Wednesday, April 8, 2009

JANUARY 17, 2005

We feel your pain or grief or fear more intensely than you yourselves, just as we do your joy...

Extent of geophysical events; fear intentionally created by US legislation; prayers for Iraq and its people; emotions of high light beings related to ours; ET life on moons in our solar system; increasing light intensity will be exposing more deception; possibility of ET visitors by mid-year

S: Matthew dear, hello! Would you like to start with the questions I’ve received or do you want to give your own message first?

1. MATTHEW: Greetings to you, Mother! I am aware of the questions, and since my response to one is part of what I wish to relate, let us start with that question about the dire predictions of the disappearance of entire coastlines of the United States and reduction of the global population by the billions.

2. What I told you several years back still holds true! The kinetic energy buildup from millennia of negativity accumulation is being released through means other than the catastrophic geophysical events once thought necessary to achieve this essential planetary “cleansing.” I mentioned then that the “I Am America” map of drastic changes in land masses and water no longer was valid due to the great success of those other means: the massive light directed by your space family and some civilizations’ technology that is unimaginably advanced from your own.

3. Furthermore, those efforts led to the light being increasingly generated by Earth’s own population, which is helping transmute the remaining negativity into light. Yes, as in my last message, there will be other events with serious impact upon populations. But none, or their sum, will cause billions of deaths nor will entire coastlines be drastically altered by mammoth earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or flooding. As a reminder, the ET technology that is alleviating the impact of these happenings by leveling out their effects is not reducing the degree of negativity released. Of greater importance to remember is, the souls who will be leaving Earth lifetimes during these events still ahead have chosen to do this for the higher purpose of joining the light forces off-planet.

4. We acknowledge that many—not all!—of these kinds of reports being disseminated primarily via Internet postings are put forth with good intent. However, these “predictions” often produce alarm and fear, a primary source of negativity, and because the energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light, this is evoking fluctuations within the light beams. We are holding these beams to all souls as steady as possible, but please be aware that your unwavering light-holding is paramount! As many high beings have transmitted to their respected receivers, Earth herself is on course into the higher densities—it is you as individuals who must stay steady in the light so you can accompany her in your physical bodies.

5. Mother, since much of that has been stated previously in greater detail, I believe my response to that question is sufficient.

S: Well, the next question is from several people and it’s about the same thing to some extent—they want to know where they can move so they’ll be safe. What do you say about this?

6. MATTHEW: I say, follow your inner guidance in total trust. If in calmness you ask whether to stay put or move, and if to move, where, you will receive the answer you need. Your soul knows, and a sense of urgency to move somewhere, anywhere, out of fear never is the soul’s reply.

7. If one’s soul contract calls for leaving at a specific time, that will happen regardless of where the person is. If the contract’s longevity provision calls for remaining in the lifetime for many more years, wherever the person is will be a safe haven even if it’s in the midst of turmoil and death. What are considered by most as survival “miracles” in actuality are the workings of guardian angels.

8. Mother, I would like address the next two questions on your paper because my response to both is the same, so will you type them, please.

S: OK, dear. “How much impact will the recently passed law have that requires fingerprint and retinal scan identification for drivers' licenses, plane travel, etc?” The next question is: “Will psychological testing of all school children, with mandatory prescription drugs issued to those deemed in need of them, really be instituted or is this another fear tactic? The inordinate amount of time involved in this kind of testing and parents’ objections makes me think it’s just another way to promote fear.”

9. MATTHEW: Thank you. First let me say that the most effective way for a government to engender fear in the populace is to leak information that steps such as those are being considered and then enact laws to enforce them—start the fear reaction early, build on that and then sustain it. It is possible that some individuals will be subjected to those measures before the administration crumbles, but be assured, the measures will not last long. They will be eliminated as will many other unconstitutional or unfair or unwise laws currently affecting areas such as judicial systems, media regulations, the environment, education, tax structures and other aspects of your national economy. The same kinds of oppressive laws and others, too, that affect peoples of other countries also soon will become only part of your planet’s history.

S: Thank you. “With only a few exceptions, even the Democrats in the House and Senate have been going along with Bush’s police state policies. If all the others are dark souls, how can we change this situation since beaming light to them doesn’t seem to be working?”

10. MATTHEW: Keep beaming light to them—it IS working!—and the majority of Congress are not among the “recalcitrant” dark souls. While some are acting from a self-serving intent to further their political careers and gains at any cost, others are genuinely convinced that the president’s stated aims are the best for the country. A number of members have succumbed to heavy political pressures that extend to life-threatening, and to protect selves and families, they justify their actions that are compromising their moral integrity. Some are simply overwhelmed by learning how impotent their elected office is. As the light intensifies with the higher vibrations entering, you will see more and more defections from the official stance. Even now some are publicly strongly opposing proposed measures and continuance of current policies, and it won’t be too long before their numbers will swell enough to turn the tide.

S: That can’t happen too soon! The next question is: “Will thousands more die from diseases in the countries affected by the tsunami, and if so, is that in their soul contracts or are they innocent victims because the warning that could have been given, wasn’t?”

11. MATTHEW: In my last message when I repeated what I had said before, that millions more will die before the darkness is vanquished from Earth, it included the people you are asking about. What has been happening all along will continue for a while longer: In addition to vehicle crashes, “old age,” and what you call “natural causes,” physical lifetimes will end due to wars, starvation, disease epidemics or natural and manmade geophysical happenings, and all will be either within original or amended soul contracts. With reference to the people in question, even subsistence living in the affected countries will be extremely harsh with insufficient medical care, food supplies and safe water; home and business property loss; and strained national resources. Combined with pervasive grief and lingering effects of shock, many will petition at soul level to be released from enduring those circumstances, and through divine grace, their petition will be granted with full credit for completion of chosen difficult lifetime experiencing. At soul level they know that living in those conditions will create more negativity for Earth to deal with, whereas their voluntary leaving not only will reduce that, but also will enable them to join with the myriad others who are beaming healing light to Earth.

12. Not to be unexpected, the forthcoming of massive money pledges is encountering political snags, but more so, the great numbers of people needing immediate assistance can’t be accommodated even with the help of the many individuals who were inspired to come to their aid with medical care, clean-up and reconstruction. The needs of the people and the areas of devastation are simply too great.

S: Mash, even with films and photos, I think this is incomprehensible to any of us who didn’t experience the tsunami and are living safely and comfortably far away. It seems that tears come with individual stories of loss because we can’t imagine the full impact of that death toll or grief or devastation.

13. MATTHEW: Mother, this reaction is not that much different from the millions who are directly affected. Each is suffering the all-consuming agony of personal loss and has little or no emotional margin left for feeling the grief and losses of others. The incalculable difference is that they are in the midst of all that and you are not.

14. I want to mention something that mainstream media never relates to this sudden monumental happening of Nature, and that is the death toll and destruction that has been shamefully perpetrated in Iraq for nearly two years in the name of “liberation” or “freedom” or “democracy.” The grief at loss of family, homes, livelihoods, safety and hope is no less among those people than among the people whose lives were forever changed by the tsunami. We herald this relationship that IS being made by the compassionate populace whose prayers for the Iraqi dead and living are as fervent as for those who died or survived the tsunami. Often you have heard this from high light sources, but again we ask that there be no judgments or condemnation, but rather the steadiness of the light in your hearts that radiates forth to all on Earth.

S: Matthew, can you and the others in those vibrations of only love-light really relate to the difficulty of knowing about heinous happenings and not have reactions to the people who cause them, as if it’s all only a “play” with “roles” that some channeled messages call our LIVES?

15. MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, yes, we do relate, and with far more intensity than you can even imagine. Being in high stations of spiritual evolvement never is insensitivity to the suffering of souls on Earth! We feel your pain or grief or fear more intensely than you yourselves, just as we do your joy. The density of your bodies muffles all sensations, and in these higher vibrations, emotions not only are felt more intensely, they are felt purely, without assessing how we ourselves may be affected, beneficially or adversely, by what happens to others. The negativity created by pain, grief or fear on Earth remains there, whereas when we feel those same sensations because you do, no negativity can accompany our feelings. And the feelings themselves cannot remain in these stations—they rapidly are transmuted into light by the energy of our compassion, forgiveness and loving.

16. It is not with disrespect for the vital significance of every life on Earth that some sources refer to the unfolding events as a “play” or your lives as “roles.” Rather it is describing in terms common to you the universal reality that as yet is unknown—unremembered!—by you. Your present lifetime is but one of hundreds or thousands, each differing from all others, and you choose your “role” in each. The “play” at hand is in keeping only with current situations on Earth—you have no conscious memories of other ages when you lived there or in other solar systems or even in other galaxies where myriad other “plays” are in motion simultaneously.

17. Mother, I don’t want to get into the time/space continuum here, so I’ll say only, please stay focused on the glorious beauty of Earth and the magnificent changes you really do know are taking place, and let your heart sing with the advancement of the light!

S: Your “pep rallies” help, dear—thank you. With the desperate needs of so many people around the world, the mega millions spent on Bush’s inauguration for another term of lies and wars is really getting to me. It’s probably good that the last question is quite a digression from the others: “Is there life on Jupiter’s moons?

18. MATTHEW: From your easier breathing now, I believe that came almost as comic relief for you, dear soul, but surely it is an interesting question. However, first I want to say that this “term” will be among the shortest presidential reigns in US history.

19. Now then, I have to assume that by “life,” the question means intelligent beings in physical form. There are no civilizations inhabiting any moons in your solar system on a permanent basis because conditions are not as hospitable as elsewhere. But yes, there are “moon visitor stations,” shall we say, on Jupiter, with rest and recreation facilities for your space family who have surveillance responsibilities throughout your solar system—it’s like your shift-time arrangement, where someone always is tending to business. They land their spacecraft and alight within individual self-contained environments to approach the communities erected for such R & R activities.

20. There are permanent life forms on some moons—microbes and the insects that adapted to the environment after more favorable living circumstances were markedly reduced when these moons were formed, usually by the collision of two celestial bodies in a maneuver by a dark force field.

S: Are any R and R stations on our moon?

21. MATTHEW: Yes indeed! Right now the largest and most frequented stations are there because it is the closest to you, and as things are really heating up on Earth, most often the crews select your moon for their timeouts from flying around your planet. Some of these facilities have been photographed by astronauts and the pictures are securely hidden in top secret safes. The allowance of photographing was by intent, but otherwise the stations are obscured by energy shields—their invisibility prevents efforts by your governments to destroy them.

S: Please tell me exactly what is “really heating up.”

22. MATTHEW: With great pleasure! That is the other part of what I wish to tell you in this sitting, Mother. As motion in the energy field of potential is clearing insofar as the steadily increasing light dominance, the darkness is going to be publicly exposed to an extent that the truth no longer can be denied. As reluctant as I am to give any timeframes, recent developments indicate that the momentum toward this exposure will peak possibly as early as June. During the intervening months, there will be much more upheaval as the darkness lashes out rashly in desperation to maintain its control, which it clearly sees is becoming more feeble by the moment.

23. Enough truth will be revealed so that your world will be reeling from the information that dramatically differs from what the vast majority have been led to believe regarding governments, religions, history and science. Do not expect everyone to embrace this with hallelujahs. The Earth human psyche is not developed to assimilate revelations that are so conflicting with long-held belief systems, and many will struggle valiantly to keep intact what they perceive as THE truth. The dark souls will take advantage of this reluctance to accept universal truths, but eventually the higher vibrations will either reach the reluctant souls or their contracts allow them to leave the planet physically. At a certain point, the dark souls no longer will have a choice, as their consistent refusal of the light precludes the cellular changes that enable physical life in the higher vibrations where your planet is heading.

24. The first appearance of extraterrestrial beings also may come by mid-year, and while it is not expected to cause widespread fear, it will be at least a considerable shock to those who maintain that either none exists or believe that ETs would come only for conquest. The latter will be the stance of some government leaders—it will be their defense for keeping the rest of the world ignorant of their dealings or refusals to deal with other civilizations for over half a century. Although all is in readiness for the few initial landings that have been planned prudently for the safety of both the ETs and nearby Earth humans, landings will not happen until safety is assured.

S: I’ll certainly say “Hallelujah” when they come, and I know lots of others will too. Surely they know about the requests for their overt help from all over the world.

25. MATTHEW: We all know of these, and that includes the dark souls on and off-planet. They know that once you openly welcome your lighted space family and accept the truth of your rightful place within the Oneness, their darkness is doomed insofar as any further influence on Earth. This isn’t news to them. It is the purpose behind the “Star Wars” weaponry development that in those leaders’ arrogance, let them believe can be superior to any off-planet civilizations’ technology.

S: Matthew, if all of this can happen just a few months from now, what significance does the year 2012 still have, if any?

26. MATTHEW: Those who have interpreted that year as the beginning of the end of the darkness—never mind the total end of the world!—have misinterpreted its significance, and even that year itself no longer has the absoluteness it once held in prophecies because everything is being accelerated. There will be a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature. Changes you can’t conceive of in this moment will be taking place, and they will do so in an orderly fashion after the initial confusion and resistance have subsided.

27. How rapidly this transition can be achieved is largely up to the people of Earth—it is YOUR world, not the homeland of the ET brothers and sisters who will help willingly as long as you need them. Wise, spiritually evolved men and women are ready to assume leadership positions and structures are in place for new governments, banking systems, fair laws, and assistance to impoverished countries. It is not unreasonable to think that initiating and adapting to the immense changes ahead could take almost seven of your linear years, which are “speeding up” in the prevailing frequencies and will quicken that pace as your planet keeps moving into higher densities.

Mother, you all can rejoice in your participation in this restoration of beloved Earth to her former Eden Self!

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