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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AUGUST 5, 2005

The law of free will is a cosmic law decreeing that it is the birthright of all souls to choose their pathway toward or away from spiritual enlightenment...

Invasion of Iran potential; indictment of Bush et al status

1. MATTHEW: Mother, my greetings and thanks for interrupting your tasks to take my message that addresses two current topics of much speculation.

2. First is the growing concern about the United States invading Iran. Plans for this are not new and this is not one country setting out to war with another. This is a continuation of what has been happening for past centuries, and throughout that time the energy momentum has been building toward global domination. Because the United States has become the strongest of all nations, its government is holding the reins of conquest, but it is the ambitions of the global Illuminati power-mongers that are at work. It is in their long-intended takeover of the world that several years ago they targeted Iran as the second country in the Mideast to invade after Iraq is firmly within their control.

3. Initiating this phase of their plan has been delayed by the underestimated force of Iraqi resistance, but the intention is still very much alive. Although the delay allowed opposition to emerge and grow, the determination of the Illuminati has grown even stronger, and at this moment the energy field of potential shows that the invasion “possibility” status has moved to “probability”; however, the momentum is not dominant enough to stop the seesaw motion of invasion vs. opposition. Ever more light intensity beamed to the darkness can reverse the momentary status to “possibility.” As long as thought forms exist about anything, they are registered as possibilities in the field of potential, so you could say that’s as good as it gets.

4. The Illuminati's consideration of using nuclear weaponry is an indication of their increasing desperation, because to do so would largely doom their takeover goal—the useful possession of the country’s natural resources and infrastructure and enslavement of Iranian workers under the national leadership of Illuminati-controlled puppets. It is the very same intent as in Iraq, but there the situation has not been working according to the Illuminati’s plan. Nevertheless, they intend to press forward, and with steadily decreasing numbers of ground troops to invade and occupy Iran, in their mental state of near-madness, they see nuclear war as their only option. All of their attempts to detonate nuclear warheads in space, whether terrorist in nature even broader than “9/11” or to destroy your space helpers’ spacecraft, have failed—this, by the technology of extraterrestrial forces authorized by God in keeping with Creator’s decree that no such effort will succeed—thus it is completely irrational for them to think that another attempt would be successful. But again, this shows their desperation as their power is rapidly ebbing in every area where formerly they held unquestionable control.

5. It is logical to ask why, since opposition to more war will only expand as growing numbers of you generate light in unity with your space family, an Iran invasion yet may occur, or at least be known one way or the other by us in these higher vantage points. It is because there is no clear energy dominance in the field of potential. Mother, when I told you six months prior to the invasion of Iraq that there was no way that could be prevented, it was because the energy directed toward that war was so overwhelmingly in control that the opposing energy could not have overtaken it.

6. But unless such a lopsided energetic situation exists, nothing is cast in stone. For an absolute predestined “future,” as it were, it would mean that Creator's law of free will would have to abruptly and completely cease throughout the universe, and never will this happen! The law of free will is a cosmic law decreeing that it is the birthright of all souls to choose their pathway toward or away from spiritual enlightenment. Without that freedom of choice, there would be no opportunity for growth—every lifetime would be within the patterns set by cumulative experiencing to that point. Souls who had achieved control over others would retain it through their patterning and the patterning of those oppressed would perpetuate their status. So why continue life at all if it is only identical experiencing ad infinitum? In short, change is necessary and therefore inevitable, and free will is the driving force that offers renewal of purpose and meaning to each life. Furthermore, the cosmos is not static for a nanosecond, so stagnation cannot exist within its laws.

7. In ruling this universe, God’s responsibility is adherence to those laws set by Creator, including Creator’s one exception to honoring free will choices: There will be no more nuclear detonations in space. Why only “in space”? Myriad souls live as free spirits or travel astrally, and some have been extensively damaged due to nuclear warring in other civilizations. There is an incomparable difference between damage to a soul and damage to a body. Your bodies are but the temporary housing you designed prior to birth, with genetic inheritances that would best enable you to experience what you chose to fill gaps in other lifetimes, with the goal of achieving overall balance. Those choices become your soul contract for this lifetime. How a body dies may be a provision of that contract, and whether the death is by heart failure or being blown to bits or radiation poisoning, the soul is unscathed. The soul is eternal!

8. When a soul is in the area of a nuclear explosion in space, it is shattered and the parts are scattered, and for healing to occur, all parts must be retrieved and reintegrated so that all experiencing once again is intact. For the largest portion of a soul to locate all of its parts is extremely difficult, and when it does, the reintegration process is complex and lengthy. The scattered parts may have ramifications for other souls. Soul parts may enter bodies, where the resultant change may either enhance or impede the resident soul’s chosen pathway, or they may be captured by dark ones and cry out weakly for rescue. Way-showers and healers throughout the universe, including on Earth, are aiding the damaged souls. This is not yet within your ability to comprehend, so we say with loving intent of reassurance: As abhorrent as weapons of war are—not only the deaths, but the physical effects on survivors and often succeeding generations—those affect only bodies, not souls.

9. My digressing was to give answers to the questions in so many minds—How can God let these the atrocities against Earth and humanity continue? and Will there be a nuclear war?

10. Now I return to the potential of an invasion in Iran, and here I shall answer what many of you also are asking: We’re already sending light—what more can we do to have peace in our world? We urge you souls who are so dear to us to steadfastly remain in the light and send forth its all-powerful energy to the ones still lost in darkness—they also are loved. We urge you to stay out of fear! The energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light, and for your sake and your desired goal of peace on Earth, stay the light course! Light and love—two sides of the coin—is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, where experiencing by choice was gifted by Creator and is the life force of each soul within the Oneness of All.

11. The other issue is the attention being given to Internet reports about the grand jury indictment of President Bush and other principals who started the war in Iraq by deceptive means. Is this true or only a rumor? Meticulous preparation has been made within appropriate legal channels of a case so strongly conclusive that it will result in the uprooting of the US government as it presently exists. While shock, and stubborn denial in some quarters, will result when this documented evidence becomes widely known, those who are poised to assume positions of benevolent and wise leadership will do so and allay anxiety about a state of anarchy developing.

12. Souls with spiritual integrity and expertise in the various fields of governing are at the ready. Many who were prudent and just leaders in previous Earth lifetimes chose to return in this unique time on the planet to complete the groundwork they started for this day at hand. Others are members of your space family who volunteered to assist in this transitional period. Do not expect to know who is whom until after order is soundly established and personal safety is secure. Also, until that moment arrives, do not expect any landings of your helpers from civilizations in off-planet posts. We know of the great eagerness in some of your population for these events, but please be patient a while longer—the mingling is a certainty when the time is right for handshaking and embracing. I assure you, your space brothers and sisters are as eager as you for that momentous occasion of greetings and recognition!

13. Our beloved Earth family, please know with your entire being that the major reforms you desire and have been working toward are close at hand! Not all of the dark skirmishes are past, and we urge you to be encouraged by each that arises—it means that the vanquishing of the darkness is that much nearer. The energy momentum of their intentions and actions that began centuries ago must be played out, and the force of that momentum weakens with each burst of dark motion. Rejoice in knowing that it is close to the point of exhaustion and that all of you souls who are living your light are speeding it to that conclusion. You are ushering in the era of Earth’s restoration to her glorious Eden self!

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