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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AUGUST 31, 2005

So are all the rest of us light beings, we who aren’t gracing your fields with phenomenal patterns, but are as near to you as your heartbeat. As soon as your pathway reaches the higher vibrations where you are heading, you will know how beloved by us you are...

Hurricane Katrina; karmic completion for souls who transitioned; Iraq’s near future; invasion of Iran delayed; military coup in US unlikely; universal language of souls to body cells; tonal absorption

S: Hello dear! Do you have anything to say before we start the questions?

1. MATTHEW: Only my greetings to you, dear soul! Let us begin with the questions about hurricane Katrina as that is in everyone’s mind. To start, I’ll answer those who are asking if global warming was responsible for this titanic storm. Global warming isn’t an actuality, but global cleansing is, and that is what originated Katrina. Yes, increasingly obvious aberrant weather occurrences, even entire climate changes, are besetting the planet; however, they are not heading Earth into oblivion but rather paving the way to her Golden Era. All of these unusual occurrences are either releasing kinetic energy—the amassed negativity due to humankind’s brutality to each other, the animals and the planet body—or clearing specific areas where trauma took place, and all of the extremes shortly will swing back toward moderation of temperatures, breezes, and nourishing rainfall.

2. Now, did weather control technology play any part in this storm’s intensity? Indeed it did! However, Katrina started as Earth’s own effort to rid herself of negativity so that she can continue at her ascension pace—often I have mentioned that geophysical events will continue for a while longer for that reason. Had Mother Nature been left alone, the extent of death and devastation would not have happened—our space family’s technology would have leveled out the hurricane’s forcefulness so that a much wider area, largely over water, would have had stormy weather and the same amount of negativity would have been transmuted.

3. But Mother Nature was not allowed to pursue her own course. On-planet weather controllers, who intended even more death and destruction than is being discovered, saw and seized the opportunity to cause that. By reducing the wind velocity, ET technology thwarted those intentions to the greatest extent possible, but their efforts to deflect the path of the storm were seriously hampered by the controllers’ determined steering of the hurricane into their desired location. Katrina became a battlefield of technologies, and even though the ET’s is more advanced than that developed on-planet, it could not disperse the powerful momentum of that energy so as to prevent the sea inundating low-lying areas.

4. Some among you are wondering if the death toll and property loss is a matter of personal and/or planetary karma. No. The intervention efforts of our space family could not have been put forth if that were the case. A vital aspect of the planetary cleansing that started several decades past and is enabling Earth’s ascension is the opportunity for souls to complete their third density karma so they can accompany Earth into the higher vibrations where darkness cannot exist. From my current station outside your galaxy, I cannot easily monitor all the details of Katrina’s aftermath so I can’t tell you the number of souls whose karma was completed prior to transition, but I know from colleagues in Nirvana that many of the souls’ contracts had not been fulfilled. If the families and friends of those whose physical lives were lost could know that through divine grace, all who died have been given full credit for karmic completion and thus may reincarnate in a higher density, it could be some measure of comfort for those who understand how significant this spiritual evolutionary step is.

5. Since Earth’s karma is tied to her residents’, until all of them have achieved balanced experiencing—and that is the purpose of karma—she herself will be seeking balance.

6. Mother, don’t bother typing your recurring thought: “Was more negativity incurred by Katrina than gotten rid of?” Thankfully, that answer also is “No.” Because the on-planet weather controllers don’t understand Earth’s need to free herself of negativity through release of kinetic energy, they can’t see how disasters of that storm’s proportions can possibly have any positive effects. But there are. A vast amount of kinetic energy was released, which propelled the planet more rapidly in her chosen direction, and the outpouring of light from a compassionate world is adding to the ever increasing in-beaming from well beyond Earth. Take heart in knowing that the outcome of this diabolical plot to kill masses and destroy far more area than was affected is the opposite of what the planners intended. Even with the personal tragedies affecting so many, Katrina is a severe setback for the darkness.

7. The release of that amount of negativity means that the need for severe natural geophysical events in your future has been lessened, although not yet eliminated, and ET technology can immediately counter manmade efforts. While that certainly is good news, the primary positive outcome is that the fourth density, or maybe higher, status of those who physically perished means that no longer are they easy prey for the dark overlords’ influence—that is the real battle between light and dark forces: Which will attract souls? And there is still another excellent result—I’ll mention that in my reply to a question that I know is coming.

S: OK. Please explain how some souls can jump from third density here to higher than fourth in their next incarnate lifetime.

8. MATTHEW: I added that for accuracy of my statement because I don’t know if any among the deceased persons already is fourth or higher in soul evolvement.

S: I see. Thank you. Before we go on to the other questions, do you want to say anything else about Katrina?

9. MATTHEW: I don’t think so, Mother—I replied to the questions on your list and added information, so let’s move on to the next questions that are, in short: What will happen in Iraq? and Will the US invade Iran?

10. The constitution presented to the Iraqi citizens is a sham of democracy devised by the Illuminati’s puppets put into influential positions in that country. There will be heavy opposition to the puppet government, albeit it attributed only to the machinations of the United States government—not to mention that the three major factions in Iraq have different ideas about who is entitled to rule all—so internal strife and chaotic conditions will continue for some time to come. Pressure on the Bush administration to withdraw US military will continue and, added to the disclosure of evidence proving his and others’ complicity in “9/11” and the true reasons for starting the war in Iraq, that will result in troops’ orderly departure and some easing of tensions within that country. However, peace and cooperation among all Iraqis—and this is true of ALL peoples on Earth—will come with the light of the higher frequencies. At that point, if dark influences still are prevailing in some hearts and minds, those souls simply won’t be with the rest of you.

11. Now I return to the positive results of Katrina. First, I shall tell you frankly, that prior to the advent of this hurricane, momentum in the energy field of potential had reached the point where preventing an invasion of Iran was nearly impossible. Now this cannot go forward as intended, not with the nation’s expectation of adequate assistance to the many thousands who are homeless and in great need. It is not due to any greater respect for life among the prominent members of Bush’s administration, but straightforward logistics and funding that must shelve for the time being their invasion plans. Fomenting the turbulence that of course would result from their use of weather control, yet planning to launch an invasion a short time after wreaking such vast destruction at home shows their desperation-type thinking. With still more intense light generation above, on and within Earth, the delay can be sufficient so that the implicating evidence will become public. Even with disbelievers—and the resonance of the shock will be considerable!—the faltering support for troops occupying Iraq, let alone expanding the warfront, will weaken further and then die.

S: Matthew, that turnabout is wonderful! Why didn’t you tell me this before?!

12. MATTHEW: Mother dear, your thoughts haven’t been of me of late—they’ve been about Susana’s arrival tomorrow and the difficulties your ailing hand have been presenting.

S: But still! Well, OK, Mash. Shall I type another question?

13. MATTHEW: Yes, please, but select only a few more. When you can type normally again, I’ll answer the others in my next message or reply directly to those who sent them.

S: That will be good. Someone wants your comments on Internet reports about “a major disaster in September” that involves all military being on standby and all leaves cancelled.

14. MATTHEW: I’d say that September’s non-invasion of Iran alters that! Very likely any able-bodied military personnel in the US will be needed to help rebuild lives and livelihoods of those in Katrina’s destructive path.

S: It would seem so. Is it true that a military coup is planned to remove Bush from office?

15. MATTHEW: To some extent. This has been considered as the best option to the folly of Bush’s intent on expanding the warfront to Iran, but the logistics of a small unit installing military rule over a population that never has experienced an overthrow of their government—and such a large country to quickly bring under new control—are too formidable for success. This is more than conjecture on my part as an ill-planned, short-lived, and unpublicized attempt met its own folly. What this shows, however, is that the growing dissension within the top ranks of the military is a reflection of the light having reached some of them as well as many within lower ranks—they have lost all former motivation to kill, conquer and occupy homelands of “the enemy.”

16. Mother, this is part of what I said many months ago about 2005 being pivotal regarding major changes. During the remaining four months of the year you will see not only further crumbling of military resolve, but documented evidence of the lies and corruption within the Bush circle and previous administrations. That will be the hole in the dike, so to speak, and such a mammoth hole that there can be no stopping the exposure of all the other deceitfulness that has controlled life on Earth for millennia. Smaller sums are trickling in for light-service projects, and while major economic changes are lagging, the dark ones cannot hold onto their ill-gotten fortunes much longer.

17. That said—and now I speak for myriad light beings—staying steadfast in the light will speed the transition from the darkness remaining into the glorious dawn of love and harmony among all peoples. We urge you to send forth the good will of the light to those who still are fearful of it, those who feel safe only in their dark thoughts and schemes. This is in aid of your own journey with Earth along her ascension pathway, too, where the “ticket price” is the same as the destination: LOVE.

18. Mother, you’re starting to show signs of stress. Please select one more question to wind this up.

S: I’m going to write two sort of related questions because I think they’re a really appealing way to finish your message. An energy healer asked: Is there a universal language of pulsations of color, moving patterns and symbols that the soul speaks to the cells, and are crop circles part of this? The other question is: What role does music play in our ascension process?

19. MATTHEW: Those are definitely related questions, Mother, and I agree that speaking about them will be an endearing completion. The soul is in constant communication with the entire body, and since souls are inseparable, yes, there is a universal language that serves all. To those mentioned facets of that language, add tone. Tone—or the sounds of the spheres—is a most vital part of healing energy; it is love being expressed via sound manifestations just as surely as through those of light. Tones composed into grand musical compositions on Earth, as throughout the universe, heal and illuminate mind, spirit and body, and the more absorption of tonal energy, the more a soul evolves.

20. It would be a bit of a stretch to try to snugly fit crop circles into this, although their amazingly intricate and precise patterns are created by moving light beams. The circles have their own purpose—to reassure you who believe in extraterrestrial civilizations that they are this close to you so it must be in friendship, and to wake up the minds that accept explanations only from science or religion. With the increasing frequency and complexity of the circles, those minds cannot much longer deny that there are forces in operation that call for looking beyond traditional sources. We know that some of you want to decipher the exact meaning of each design, but that isn’t necessary for understanding the message of all: We are with you in love and peace.

21. So are all the rest of us light beings, we who aren’t gracing your fields with phenomenal patterns, but are as near to you as your heartbeat. As soon as your pathway reaches the higher vibrations where you are heading, you will know how beloved by us you are.

22. Mother, that’s enough for this time. Thank you for being such a conscientious scribe.

S: Thank you for today’s message, sweetheart.

23. MATTHEW: Thank you for being my mother! Ciao for now, dear soul!

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