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Saturday, April 4, 2009

OCTOBER 6, 2004

Mother, you would turn on a flashlight to guide someone out of the darkness of uncertainty and anxiety?...Think of kindness, helpfulness and justness and sharing, think about the world’s people living in harmony, peacefulness and love and send those thoughts to those souls in darkness...

Purpose of no specific dates in channeled information; “flashlight” method to send light to people who do abhorrent things; examples of reform initiatives; life forms in first and second densities; essence of love-light

S: Matthew, hi dear! From people I’ve talked with during my trips this past month and from emails I’ve been receiving, I know that many people are feeling discouraged about what’s still going on. The reports from you and other souls in high stations sound optimistic and encouraging, but we don’t have your vantage point and we can’t see any solid evidence that terrible world situations are changing for the better. What are we missing?

1. MATTHEW: Mother, what you’re missing is our vantage point, and that is why we are sending messages to encourage you about what we can and DO see. It’s totally understandable that it is difficult for you to remain positive when you’re still being pummeled with the same DISinformation that has been hiding truth and destroying godself-confidence for millennia. It is natural, logical, that you want to see solid evidence that change actually is happening, which it IS at a very rapid rate when you consider the massiveness of long-accumulated negativity that already has been transmuted into the light. But more negativity must be dispelled before Earth can rise into the vibrational level where darkness no longer can reign or even exist. It is within that dimension of fourth density where Earth’s New Eden is being created by the lightworkers on the planet in conjunction with light beings beyond.

2. Your natural pattern of proceeding is linear, and if time and again you have preconceived ideas as to WHEN happenings “should” occur and they don’t materialize within those timeframes, of course there is discouragement. That is why the most credible reports from respected channels, or rather the information given them from their high sources, do not give timeframes.

S: Matthew, excuse me, but do you mean that “Earth’s New Eden” is a separate world from this planet?

3. MATTHEW: No. Earth has one soul and one planetary body. What I meant by Earth’s New Eden is not a separate world, but the new atmosphere or ambiance or environment that is being created by the infusion of light. The negative energy attachments that have been pervasive for eons on the planet are being changed into the positive attachments that are enabling Earth to keep moving into successively higher vibrations.

S: OK, I can see that, but where is the evidence that this is happening?

4. MATTHEW: All around you, just as the evidence that you’re allowing to be predominant in your vision still is all around you. Mother dear, I know that you are not as discouraged as many others and you are being a spokesperson for them, but you, too, falter in those moments when you see photos or hear of the brutality and grief so many souls are suffering. Some souls there still are ensconced in the depths of negativity that allow them to intentionally inflict pain upon others. This free will situation is what I have mentioned many times and so have other high sources sent messages to encourage you to send light to those souls who are so lost in darkness. Please insert here what you told me along with my suggestion of the flashlight, and then I’ll continue.


S: Matthew, you’ve mentioned this before, but it’s hard for me to separate my thoughts about the people who are causing such terrible suffering from what they’re doing, so I don’t see how I can be sending them light. Can you please help me with this?

MATTHEW: Mother, you would turn on a flashlight to guide someone out of the darkness of uncertainty and anxiety onto a path where they are confident and secure, wouldn’t you? Those souls have lost their way and are fearful and foundering. Do not think of them as their deeds, but rather what you want for the world! Think of kindness, helpfulness and justness and sharing, think about the world’s people living in harmony, peacefulness and love and send those thoughts to those souls in darkness.


5. Thank you. Now, I shall remind you about another factor pertaining to these dark souls that I have mentioned in previous messages. Earth’s original desire was to have all her population accompany her into the higher vibrations, but seeing that many souls were still captive of the darkness, she slowed her pace to give them more opportunity to receive the light being sent to them in great abundance. When it was apparent that these souls knowingly, willfully and adamantly are refusing the light and fully intend to retain their darkness, Earth decided to resume her desired rate of ascension. Her decision was not made in the nature of punishing those souls with proclivity toward unconscionable behavior, but rather to save her other souls from experiencing so far beyond their pre-birth agreements. Now Earth is moving as quickly as possible into the higher vibrations where the darkness cannot enter. That is what we see in these high stations. We cannot share our exact vision with you, but we can—and DO—tell you what we see.

S: Well, that’s encouraging, but it’s pretty much just what you’ve said before. Maybe it’s because of the 3D limitations, but I think we really do need to know what positive changes are happening, so please give me some specifics here.

6. MATTHEW: Mother dear, what I can do is remind you of things you do know but simply aren’t putting into the “changes” context. Consider the political scene in your country where members of the incumbent party are speaking out against harmful presidential decisions and emphasis is being given to an authentic vote count. The same is happening in other countries. Growing numbers of young people worldwide are taking responsible action to turn the tide from corruption and deception to integrity and international cooperation. Some military personnel are speaking out against war and their voices are being heard. Your mainline media are beginning to crack the controllers’ hold and are reporting some truth along with the material they are required to air. Your entertainment industry is presenting some truths and recently published books are exposing factual information that exposes the lies that before were hidden. Internet sites are providing an abundance of comprehensive factual information. Some in justice system positions are making fair decisions and righting past injustices. The growing numbers of peace crusaders are being heard around the world. Environmental conservation and preservation are getting increasing attention and effort.

7. The collective positive energy attachments from all of these endeavors and the feelings and thoughts that are motivating people to act are incredibly powerful in generating the light that is essential for overcoming the darkness. That is what’s happening, and it’s happening because lightworkers are making it happen!

S: Yes dear, you’re right, those developments are evident, and they’re significant. I think what it comes down to is our weariness of waiting for all the suffering and violence and lies to end, and wondering how much longer that will take. Or maybe the question is, What MORE will it take to end all of that?

8. MATTHEW: Mother dear, it simply takes more of what you and all other light beings are doing: Holding your course in living the light and knowing you are not alone in this unprecedented journey of Earth’s. More than ever before in her history, she is receiving the powerful assistance of your “space family.” Her desired faster ascension pace is being facilitated not only by the increasing light you are generating, but also by the increasing light from myriad extraterrestrial sources. KNOW this, BELIEVE this, LIVE this—that is all you have to do!

S: OK dear! You have said that the souls here that knowingly continue to refuse the light won’t go to Nirvana when their bodies die, that they’ll go some place where learning starts over. In all this talk about third and fourth densities and higher, there’s never been any description of first and second. Is that where those souls will go? What kind of life exists in those lower densities, and is it in physical form or only spirit?

9. MATTHEW: Well, dear soul, just as it’s beyond the comprehension of most on Earth to relate to life in higher densities where manifestation by visualization of weather and buildings and scenery is commonplace, it’s also beyond your comprehension to relate to life in the lower densities. Almost without exception, none of you ever has experienced it, so there are no cellular memories much less a fleeting memory bleeding through to consciousness. However, the graphic depictions and surmised intelligence of prehistoric Earth humans is a start on understanding the level of awareness in second density worlds.

10. But first to answer your question, will those souls who knowingly refuse the light go to first or second density placements? Yes. In accordance with the cosmic law of like attracts like, the energy of their lifetime free will choices will draw them to the placement where the energy is in accordance with that which they have generated and is automatically registered in their lifeprints. So you can see that this is purely scientific and neither an arbitrary judgment nor a punishment. In fact, it is the opposite—it is an opportunity for these souls to break free of the spell of darkness by starting over with a fresh slate and with light constantly beamed to them. And yes, life in those lower densities is in physical form as that is the only mode that can provide the kind of learning the souls require.

11. Now then, in the lowest order of inhabitants in second density there is the merest spark of reasoning processes, so reactions to any stimuli are primarily intuitive at a primitive level. The purpose of this nearly tabula rasa mind is to offer the choice of growth steps free from the malice of prejudice or any false preconceptions. So not only is there no memory of previous incarnations where the elements that formed negative emotions and inclinations were a part of life, but there is no reproduction, thus no orientation from parents to children that could include those. The beings in second density are in ageless forms, you could say. As the intelligence level slowly evolves, free will choices become correspondingly wider in scope, and eventually the souls who “see the light” evolve and incarnate in third density realms. If they don’t, they remain in the virtual unawareness of second, and if their choices become heinous, they regress to first density.

12. First density is not a place you would want to look upon. The life forms could rightfully be called beastly appearing creatures rather than people. Just as the souls who evolve into the densities higher than third incarnate in beautiful forms, however differently they may appear from you, souls in the lowest density can only be in forms that befit their free will choices that pulled them into those lowest frequencies. Since the darkness in their souls steadfastly refused the light, they literally choose their living atmosphere to be with barely perceptible visibility, so it is the dimmest and bleakest imaginable environment and the permeating energy is the negativity that they themselves created in previous physical lifetimes. Once again incarnate after a life in spirit, their resolve in that spirit realm to stay within the light when they embody again catapulted back into free will choices like wanton killing, cruelty, hatred, greed and willfully causing others to suffer.

13. Light energy is constantly beamed to these creatures just as it is to all souls in second density, and even with their sub-intelligence level, there is that instinct that has the choice of moving toward the light or withdrawing from it. Those who respond by moving toward the light acquire that spark of reasoning that enables them to ascend into the lowest order in a second density realm.

14. I want to emphasize that these densities have nothing whatsoever to do with the lower levels of Nirvana or the tiny orbiting sphere where the basest souls reside or any other civilizations’ sanctuary realms. All occupants of those areas are souls who have transitioned from physical life to spirit life, and as I said, the souls in first and second density realms are in physical forms. Worlds with these two densities do not have sanctuary realms per se. Instead, each of these worlds has a transitional space where the accustomed form is transmuted into a suitable form for the next higher level as the intelligence is solidified for the soul’s physical step upward. This can happen because the worlds in these two densities are of a layered composition.

15. When souls are ready to embody after contemplation of the experiences they need to evolve spiritually, some need to start over in a physical form with an awareness that you could say is virtually from scratch. So, while this subhuman existence may seem to be loathsome, it is by the grace of redemption that this soul growth experience is made available; and through continuous light beaming, the souls may be motivated to accept that purest and most powerful healing energy and rise above those lowest of stations.

S: Thank you for this information, Matthew. Maybe this will be an incentive to those souls who are hanging onto their dark ways. And even if it isn’t—their agenda probably doesn’t include reading your messages—it can motivate lightworkers to keep on “living the light” and hopefully reach some of the dark souls.

16. MATTHEW: Mother, that is exactly what is helping Earth move into fourth density vibrations! You just need to continue as you are and not become discouraged that the journey may be taking longer than you had hoped!

17. It bears repeating that love and light are the very same energy, only their visible manifestations differ. It is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, the total essence of Creator, and through the Supreme Being of this universe called by God or any other name, it is the original ingredient of all souls; it is the fabric of which every civilization in this universe was formed; and it is the eternal bonding of beloved souls. This truth, which has been hidden from you by the darkness and now is being revealed, is the foundation of your journey with Earth into the era of peace, love and harmony in the higher vibrations of the universe.

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