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Sunday, April 5, 2009

NOVEMBER 12, 2004

Few recognize that there are countless souls in this universe—to me, countless, but not to God—and many, MANY are advanced in soul evolvement, intelligence and technology development beyond your imagination...

Difference between Creator’s cosmic laws and God’s universal laws; how laws have been "broken"; massive ET assistance to Earth starting about 60 years ago; ask ETs for individual help; how ET assistance will help us

1. MATTHEW: With loving greetings to you, beloved soul Jean, this is Matthew answering your request for my comments about your message exchange with Meria Heller, another soul dearly beloved by me. First let me say that although both of you are correct insofar as your views are stated, I see neither view as the fullness of the situation and welcome the opportunity to address Meria’s words, that the law of noninterference needs to be broken. To quote her exactly:

“Due to the law of noninterference, it is time for all of us to ASK Spirit to intervene on our behalf. There is strength in numbers, so the more of us that ASK for intervention, the quicker it can happen. Sometimes even Universal laws can and must be broken, now is that time. Cry out on behalf of all living things and come from love.”

2. Due to sheer lack of time as one of the most active lightworkers on your planet, she didn’t state how and why and by whom “universal laws can and must be broken,” which she knows through her connection with sources in high light stations. Meria, you know that I hold you in highest esteem, and in no way do I wish to impose my words on your meaning; I shall endeavor to make my explanation do justice as to how you would choose to express your knowledge.

3. Now then, “Spirit” in the context of Meria’s words applies both universally and cosmically, and I shall explain how that is. Creator established the cosmic laws and God, by whatever name one calls the Supreme Being of this universe, must honor those laws in this universe. A few years ago in your linear time, Creator “broke” Its own law of free will by decreeing that there would be no more nuclear detonations in space. In honoring that decree in this universe, God correspondingly “broke” the law of free will by denying that to souls who have attempted such detonations. He has done so by permitting civilizations to use their technology to prevent the success of those attempts, and since Creator issued Its decree, those civilizations have acted to fulfill God’s authorization throughout this universe.

4. In all other instances, God is bound to honor Creator’s law of free will. Therefore, in a subsequent issue affecting Earth, it may appear that not only is He “breaking” that law, but in addition He is “breaking” His own law of noninterference, or nonintervention, which is that no civilization may enter into any other civilization’s affairs without request. He did so by denying the free will of those who have tried to cause more devastation on the scale of 9/11, and again this is being accomplished through the efforts of higher civilizations. However, in so allowing this, God is honoring the free will choice of Earth, who is a sentient being, a soul with a planetary body, that no more deliberate destruction to that extent may befall her life forms.

5. That is only the most recent of her requests for extraterrestrial assistance. Because it is necessary in this context to repeat what I have often mentioned, I say once again that your space family answered Earth’s plea for help as far back as six decades in your time, when she was in death throes. She had to decide whether to let her soul return to its former higher vibrations and let her planetary body die, or to ask for the massive help she needed to remain intact so she could give all of her population the opportunity to continue physical life as well.

6. The universal law in effect here is that a soul must ASK for help. Earth did that. So, while it could be said that God “broke” His own law of nonintervention, again He was honoring Creator’s cosmic law of free will—it was Earth’s CHOICE to survive intact. Thus, in immediate response to her request, God authorized your space family to assist, and from throughout the universe massive light was beamed to stabilize Earth’s orbit, which in her desperately weakened condition was in grave jeopardy. The loss of her own light was caused by the negativity that had been accumulating during millennia of humankind’s brutality to each other, and the infusion of light from other sources was imperative to relieve this near-lethal condition.

7. Universal assistance to Earth has included extensive use of advanced technologies. Quakes, violent storms and volcanic eruptions are Earth’s own means to relieve negativity entrenched as kinetic energy, and with thanks to ET technology, the extent of death, floods and dramatic changes in seas and coastal lands has been greatly reduced from what it would have been without their intervention.

8. The light they beamed into Earth’s body bolstered her strength after such dire weakness from loss of her blood, the oil and natural gas that have been extracted. They have intervened as well by lessening the most toxic effects of radioactive elements in weaponry and other manmade pollution, such as the toxins in chemtrails that include airborne laboratory-made diseases, all of which poison Earth’s lungs. They have deflected the course of celestial bodies that could have collided with your planet.

9. Few souls on Earth are aware of any of these forms of intervention by your helpers in space. Few recognize that there are countless souls in this universe—to me, countless, but not to God—and many, MANY are advanced in soul evolvement, intelligence and technology development beyond your imagination. Through their love for Earth, they have willingly and joyfully assisted her return to being a viable homeland for all souls there, whom they love equally.

10. Now I return to Meria’s letter. She rightly states that it is necessary to ask for the help of “Spirit”—in this case, I say it is your space family. Just as Earth asked for their assistance before they could give it, you also must ask if you so wish this. They responded in full measure to Earth’s request for stability and rejuvenation, and they will continue to do so along her journey into the higher frequencies where darkness cannot exist in that intensity of light. So what we are addressing now is YOUR souls and YOUR desires! God Himself has stated that Earth’s pathway to salvation is assured and it’s up to each of you to assure your own. Mother, please insert a note as to which part of the book has God’s messages about that. [NOTE: These are the chapters “Know Who You Are” and “Be Informed and Act!” in Voices of the Universe.] Thank you.

11. Do you want to participate in holding up or speeding up Earth’s ascension? Or in other words, do you want the energy of killing, grief, and fear to continue running its course that is slowed by the negativity of those emotions, or do you want to call upon helpers so this course can be run much more swiftly? It’s your world so it’s up to you to choose. God, no more than Earth or your space family, may impose His will upon any soul. Creator’s free will law gives you the choice to call upon assistance or not, and the response must be accordingly. If you desire help to co-create peace and harmony in your world—and I remind you that you already chose to be there to help usher in this era!—you must ask for it. The greater numbers of you who ask, the greater the response because of the greater energy momentum generated. Here the universal law of attraction, or like attracts like, applies—simply, what you put out, you receive back in kind. Your desire for assistance goes out to the universe and brings back assistance; the greater the desire, the greater the assistance in accordance with that.

12. Indeed, collectively—or, with mass consciousness—you have the power to move your planet in a nanosecond into that lighter density where love and peace and harmony prevail. However, you don’t know that this extent of manifestation exists, much less how to employ it. This is not your fault—it is a fact of third density limitations that have obscured this knowledge from your belief system, your consciousness. But you can consciously request this help from civilizations that DO have this knowledge! ONLY YOUR ASKING is required before they can act beyond their response to Earth’s cry for help to preserve her body so that your bodies did not perish.

13. What many of you do believe is that God, by whatever name, works in wondrous ways, but most of you do not attribute any of those ways to His telling other civilizations to lend a big hand. Many of you who acknowledge the reality of angels and spirit guides do not give the same credence to God’s children in highly evolved physical worlds. In this unprecedented time in the universe, these light beings are willing and eager to help their beloved Earth kin, and they are awaiting only your request for this.

14. You may wonder: How would they help us? Your skies are filled with spacecraft of several dimensions, some with enough troops to subdue all the armies on Earth. Their resistance power comes from technology that would stun, not harm, any military resistance to their presence, and wars would cease. They would introduce to you their technologies. Some can quite rapidly restore your environment by cleansing the pollution from air, water and soil; other types can harness renewable energy sources and still others pave the way for transportation modes that today you call science fiction. The ETs who long have been among you to spread their light can at last identify themselves, and by public demand for their wisdom, honesty and spiritual integrity to replace the dark ones now in power, they will assist in leadership roles until you achieve order in your own governing. And the ripple effects of the intensity of all their light combined with your own would soar around your planet to anchor the energy of love-light and all darkness would be vanquished.

15. So you see, these members of your universal family would not be conquering you or taking over your prerogative to govern yourselves—completely the opposite! It would be the same as your family members with resources willingly helping you when you fell upon hard times—they do it because they can and they love you. These extraterrestrial peoples have families and homelands of their own. They left those to fulfill their God-given mission of protecting you and your planet in the ways I have described as well as the ways where, upon your request, they are willing to extend their help. All are looking forward to the day when their mission is completed and they can return to their own worlds!

16. As many high sources have repeatedly told you through their respected channels, love is the most powerful energy in the universe. We have asked you to let this energy fill your being and to ask without judgment for the same to enter all dark souls on your planet. In that same spirit of love, ask that your space family help all souls on Earth. There is no separation between you and any other soul there or anywhere else in the universe, not those who are highest in the light or those who have plummeted into deepest darkness. Yes, each of you has the capacity for light and dark, but you choose which “side of the coin” you wish to exemplify. The truth that all souls originate within the essence of God and thus all are inseparable at soul level does NOT mean that the darkness which some have chosen permeates all—each of you has the conscious choice to embrace the light or the dark.

17. Your lighted space family with the ability to help you transform your world into what you desire it to be and whose unceasing love for you includes honoring your free will choice to ask for help, is at the ready to respond to your wishes. They can do no more until you let them know what your wishes are.

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