are terribly discouraged, sometimes disillusioned with God by whatever name, hating the slaughter and feeling hopeless that goodness will ever triumph over evil. Although the energy attachments of these heavy feelings and thoughts are creating negativity, they are not sent out with malice, but rather with the honesty of desperation and grief, thus they do not form the intensity of negativity that intentional malicious acts do.

11. Mother, your mind is in confusion. Please take a moment to think clearly.

S: Mash dear, I want to be sure I understand this right. Is it that regardless of attempts by the dark forces to keep their power over us, and whether or not it’s through NESARA that economic and political reforms come, Earth is moving into higher frequencies and these new frequencies alone will get rid of the dark influences that are still so prevalent here?

12. MATTHEW: Not exactly, Mother—or rather, not totally is more accurate. Previously the law of the universe most directly applicable to this situation is the one that decrees that no civilization of light beings may interfere with the free will choices of another world’s population, and that law certainly hasn’t been changed! What has changed is that Earth’s new free will choice to ascend at her desired pace is taking precedence in being honored by God and by extension, the advanced civilizations that are helping your planet.

S: Well, for quite a long time you and God have told me that with or without everyone here going along, Earth is ascending, so I can’t see any difference now except that it isn’t NESARA alone that will accomplish necessary changes. Well, you know I don’t mean “alone,” but its various reforms are extremely important—or has that changed?

13. MATTHEW: Mother, yes, I do know that you know it never was that NESARA alone would accomplish vitally needed changes. Always this legislation written within United States constitutional law has been only part of what enables Earth’s journey into the higher densities. And the importance of its provision that would swiftly generate light to enable Earth’s ascending into fourth density via the immediate removal of the entire United States government after the legislation is announced has not changed. Because of that government’s harmful influence on a global scale, most of which is achieved through bombastic arrogance, intimidation and rampant deception, its removal would quickly and greatly lessen the negativity Earth still is dealing with. This in turn would allow people to open their hearts and minds to the truth that has been long hidden, the truth that you have been receiving immeasurable assistance from light beings of your space family and that each of you as a part of God is inseparable from God and all other souls in this universe. Definitely the need for this has not changed.

14. What has changed is Earth’s free will choice. Her first choice was to have all of you “see the light” and accompany her, thus giving everyone the opportunity to turn from the greed, hatred, prejudice, lies, oppression and violence that interfere with the growth not only of one’s own soul, but millions of others who did not choose this as their current experiencing. And of course all the light beings who have been helping Earth by beaming their light to each of you and judging none were honoring that choice. All along our messages through respected channels have been guidance along these lines because of our love for each and every one of you—indeed, Earth’s love for each and every soul!—so you may say this truly has been and is a “labor of love.”

15. It is not as correct to say “love’s labor lost” even though Earth now is no longer willing to wait for her entire human population to accept the light required for physical survival in the higher densities where she is heading. Again, this NOT a judgment of those souls! When it became clear to Earth that they have no intention of joining the light, she relinquished her first choice to pace her ascension so all could make the journey with her. Consider the eons of beloved Earth’s patience, which lasted until she was in her death throes from millennia of accumulating negativity, and you can understand why she no longer is willing to let the recalcitrant among her population lessen her momentum into the higher vibrations.

16. At this point, continuing to let the free will choices of the recalcitrant ones devastate other lives in any form as well as her planetary body would indeed cause a loss in her ascension progress, progress that is intended to uplift all light receptive souls.

17. Please realize that in no way is this abandoning the dark souls! On the contrary, it is giving them the opportunity to begin anew in another world as well as removing their influence that still is so damaging to Earth. The negativity of this damage could seriously impede her advancement if she waited longer for all souls to embrace the light that will enable them to accompany her. So there is no change in her ultimate aim—ascension—only in her new willingness to move forward to preserve the physical lives of more souls than if she continued to give more and then even more time in the hope that all dark ones will choose to get on board.

18. This means that there can be greatly more involvement by the other civilizations to assist your planet achieve her new objective. It doesn’t mean that their light beamed to dark individuals will be lessened, but rather that they now have much more latitude in deflecting dark intentions. With or without NESARA’s announcement, the aim of the darkness to keep their control by political and financial oppression will not be permitted to continue.

S: Matthew, excuse me—what does “more latitude in deflecting dark intentions” mean? The ETs already are preventing nuclear detonations in space, reducing the toxins in pollution and weaponry, and alleviating the effects of geophysical disasters. Not to mention helping to keep Earth in stable orbit! So does this mean simply they’ll be beaming more light to us, or maybe other civilizations will join those who already are doing this? What you said doesn’t sound like that, though.

19. MATTHEW: But I did mean that, Mother, because light is Earth’s most essential need to reduce, then eliminate the negativity that is impeding her ascension progress. However, that is not the whole story—there are other new efforts that are more tangible, if you will. For instance, the power of the controllers is vested in their vast monetary hoarding, which certainly has prevented peace of mind for many of you personally. Their control extends to all resources on the planet, and beyond this it has prevented the many improvements in lives that both suppressed and new technologies will enable. Funding that has been withheld will be released for these purposes and permissions to proceed that have been withheld will be forthcoming.

20. Although light beings cannot directly displace the most powerful dark ones, they will be energetically moved into influential positions where they can authorize changes that ultimately will remove those dark ones from their positions as well as enable the developments I mentioned. Others will continue pressure for investigations to disclose the truth of 9/11, the war in Iraq, the presence of other civilizations on and around the planet, and many other areas where you have been deceived. Eventually the facts will emerge on a wide scale and those responsible will be justly dealt with. These are some of NESARA’s vital objectives, you know, and they will be met!

21. Additionally, ET technology will be directed at electronic issues wherein money movement will not go the way the dark forces intend and undetectable glitches in their communication efforts will create confusion and errors. I am not speaking “out of school” here as the dark forces are aware that this has started happening and they cannot locate the origins or detect and correct the flaws. This adds to their fear that they are losing control and their activities will become even more clumsy and obvious until all is “brought to light.”

22. It is of utmost importance that you do not expect “final results” tomorrow, but rather that you focus thoughts and feelings on this new era for Earth as having been achieved—manifesting your world in love, peace and harmony in this manner still is the law of the universe! At this station of light we pray that you also have greater confidence that, although even more extraterrestrial assistance is being supplied, you have the same right, privilege and responsibility to help create the world of YOUR Golden Age vision and no one else’s. That is why you chose to be on Earth instead of elsewhere!


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