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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NOVEMBER 1, 2005

It is your light in conjunction with that of beings throughout the universe that has brought Earth to this point where the truth coming forth will lead to peace throughout your world...

Libby indictment; no “bird flu, martial law or new warfronts; warmonger is the Illuminati; truth of “9/11” will come out; “purest” truth is within each soul; Fitzgerald protected; “peak oil” a dark contrivance; changes during planet’s transitional phase; linear time collapsing; beloved animals ascend with Earth

S: I’m here, dear! I know you’re ready to start.

1. MATTHEW: Good morning, dear soul! Thank you, yes, I am, because we are aware of the thoughts foremost in many minds and they are the same as the majority of questions you most recently received. So first I comment on the indictment against “Scooter” Libby. To those who are disappointed that only he was indicted, I say: Have patience—it will be rewarded. Patrick Fitzgerald meticulously prepared this case within legal boundaries to preclude any possible disruption in the process due to a technicality. Of course, any defense of allegations based only on a legal technicality could not close the breach of public trust that the disclosed facts have created, but there is a need here for balance, for justice to be served, and it will be. Will other indictments follow? Indeed! This one is the wedge, and it’s a huge one, in exposing the web of deceit in the Bush administration. A promising adjunct to the legal process underway is the extensive news coverage; this case has greatly decreased media control over what can be withheld from the public. Will the legal measures result in convictions? Yes, they will.

2. Now, Mother, I’d like you to type the first question on your list. My reply goes beyond those I have just given, which really could be logically expected.

S: OK. “Will this legal process be finished quickly and the ‘domino effects’ Matthew talked about get underway?”

3. MATTHEW: On the heels of disillusionment with their government because of its feeble response to the recent hurricanes’ devastation, the people of the United States are seeing evidence that their leaders have committed serious criminal offenses and lied to cover their tracks. This double revelation has been terribly stressful, thus the unfolding of the vast betrayal must be done not only within the laws, but prudently and compassionately so as to reach, but not traumatize the national psyche. I do not mean that this protective measure is consciously obvious to any involved, but it is in consonance with the rising of spiritual clarity and is an unrecognized factor in the proceedings.

4. Yes, the Bush administration can be expected to counter the internal turmoil with steps to divert the country’s and the world’s attention to other areas. They will not be successful in starting an endemic of avian, or “bird” flu. They will not be successful in imposing martial law throughout the country. They will not be successful in further attempts at widespread terrorist acts as justification for accusing, invading and occupying other nations. They will not be successful in opening new warfronts in any event.

5. It bears repeating what I have stated before: The US government appears to be the warmonger, but those within the government who have spearheaded all of the tumult are members of the Illuminati; theirs is not a national, but a global “citizenry,” and their intentions are to weaken all countries through death toll, property destruction, debt and/or control of all natural resources. Within the Illuminati are the owners of the corporations that manufacture weaponry, planes and tanks as well as the corporations with no-bid contracts to rebuild destroyed infrastructure and to provide fuel for the machines of war, so there is this collaborative vested interest in perpetuating the Bush administration's proclaimed need to "support the troops" and "solidify democracy and freedom” in Iraq.

6. Let me speak about the situation in Iraq for a moment. In a previous message I mentioned that in the first stages of war's cessation, combat weapons would cease working and troops would lay them down. This is occurring. It is the result of the increasing light reaching hearts and minds throughout the military ranks and the application of our space family's technology. Physical death and debilitating injuries happening now within any troops is in accordance with their original or amended soul contracts, and while grief for the families is just as real and intense, this development heralds the beginning of the ending of armed conflict on Earth.

7. Mother, because many you hear from are new to my messages, plus we can see a great number of early-on soul-searchers, I feel it is important to repeat something else I have stated. The souls whom you could call tyrannical or evil in their brutality, greed and corruption agreed to act in these ways to provide karmic balancing to many millions of other souls, which extends to Earth’s own balancing. At a certain point, long since reached, their agreements called for these “dark ones” to join their light brother/sisterhood; but instead, they reneged and knowingly and willfully continued their control on the planet. Waiting for them to honor their agreements to join the light slowed Earth’s ascension pace until she requested intervention of extraterrestrial light forces—this is vastly different from the survival assistance she called out for six or so decades past. Through both advanced technology and intensified light beaming, our extended soul family has steadily diminished the powers of the darkness at the same time they have “inspired” you to generate your own light. It is your light in conjunction with that of beings throughout the universe that has brought Earth to this point where the truth coming forth will lead to peace throughout your world.

8. Now I believe we can move on with your list, Mother.

S: A reader has several questions about 9/11: What is the extent of Bush’s foreknowledge and/or complicity; when and from what source will information about this come out; will Bush be impeached or imprisoned; will other Bush family members be implicated and/or punished; will Cheney go down with Bush? Another reader asked if government changes will happen this year, and she also wants you to give the approximate timeframe for evacuation from the planet because of major Earth changes.

9. MATTHEW: Oh my! on that last question—I’ll get to it later. The terrorist act commonly called “9/11” was devised and executed to justify invading Iraq, and both were planned in concept even before Bush’s first presidential term, but he was in agreement. Because of who is named in indictments to come, there can be little doubt of his complicity; he, Cheney and all named and many unnamed will fall as the administration publicly crumbles. Information about the Bush family’s long history of collaborating with so-called “enemies of the state” will come out, and all will be accorded due justice. These people are among the dark ones who reneged on their soul contracts, and universally speaking, it is neither judgment nor punishment that they will receive, but rather the inescapable, natural consequences of the energy they have been putting forth by their free will choices. And yes, changes in the US government will come by the end of this year.

10. Now then, no one will need to be “evacuated” due to the changes that are Earth’s means of cleansing herself of accumulated negativity! I have addressed this topic in previous messages and the same is in the books. I think it is appropriate to suggest to you who are new to my messages and value their information, to please read previous ones on the site set up for them. (“Matthew’s Messages” at This will enlighten about important areas with which you may not be familiar, and it will avoid the necessarily brief references in repetition. While these may be helpful reminders to long-time readers, brevity does not well serve the needs of questioning newcomers, yet it is not feasible to frequently repeat material verbatim. Also, without intention, I have been guilty of incompletely relating all aspects of an issue; in a later message—often prompted by my mother’s or a reader’s questioning—I add to that coverage. Then there are situations that I often address because they are unfolding, and your familiarity with preceding happenings permits a clearer understanding of their progression. I am emphasizing this because the energies pouring in are moving things faster and faster, and your comprehending what is happening and why is crucial in these moments.

11. I say also that it will be most helpful for you to read the four books called the Matthew Books, although that series designation is misleading in that the books contain messages from many high sources including God and representatives of a dozen or so advanced civilizations. Their presentations along with my own and others’ are the foundation of which my circulating messages are an extension. The books put everything that has been and is happening on Earth in the universal context. You are “citizens” of this universe who chose this lifetime on Earth to assist in her transition from third to higher densities—understanding this is paramount to knowing who you are, your purpose for incarnating now, and why situations are evolving as they are.

12. Please do not interpret this as my saying that the messages and the books are the best, much less the only sources of information that is vital for you to know! Many high light beings are sending similar information through their respected messengers, and all of us have told you that the “purest” truth is within you. The communication between your soul and your consciousness is direct, without the potential of distortion or misinterpretation caused by the layers of energy between the source at a high station and the messenger on Earth. Listening to and heeding the “voice” of your soul is part of spiritual growth, just as is learning to be discerning about all information by paying attention to your intuition. Intuition, along with instinct, inclination, inspiration and aspiration are ways in which your soul communicates “knowingness” to your consciousness.

13. Now then, Mother, let’s move on.

S: Fine, dear! Here are several related questions about Patrick Fitzgerald—I think they are clear without the rest of the emails’ contents. Is he receiving protection from the light, and if so, is he aware of it; does he have ET bodyguards; is he an old soul who “walked-in”; is he one of the ETs working for us on Earth; is what he’s doing according to his soul contract; will he live to complete his legal work; if he is assassinated, will the indictments go forward without interruption?

14. MATTHEW: Mr. Fitzgerald is one of the most protected individuals on Earth, and his soul contract called for everything that has prepared him to superbly carry out his primary—and critical!—mission of this lifetime. To answer further would be an invasion of this highly evolved soul’s privacy.

S: I see. Please comment on “peak oil.”

15. MATTHEW: This is a contrived story to create more wealth for the greedy and more fear in those already despairing. The “peak oil” term has been given to an effort that has achieved its dark intent well; a recent announcement of one oil company’s quarterly profits at a record $10 billion blatantly shows the greed aspect. There is no oil shortage, but the claim that there is has put many in fear of the future. There is fear right now in the people living in cold climates who cannot afford to heat their homes; in the people who rely on personal transportation to commute to their jobs and had no monetary margin for the prevailing high gasoline prices; in the small companies and trucking services that cannot afford to stay in business with the higher energy costs. And there is fear in the people who want to preserve the environment about the proposed desecration of pristine areas to drill for oil, just as there is about the vast pollution that has been caused by oil. Because fear puts a barrier between the soul and light, fear is one of the most powerful and most successful tools of the dark forces that are pulling the strings of their Earth-bound puppets.

16. The “silver lining,” so to speak, is that peoples who are divided in philosophies and beliefs are united in concern about this global situation. Even with the Illuminati’s suppression of “free energy” technologies, car manufacturers are beginning to produce “hybrid” vehicles; and scientists and engineers in other areas are gearing up to reduce the need for oil. True, you can say that this is only good business sense, but it is important nevertheless because oil is Earth’s blood and its extraction must stop. Moreover, the desire to end reliance on oil is yours—whatever steps are taken to restore your planet to full health and beauty must originate from your desires and efforts, your thought forms, and not your ET family’s. It is because you want a better world that they are willing to help you create it.

S: Thank you, dear. “Once Earth has ascended into the next dimension along with all of us, what will our lives be like and will we need to continue to work and go to school, etc.? Since there will be no more disease or illnesses, I’m assuming we won’t need hospitals, medical personnel, and industries that support those needs, like insurance and pharmaceutical companies. What types of jobs or other activities will we be doing?”

17. MATTHEW: In some respects, what you will encounter in the higher vibrations can be compared with my description of life in Nirvana. Much of what currently is needed to support Earth’s population is not a part of life in your spirit realm, but that wondrous change is instantaneous for the souls who transition, and you are beginning the few years of your transition from those current requirements to life without them. Mother, I mentioned some of the changes in a message quite some time back, and I ask that you locate and copy the section I’ve put in your mind. It is a general idea of the major areas where life will greatly differ, and that is all that I can provide because the choices of where and how to “fit in” are up to each of you. However, please be assured that with the leap in your spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth, you will find your right place—your soul knows what it is!

(Excerpt of August 22, 2004 message)

MATTHEW: I do understand, Mother. There will be many changes. A world of peace, love and harmony demands more changes than only the absence of war and other dire circumstances that cause fear, grief and suffering. Yes, many, many people will die before the Golden Age arrives. As sorrowful as these deaths may appear to you, what these souls endure beyond their pre-birth agreements gives them leaps forward in soul growth, and the vital importance of any incarnation notwithstanding, this one is but a fleeting moment of their eternal life. They will greet their return to Nirvana knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime, it will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world and the abiding love among its inhabitants.

About the cetaceans, yes, their spiritual mission is to embody in huge bulk and inhabit the seas to absorb and anchor the light being beamed to the planet from distant civilizations. That purpose soon will have been fulfilled and these souls, which species-wide are the highest evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they make transition. Those who are leaving physically continue to grace your planet with their love energy.

As Earth continues her ascension into the higher vibrations, eating habits will change as people learn to respect and honor all animal life, so the reduction in food sources from the seas will not be a concern. The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition, and as plants become diet staples, those that are harmfully genetically engineered will lose their health risk elements.

The allocation of food and other basic life essentials available in the richer countries will be shared on an equitable basis with the poorer countries until a global production order is achieved. Carnivorous animals will exit their food chain and turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance as they evolve into peaceable companions once again, and animal reproduction will be naturally slowed so they will not overpopulate the planet. The balance of nature no longer will require pestilence, so no disease causing or transmitting factors will be present, and the use of toxic chemicals and prescription drugs will cease.

Current and imminent technologies will be used for improving all conditions of life, but here, too, there will be changes from what you are accustomed to, primarily in transportation, power sources and construction materials. Medical treatments will drastically change until there no longer is any need for that because bodies, which will have a greatly longer lifetime, will become free of all forms of dis-ease. Educational systems and resource materials will change to reflect the truth of universal and planetary history, and religions also will change in accordance with the truth that will be revealed.

Those are some of the most significant changes, and all will have trickle-down effects that ultimately will permeate and uplift every facet of life on Earth. You can see that changes in employment will be considerable, but your greater spiritual clarity and greater usage of brain capacity in the higher frequencies will enable the transition into fields supporting cooperation and harmony to come joyously.


18. Thank you, Mother. I see that this is one of those topics where a reader’s question evokes my adding specific information for a fuller description. Recreational pursuits will be changing in accordance with those overall changes mentioned above. Sports that harm or kill any life form will end; the disproportionate sums now paid to professional sports figures will end, too, and none of you will object as the emphasis evolves from the “kill ‘em” competitive nature to achieving one’s own athletic potential solo and within a group spirit as well. The intentional decreased funding and appreciation for the arts will turn around so that these vital expressions from the soul will be given their proper importance and honor; the forms of expression themselves will return to beauty that is recognized by all. Education of the very young and re-education of all others—the latter better said, remembering—will be a large and exciting part of life; you who will be leading the way in this endeavor chose teaching roles, so you can rest assured that you will know how to proceed. Perhaps the most profound change in your lives will be the relationships between you and the members of your space family both in productive, progressive planetary restoration and in mutually respectful friendships.

S: Matthew, give me a minute, please. OK, thank you. You said that we are “beginning the few years of transition.” I don’t want to assume anything, so do you mean that the indictment of Libby is the first step and everything from now on—say for the next five or six years—will be an advancement toward the Golden Era?

19. MATTHEW: Mother dear, you aren’t wrong, but it is more involved than your question reveals, and that is due to my incomplete explanation. The transition from third density into the higher frequencies began when Earth cried out for help 60 - 70 years ago in your linear counting. It is the absolute, undeniable dramatic evidence of the unprecedented speed and scope of changes to which I was referring in “the few years of transition.” The indictment of Mr. Libby is the first public step in the crumbling of the Bush administration, and the replacement of many current members of the US government by the transitional body ready to step in will be the first of the major “dominoes” whose falling effects will reverberate around the world.

20. Not everything between this moment and a totally balanced, harmonious world will be completely smooth sailing. It would be most unfair to you and dreadfully remiss on my part if less than explicit statements could lead you to think that it will be. The dark ones have not yet conceded their influential positions, and they will continue all efforts to maintain what by now is only a tenuous toehold on their former worldwide control. Furthermore, other seeds that the off-planet dark forces have planted have taken root, and even when light-filled beings are in leadership roles, for a while some others will act with destructive intent as Earth continues her journey toward fourth density. The third density psyche is resistant to change, especially when shock accompanies the need for change, and shocking it will be to those whose belief foundations will be shattered, even if in increments; so many will not welcome the revelations, and your alertness, prudence, compassion and patience will serve you and them. And yes, more planetary cleansing is needed.

21. However, in every moment Earth is rising in her own vibrational level, not only into a space of higher vibrations—you could say that she becomes where she is. So there is NO reason to feel discouraged because those things long ago set in motion must play out the energy invested in them. It surely does not mean that light workers have not maintained their own momentum; it simply is why the next few years is a transitional period instead of a sweeping change in the blink of an eye. Please don’t think that this could not happen like lightning—in far more advanced civilizations, such swiftness is possible because they KNOW they have that power. The vast majority of Earth’s peoples can’t even imagine that such exists.

22. Mother, I must improve on my terminology. Rather than “the next few years,” let me say “the last phase of Earth’s ascension into fourth density.” Any reference to a number of years puts a process into your linear timeframe and your expectations are based on that. We understand that you still need clocks and calendars, but also you need to start thinking in terms of a series of accomplishments without attaching hours or months or years to them. Your “time” is collapsing, and the higher Earth ascends, the less applicable your devised time measurements will be—you will sense this as days and months passing more and more rapidly. It isn’t “time” that marks or measures achievements, it is the energy put forth, the energy “surrounding” them. Your ideas of distance and space also are uniquely yours; separation is by energy frequencies. Eventually you will remember this, but in this moment, you have no conscious idea “how far” and “how fast” you have advanced in recreating the Earth of your cellular memory!

S: Mash dear, for many it’s been a long wait to live in that world! Here’s a question that to some extent, you’ve answered, but I find it so endearing that I’m going to type it all. “I wanted to ask Matthew about what will happen to our pets when the earth successfully transcends to a higher vibration. Will they all go with us? Will their need to eat meat (beef, chicken, for example) change?”

23. MATTHEW: I’m pleased to see you smiling, Mother—you do tend to take our conversations in these messages so seriously! Of all life forms on Earth, the animals with whom you have bonded embody the most admirable of what you call “human traits”—their ranges of comprehension and emotions far exceed what is usually attributed to them. Yes, these loving and loved souls will accompany you into the higher densities if their normal life spans permit; otherwise, they will transition to Nirvana, where reunions with you eventually will take place. They, like you, will easily and happily adjust to non-meat diets.

24. With this, dear soul, we have nearly reached the space limitations so as not to exceed “email capacity.” But I cannot say Goodbye without urging you to steadfastly continue sending forth love-light to all of Earth. Evidence of what you have accomplished by so doing is at the very beginning of this message—the first indictment, and perhaps the first concrete proof you have recognized of your power to manifest the magnificent world of peace you desire and envision.

25. In my leave-taking, I speak on behalf of the host of souls at this high station: What masterful and dearly beloved light workers you are! With the love of the universe, we embrace and accompany you.

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