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Saturday, April 4, 2009

AUGUST 22, 2004

We are with you in every step along your pathway, embracing and uplifting you with the love-light of the universe...

“Recalcitrant” souls; more about 2012; destructive politics; release of small funds; restoration of Earth—changes to anticipate; soulless clones; ET assistance during and after Earth’s ascension into fourth density

S: Hi dear! Can we start with the channeling that was sent for your comments?

1. MATTHEW: Of course! Mother, you noticed immediately the use of the word “recalcitrant.” Yes, my word in my last two messages with reference to the souls who have knowingly refused to honor their soul contracts wherein they agreed to play “dark” roles that enabled a multitude of souls to complete their chosen karmic experiencing, and then they were to join the light forces. It was familiarity with me as a source of information that led to that receiver hearing that terminology from her own high source—that is, she was not “copying.”

2. Since my last message, there has indeed been a change in the “recalcitrant ones,” but it is not quite as expressed in that channeling. There is a vital word missing: receptive. I have utmost respect for that receiver soul, and I’m reminding you of the filtering systems inherent in telepathic communication that can easily account for words occasionally being misunderstood or not received.

3. information is from the light, usually that makes no significant difference, but the omission of “receptive” in that context does impart a different meaning to the message than was intended by the source. As that message stands, every soul on the planet has accepted the light and thus will accompany Earth in her journey of ascension; however, that is not the case at this moment. There still are some hardcore holdouts among the darkly inclined reptilians, reptoid-human beings and humans, and they are not among the many souls who did relinquish their dark tendencies and accepted that recent special light offering. That doesn’t lessen one iota our rejoicing over those who did, but the channeling needs correction on that point. The differing DNA in human and reptilian and reptoid-human bodies is only a defining physical element, and it’s the souls that are at issue here.

S: Matthew, you’re certain there still are “holdouts”?

4. MATTTHEW: Yes, although with all of my being I wish it were not the case. Mother, if every soul had accepted the light offering, you would be seeing unmistakable evidence of it. You would see truces in all warring areas, with combatants happily laying down their weapons and preparing to return to their families. You would see the full truth being revealed about the longstanding deception of governments and the powerful elite who control them. You would see reconstruction instead of more destruction and humanitarian aid in overwhelming amounts to the millions who are in desperate circumstances; the members of your space family who are among you would be introducing themselves, and so on. And you WILL see those developments, but in this moment you are not.

5. The channeling’s portrayal of the accelerated violence and other nefarious activities as their energy momentum is rapidly playing out is as we view it and have previously stated. The same is true of the greatly intensified beaming of light to Earth by your benevolent space family and by the lighted spirit realms—it is to the fearful souls in whom there is an absence of light that we beam it with greatest intensity. We see with sorrow the collective heartaches as these episodes of darkness continue to run their course, even as with joy we witness this greater intensity of light being generated by more of you.

S: Matthew, does this additional light development mean that we won’t have to wait until 2012 to see the last remnants of fear and suffering on Earth?

6. MATTHEW: What so recently has transpired is glorious indeed, and we wholeheartedly welcome this increase in lighted souls that is enabling Earth to rise more quickly into higher vibrations. But Mother, your question puts this in your calendar “time” and that’s not applicable. The faster, or more intensely, the light infuses Earth, the more swiftly your “time” passes as the planet moves further into fourth density vibrations. So, just as in this moment your calendar week is passing in less than half the time that a calendar week did a dozen or so years past, the year 2012 will be coming to you much more rapidly than seven or eight of your calendar years.

S: Why is that year so important? Why can’t the Golden Age begin in 2005, for instance?

7. MATTHEW: I’m glad to see you smiling, dear soul! Well, when you’re speaking hypothetically, why not start with 2011 in your mind and quickly slide down to 2005 for typing? Very well—the year 2012 has historic significance universally. It involves celestial orbiting cycles and their influences on your planet as well as life designs made in total clarity by highly evolved beings who planned Higher Universal-MAN with attributes of spirituality and intelligence that far exceeded today’s Earth population. Opportunities to return to higher densities have been offered in prior cycles and missed, and this time when the energetic alignment is again optimal, advanced civilizations are assisting so Earth’s desire to rise to her former vibratory level is assured. What happens on Earth affects the universe, so it is of utmost significance to those advanced civilizations that the dark ages on your home planet be reconciled within the light and you knowledgeably take your rightful place among your universal family.

8. But again, a date is not the issue—it is the incoming vibrations that are increasing the pace of Earth’s ascension into the fullness of fourth density that is of consummate interest and significance. If Earth were still struggling today as she was 50 years ago, even though your calendar would indicate the year 2004, the “time” of passage of the next eight years would seem an eternity in those lower frequencies. It would be somewhat like a child whose third birthday has just passed and she impatiently is waiting for her eleventh birthday to come because she has been promised a puppy then. Furthermore, the time of preparation for the Golden Age will become more and more light-filled and joyous for you!

S: We can hardly wait for this turnaround from what’s going on now!!! Mash, it was really upsetting to hear from someone who wrote that no source in the light speaks of politics and no clear channel would be receiving that kind of information, and he doesn’t want me to send him any more of your messages. Will you please tell me how I can respond to this?

9. MATTHEW: Mother dear soul, if he can explain how the state of your world came to be what is apparent to you and what is happening behind the scenes without mentioning politics, I’d be happy to hear it. Without the higher view of what is seen on Earth as the direct results of political decisions, how else can you know the critical nature of these in the karmic balancing act that is pivotal to Earth’s and your own physical ascension into the higher frequencies?

10. There can be explanations or descriptions that avoid “politics,” but the fact is, it is political ideologies that brought Earth to her near-death condition about 60 years ago. The negativity accumulated throughout the millennia of cruel and unjust leaders influenced by the darkness to create turmoil, grief and devastation is being released through what often is called planetary cleansing. Without your understanding what is happening in context of the divine purpose at work, would not fear, hatred, despair and hopelessness be more widespread than they are? It is those emotions, which carry magnified negativity, that we are seeking to dispel with the in-pouring of light along with our messages to enlighten you about what is transpiring and why.

11. The man who wrote may have an understanding of this and thus have no need to hear that, most simply stated, it’s politics that has been causing negativity in your world and it is being “brought to light” for healing. However, if he is seeing only politics in my messages, he is missing at least two essential points that have been emphasized repeatedly: Even as you feel compassion for those who are suffering, we ask that you not judge any whose actions you see as causing it; and we ask you to send light to those in darkness, as the absence of light is what causes them to act as they do.

S: Thank you, dear! In your last message you said that funds that had been delayed for light projects were starting to be released. How will this new development affect that situation?

12. MATTHEW: As I mentioned then, when Earth changed her mind about waiting for the recalcitrant ones so she could ascend with as many souls as possible accompanying her, haste was the order of the day to spare more physical deaths via starvation, disease and combat. Her decision led to this latest development of the intensified light offering, and in consonance with Earth’s desire, God authorized your space family to beam even more light than previously. This additional intensity is changing the free will choices of the dark ones by virtually blinding them to their former attitudes and objectives, a major one of which was safeguarding their amassed fortunes, not sharing them. With their former intentions and strategies to achieve their goals no longer clear in their vision—they literally are losing sight of how to manipulate circumstances in their favor as they formerly did—loosening their purse strings is one natural effect. Because money still is the basis for “moving and shaking” and clearly conditions require immense economic changes, this is a crucial area for reform. Nevertheless, the “hardcore holdouts” I spoke of are the peak of the powerful, so even though more funds will be released because of that development, resistance to distributing the vast hoarded wealth is logically anticipated for a while longer.

S: So only minor changes are starting now?

13. MATTHEW: Well, Mother, it’s the start of MORE changes, perhaps more obvious changes, because it’s not that nothing in that area and other vital areas has been improving! If you could see in motion the pace of the past many centuries with the dominance of darkness and only intermittent flickers of light, alongside the speed of the past several decades of growing light abundance, you would marvel at the swiftness of the changes. Just 60 or so years ago your planet was close to annihilation—Earth was so weak that she needed massive assistance from advanced civilizations’ technology simply to remain in orbit. We devoutly wish that everyone could know how much healthier Earth is now—you would be feeling thankful for her renewed strength rather than feeling discouraged because the light hasn’t totally overcome the darkness.

S: Considering where Earth was, current environmental conditions really are not as precarious as they seem. With this greater light intensity, will everything automatically improve from now on?

14. MATTHEW: Mother dear soul, I don’t mean to confuse the issue here. Indeed, the greater the light intensity, the healthier your planet’s condition will continue to be, but this doesn’t mean that lands once forested and now are barren automatically will have trees, or that stopping the activities that have so adversely affected marine life automatically will reverse the damage and loss, or that relieving the negativity that has caused frozen vastness and deserts will automatically make them flourish. I am not saying that this could NOT happen in the twinkling of an eye, but rather that it is not what is going to happen, because you are there to assist in the restoration of Earth.

15. Everything is energy vibrating at one or another frequency, and when Earth was in prime health, in eras you don’t remember, all of her life forms were vibrating harmoniously. When she was near death six decades or so back, there was no harmony whatsoever, no balance of nature—there was hardly sufficient light to sustain any kind of life, including hers. What is happening now in her journey toward total rejuvenation is that other life forms are coming more strongly into the stabilizing forces to achieve balance once again. The devic kingdom, which is little known there, will have an essential and recognized role in restoration, including the changing weather patterns so there will be far greater equanimity of temperatures than currently. The second edition of the Garden of Eden will be bountiful in beauty and resources albeit with different allocations of energy from what is familiar to you generating the reciprocity needed for balance. Within that ideal sensation are the love, harmony, serenity and beauty of spirit that you, in your remembered awareness of being godselves, will be emanating to achieve it.

16. Yes, as we often have assured you, you will continue to have the aid of your space family in Earth’s return to her Eden self, but you are in charge of the restoration because it is your homeland and you chose to be there specifically to participate in this process. There’s a need to reduce toxic pollution in the atmosphere, soil and water, for example. There is a need for massive planting to restore forests to the levels required for the balance of nature, and to preserve and expand habitats where animals have been reduced to countable numbers. The oceans must be restored to health so marine life can flourish instead of disappear, and it is necessary to keep pristine land areas free of concrete incursions and to find alternative building materials and power sources. Indeed all of these areas and others as well call for the help of willing and able extraterrestrials, but your own efforts are essential too—that’s why millions of you are being inspired to actively participate or monetarily support environmental movements.

17. The point I was making, Mother, is that even with all these areas where specific efforts are needed, Earth is in far sounder condition now than she was when her life force had been diminished to her spark connection with Creator. It would be much more beneficial if the energy in fearful thoughts about Earth’s future were directed toward the positive results of your and your space family’s collaborative efforts. This again is in line with our repeated urgings: Focus on the positive, on what you WANT your world to be!

S: Matthew, that’s all well and good, but what about situations like the whales that are being killed or dying and they’re needed for anchoring the light? And other life forms that are seriously dwindling, like the seafood that is becoming scarce? Will deserts become arable lands again so food can be grown for the people there? And what about the relentless land development that’s continuing to upset the balance of nature? We know oil isn’t in infinite quantities and its extraction is harmful to Earth anyway, but transportation is dependent on it and we’re dependent on transportation. How quickly can Earth overcome all the domino effects of global warming and everything humans have destroyed? Even when wars end, how many people will die from disease and starvation before the Golden Age is here? I’m not thinking negatively, dear, just asking realistic questions.

18. MATTHEW: I do understand, Mother. There will be many changes. A world of peace, love and harmony demands more changes than only the absence of war and other dire circumstances that cause fear, grief and suffering. Yes, many, many people will die before the Golden Age arrives. As sorrowful as these deaths may appear to you, what these souls endure beyond their pre-birth agreements gives them leaps forward in soul growth, and the vital importance of any incarnation notwithstanding, this one is but a fleeting moment of their eternal life. They will greet their return to Nirvana knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime, it will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world and the abiding love among its inhabitants.

19. About the cetaceans, yes, their spiritual mission is to embody in huge bulk and inhabit the seas to absorb and anchor the light being beamed to the planet from distant civilizations. That purpose soon will have been fulfilled and these souls, which species-wide are the highest evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they make transition. Those who are leaving physically continue to grace your planet with their love energy.

20. As Earth continues her ascension into the higher vibrations, eating habits will change as people learn to respect and honor all animal life, so the reduction in food sources from the seas will not be a concern. The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition, and as plants become diet staples, those that are harmfully genetically engineered will lose their health risk elements.

21. The allocation of food and other basic life essentials available in the richer countries will be shared on an equitable basis with the poorer countries until a global production order is achieved. Carnivorous animals will exit their food chain and turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance as they evolve into peaceable companions once again, and animal reproduction will be naturally slowed so they will not overpopulate the planet. The balance of nature no longer will require pestilence, so no disease causing or transmitting factors will be present, and the use of toxic chemicals and prescription drugs will cease.

22. Current and imminent technologies will be used for improving all conditions of life, but here, too, there will be changes from what you are accustomed to, primarily in transportation, power sources and construction materials. Medical treatments will drastically change until there no longer is any need for that because bodies, which will have a greatly longer lifetime, will become free of all forms of dis-ease. Educational systems and resource materials will change to reflect the truth of universal and planetary history, and religions also will change in accordance with the truth that will be revealed.

23. Those are some of the most significant changes, and all will have trickle-down effects that ultimately will permeate and uplift every facet of life on Earth. You can see that changes in employment will be considerable, but your greater spiritual clarity and greater usage of brain capacity in the higher frequencies will enable the transition into fields supporting cooperation and harmony to come joyously.

S: Thank you, dear. Sometimes “today” seems insurmountable and encouragement is helpful, really necessary. In your last message you said that the President Bush seen publicly is a clone and has no soul. I should have thought of these questions myself, but I didn’t—someone else did: Can soulless clones receive the light in prayers and is the real George W. Bush still alive?

24. MATTHEW: Mother, so was I remiss in not treating that topic more thoroughly. A soulless clone cannot receive light but intellectually can respond to the influence of those around him who can; consequently, high beings are directing an abundance of light to the people who can exert the greatest pressure on presidential decisions. Absolutely your prayers directed to the cloned president are effective in that same way because the energy streamers you are sending out carry that intention. Yes, George W. Bush is alive and out of sight of the public, but not out of range for the effects of light being beamed to him if he wishes to accept it.

25. The body has its own life force, so soulless clones are every bit as physically alive as any incarnated soul. What clones lack are the properties of a soul—emotions, especially the capacity to give and receive love; conscience, the sense of right and wrong; moral integrity and honor; intuition; and of course, the awareness of a godself. Clones without souls function totally within whatever measure of intellect and personality was downloaded from the person or a predecessor clone and by behaving in accordance with what they observe around them. Therefore, depending upon what was inherited from the cloned person and the environment in which it lives, a soulless clone may behave in a pleasant, helpful fashion. Clones may be, but not necessarily are produced by any civilization with the technological knowledge to do so.

26. A soul may choose to enter a clone. However, since the only adult human clones on Earth at this point are of maximally powerful people who want to insure that in the event of their death, their control continues over the unaware public, few souls choose to inhabit these cloned bodies. Those who choose to do so come from the highest light, and they enter for the purpose of turning a darkly inclined person into the light. Sometimes this is successful and other times it is not; when it is not, it’s because the darkness is so inculcated in the person’s character that even with the strong will of the lighted soul, it becomes trapped in that density.

27. Readers of Hugo’s excellent explanation of human cloning are familiar with this, but I believe this message will be reaching many people who haven’t read that. [NOTE: “Human Cloning” is a chapter in the second Matthew Book, Revelations for a New Era.]

S: Yes, I’m sure. What can you tell me about John Joseph Kennedy?

28. MATTHEW: He is a high light being and his objective in entering the presidential race is to offer your country the same kinds of ideals and objectives as Dennis Kucinich did in his platform. When the latter’s candidacy went out the window because he didn’t receive the Democratic party’s nomination, Kennedy was inspired to step in and offer the same reforms. Both of these highly evolved souls will be influential in the transitional process to a government with wise and just leadership. Mother, when we were speaking previously about changes, I could have mentioned then that these two souls, along with numerous others in top government and corporate and banking positions, are light beings and are sound evidence of changes already taking place.

S: Yes, I see, but can Kennedy influence the election outcome?

29. MATTHEW: No, but because of what I’ve just mentioned, he can influence the populace of the United States, and because of that country’s global influence, that extends to the world. Mother, unless there is an abrupt turning of the tide, the upcoming election will be another hollow process; however, it will be noteworthy because it will be the last presidential choice that has nothing whatsoever to do with the people’s choice.

S: We are counting on this! Thank you for all your information, dear. That’s it for now unless you have something to add.

30. MATTHEW: Not really add, since it’s something we have conveyed in all of our messages: We are with you in every step along your pathway, embracing and uplifting you with the love-light of the universe.

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