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Saturday, April 4, 2009

AUGUST 9, 2004

Yet we are asking you to see the truth and forgive rather than judge ...

Illuminati control of mainstream media beginning to crack; the President Bush seen publicly is a clone; infighting of the two Illuminati factions in US politics; recent entertainment showing “quest for truth”; minor funding changes starting; love will eliminate oppressive aspects of cultures and religions; discernment of all information essential; geophysical events to continue; the importance of sending love-light to all souls, judging none

S: I’m here, dear! What’s on your mind for sending out?

1. MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. Although I have no dynamic development to relate, a great deal has been happening. The most important things still are behind the scenes, but your media are beginning to report some valid information, and we want to emphasize the great significance of this as reinforcement of our past encouragement that the light increasingly is improving situations on Earth.

2. The colorful alert system in the United States still throws some into panic, but increasingly, many feel “Ho-hum, today it’s orange” rather than fearful. Even a few months ago your media could not have reported that the information, which the government calls “intelligence,” that spawned all those recent security precautions actually was a plan devised some years past. The spin was, old or not, the targets could be in that same danger now just as easily as then, and therefore it was necessary to announce the alert and fortify the areas. But did those plans, which were conveniently discovered as President Bush was slipping in the polls and the Democrats were holding their convention, specify the present time as its intended attack date and that is what spurred the rush to fortification? No. Both that “discovery” and its announcement are indications that the administration is grasping at straws to save their ship from going down.

3. True, your mainstream media cannot yet disclose much of what is going on, but reporting that the information was old and quoting influential people who questioned the need for those security measures is evidence that the hammerlock on the media is cracking. While we herald this critical breakthrough, the Internet remains your most valuable source of credible information that still is taboo to other media outlets. The Internet is where you’ll find articles and photographs that show the US presidential administration’s complicity in “9/11” and the deteriorating state of the president’s faculties, for example.

S: Matthew, excuse me, but it is true that Bush is a clone? And if it is, why hasn’t a new clone replaced this one that seems to have become really irrational?

4. MATTHEW: Yes, the President Bush seen publicly is a clone. It was only when he became governor of Texas that it occurred to the powers that be to have him cloned. By that time, alcohol had seriously compromised his physical and mental status, so the first clone could only be a poor specimen. Because the art and science of human—or even animal—cloning is far from perfected on Earth, there is deterioration with each successive clone, so a replacement cannot be in much better condition than the predecessor. And since the brain’s storage unit cannot be downloaded into a physically-ready clone until a new one is required, because all knowledge to that date must be included, by now there is little chance that Bush’s mental condition will improve.

S: Does the clone have a soul?


S: Maybe that’s causing or at least adding to his behavior?

6. MATTHEW: It may be contributing to his stated belief that he has been anointed by God to do what he’s doing, but basically it is the personality that is quite authentically reproduced in clones that you are witnessing. It will be surprising if his controllers can be patient much longer with his erratic behavior and diminishing effectiveness in carrying out their orders, but regardless of their concerns, this will not be publicly apparent. As it appears now, the campaigns will continue to roll and dominate your attention, the election will be held on schedule, and John Kerry will be the next US president by “the voters’ choice.”

7. The Illuminati are desperate to keep the façade of “democratic election” in place because they are not prepared to handle a full-scale rebellion of the most powerful nation on the planet. They are not prepared to handle the fact becoming widely known that Bush was involved in the tragic events of September 11, 2001, because legitimate investigations will go to the top, where these people have resided in privacy and unyielding control. So you can expect what appears to be benevolent new directions with the change in governing party, and while this definitely is not what the Illuminati intend to maintain, the light forces will persist and the progress of the new trend will continue during Earth’s transition from dark influences into the dominance of the light.

S: So there won’t be any government terrorist attempts to postpone the November election and the Bush people won’t try to steal the presidency again?

8. MATTHEW: Mother, that would be assuming too much! This isn’t between Bush and Kerry, you know. There is conflict within the Illuminati, which has competing factions for the zenith of power, and the Bush family has far more influence globally than you may suspect. Ego plays a huge role in any powerful group, and the collective ego in support of Bush wants to save face after the embarrassment of the recent orange alert fiasco. They have firm plans for serious terrorist activities in the US to prove that alert had teeth, so to speak, and it would serve doubly well if they could scare the public enough so the outcry to keep him in office—to preserve the world from terrorism!—would force their Illuminati competitors to back off. The Bush contingent is not going to go down with a whimper!

9. I hasten to repeat what I have mentioned many times: Your ET family on and beyond the planet is ever vigilant and will not allow these dark plans to reach fruition. The isolated instances of terror that are born of hatred and vengeance will continue due to the committed nature of their zealous perpetrators, but any attempts on a large scale will be prevented. Eventually these thwarted efforts will become known because the dark minds that plan and attempt to execute them will be long gone, but in the meantime, we are striving to allay people’s fears about the officially proclaimed imminent danger of an event equal to or surpassing 9/11.

10. Now I’d like to return to my original topic. Because information control has been one of the Illuminati’s most essential tools and strongest strangleholds on the population, their steadily ebbing control is critically important. Let me give you examples. Coverage continues on the torture and death of prisoners in Abu Ghraib under US military command and the detaining of prisoners without charges at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. These examples of inhumane and illegal practices that the US government wanted never to have been aired, still are making headlines—public pressure is keeping them there. Despite all the information controllers’ attempts to distract your attention with “sensational” news of importance only to the few individuals involved, the truth of these despicable situations is not being allowed to fade away.

11. The increasing light on Earth also is affecting the entertainment industry. Films with spiritual foundation are being made, and “What the Bleep Do I Know,” a documentary demonstrating the inseparability of soul and science, is becoming known. The documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” made it past a very determined dark block and became a box office hit—that could not have happened even a month sooner than it did. A remake of the movie “The Manchurian Candidate,” depicting the use and the intended effects of mind control, is currently in theaters; and a series called “The Grid,” showing the sinister aspects of intelligence organizations, is currently on TV. The popularity of “The Matrix” and its successors is a testament to society’s pondering what is becoming more and more a realization: You can live within the illusion of the official scenario or recognize it for what it is and get out of it. No longer are films like these considered merely fictional entertainment—people are beginning to relate these to the undeniable facts emerging and giving them serious thought.

12. None of these examples is news to you, but we would like you to see them for what they signify—not only a departure from what has been offered, but why! The change is the result of your quest for truth. Information once declared and accepted as factual has been shown to be lies—how many more “facts” are lies? And while terrible injustices in “justice systems” still are occurring because of lies, there is heartening change here as well, with the collective energy generated by demands for the guilty to be found guilty and the innocents to be freed.

13. I want to speak more about the economic changes I mentioned in my last message. As I said then, they are starting on a small scale. Money that has been earmarked for specific purposes but its release delayed is starting to enter the investment picture as light is permeating the funding sources. The unimaginable fortunes illegally or unethically amassed by the Illuminati still are largely untouchable, but the availability of money for what they consider small enterprises is opening. One means of keeping these fortunes intact has been through tax-free “charitable” foundations, and now the captors of these massive funds are looking for ways to fend off their loss that will come with the implementation of NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act;]. They are fighting that act tooth and nail, and getting really charitable is one way they are trying to squelch interest in its far-reaching political and economic reforms. Thus they are eager to give many millions of dollars—a pittance relative to the total—to individuals and organizations, from scholarships to medical research teams, from struggling artists to national cultural endeavors, from donations to little animal shelters to sponsoring global efforts to preserve animal life. In short, they want to seem benevolent by meeting people’s needs and interests. Investigate these grants—apply! Even though those at the peak of the foundations intend to control all sterling inventions and curtail progress of anything that would imperil their own interests, their power will become so weakened that they won’t be able to do either.

14. Consideration is being given by the government to extending loans to small businesses with less red tape, applying restrictions on loan institutions regarding home repossessions as a result of job loss through mergers or other means beyond the workers’ control, and funding schools and medical clinics in economically deprived and rural areas. These possibilities are solely politically motivated by an administration running scared; nevertheless, demands voiced to state and national officeholders can force the top-level discussions into actual benefits. The only way “possibility” or “potentiality” can be effected is by generating the energy required to manifest them into actuality. You have the power to do this!

S: Matthew, what about the environment? Do we actually have the power to reverse all the devastation to the planet, get rid of the pollution, restore the forests, return the balance of Nature and save the greatly endangered species?

15. MATTHEW: You do, but you don’t believe it. Individuals and groups are working to legally protect specific areas in accordance with their inspirations, but as a population you’re not convinced of your manifesting capacity to even think of undertaking such a massive restoration, and that is why you will have an abundance of assistance. The technology is available there to some extent—secretly, or the developers would be killed and their developments destroyed or put to destructive use—but it will be primarily the technology of advanced civilizations that will handle these restoration projects. Considering the millennia of accumulated negativity and the centuries of abuse Earth has endured to her body, her return to health and glory will be so swift as to seem miraculous.

S: By the year 2012?

16. MATTHEW: It’s very likely, yes. The momentum toward that calendar year is increasing exponentially. You will see more and more evidence of this as government and corporate leaders become inspired to take great strides to effect change globally. Not all of them will veer from their dark course, so progress will be steady but in patches rather than uniformly and not without detours.

S: You’ve explained that souls who don’t absorb light won’t survive physically after Earth reaches a certain frequency, but what about the millions who are living in ethnic or tribal conflicts, the cultures that have caste systems and those that regard women as chattel, and the religious fanatics anywhere? These people are products of their heritage or what they’re being taught to believe.

17. MATTHEW: Mother dear, please don’t underestimate the dark influence in all of these situations or the power of the light in opening these people’s hearts and minds! As the darkness fades in the growing light, love will unseat conflict and replace it with harmony and cooperation. Love will eliminate the superficial superiority of one group over another; it will enlighten those who regard women as possessions and uplift those who have been subjected to being possessions; and the fallacy that religions are teaching the “word of God” will be shown in the fullness of the deception that spawned them. Not overnight, no, but the transition in this regard also will be swift in comparison to the long ages that these inequities and abuses and lies have prevailed.

18. We remind you of the need to be discerning about all information, and that includes channeled. Sources in the light are transmitting information straightforwardly in their various speaking styles, and our trusted receivers are clear. Some minor distortion is inherent in the telepathy process and the receivers have their filters, too, and the combination accounts for variations in details in messages whose basic information is the same. However, some channeled messages are doom and gloom, fear-filled, and others are unrealistically rosy, and no messages of either extreme originate in the light.

19. Indeed Earth is ascending into the higher frequencies and the era of love, peace and harmony with equitable allocation of resources is coming closer! Nevertheless, it is prudent to realize that the pathway from this moment to that is not without challenges. Although the negativity that had accumulated for millennia has been reduced considerably, remnants of that plus what is being generated currently must be released through geophysical events. It matters not whether the release is via natural or manmade occurrences—the release of kinetic energy itself is what is important. Even though the advanced technology of your space family will ameliorate the effects by spreading the energy streamers harmlessly throughout a vast area instead of what would happen normally, immense devastation around the site, some damage cannot be avoided. These necessary events will lessen in frequency and severity as Earth approaches fourth density.

20. No major strongholds of the darkness will cease abruptly. Wars and other violence will continue until that energy is played out, and disease will continue to claim many, many lives before you reach the vibrational level where disease cannot exist. Animal and plant life will continue vanishing due to environmental circumstances and pollution will plague Earth somewhat into the future. To tell you otherwise would be neither truthful nor wise as your expectations would not be met, and instead of having the will to successfully move through these days ahead, you could deter the movement by falling into hopelessness.

21. If you perceive challenges as suffering, deprivations, hardships and discouragement, that is what this interim period will be for you. If you perceive the pathway as the playing out of the last vestiges of Earth’s and your own karmic learning; if you remember that you chose to be you, right there, right now, to experience this unprecedented time in the universe; your hearts will be lighter and your journey a triumphant adventure.

22. I couldn’t say this if I were addressing the billions whose painful experiencing has exceeded their soul contracts because some people in power have reneged on theirs. These are the ones who were willing to play the “bad guys” so masses of souls could experience what they had chosen for balance, and when that balance had been reached, the “bad guys” then were to join the light. Instead, they have knowingly refused to honor their agreements and thereby have caused needless massive suffering.

23. We realize that it is not a simple task to become aware of the truth and accept it with loving spirit. For the great majority on Earth, the truth still to be publicly revealed will be shocking, and the natural reactions would be disgust, contempt, bitterness and desire for punishment. Yet we are asking you to see the truth and forgive rather than judge. It is especially to these darkest ones that we are beaming light in such abundance that if they would but open to it, they would be swept into the sublime ecstasy of pure love. It is to these loveless souls that we ask you to send forth light and forgiveness. It is for them that Earth was patiently waiting so they too could ascend with her and all who have embraced the light. But the price of waiting was too high for humanity, and with the blessing of the universe and with light still beaming intensely to the recalcitrant ones, beloved Earth is moving at her desired pace into the vibrations where love reigns supreme.

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